Get To Da Choppa To Shoot Some Hogs

FPSrussia was too big of a pansy to shoot real hogs on video:

So he shot (or by the look of it “tried” to shoot) some dumb hog mannequin filled with fake blood instead.  Worried about the YouTube morality police ragging on you FPS?  Grow a pair.

Cory didn’t mess around in his video… the pilot flew around for a bit then he capped some hogs like a boss.  Erika went up in the choppa too, but she had some trouble taking down one of the hogs, and the others weren’t on camera for some reason.

Those helicopters look pretty damn “bare bones”.  I want mine to be soundproof with a wet bar and some plush leather seats.  I see hogs on the 60″ LED screen i’ll put down my drink, grab the joystick that controls the mini gun and let it rip. #bloglife



18 responses to “Get To Da Choppa To Shoot Some Hogs”

  1. dave w Avatar

    didnt watch but the helicopter is a robinson R22 from the screenshot

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cool thanks, i’ll look it up.

  2. That was pretty gnarly. He was averaging what, like 2 maybe 3 shots a kill. Sucks to be the guy who has to go get all of those hogs… And FPS had a fairly tight dispersion, but the video was not that cool.

    1. I typed too soon. They don’t go get the hogs… I feel stupid.

  3. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    There is a company outside Dallas that does the same thing, this group I think is in Houston area.
    It looks awesome, but the one I know of is $425 a hour, 3h minimum. Kinda thing you would do as a group of friends or something..

  4. Dave is right, these are Robinson R-22’s. They’re the mopeds of rotary wing aircraft.

  5. SAOperater Avatar

    Actually he’s pretty smart about it. Violating like 6 state game laws and then posting the video on youtube would have been stupid.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cory and Erika shot on camera in the same place… what legal difference would it have made if FPS Russia did?

      1. Texas passed a law in September of 2011 that made it legal for Joe Citizen to hunt feral pigs from helicopters. It was being done before that by licensed pilots with specifically authorized shooters. It was costing ranch owners a pretty penny, but I guess the results were worth the price. Now with the pilots able to charge private individuals to do this legally, the cost to landowners will be much lower and this pig population problem might get under control some day. If I had the cash, I’d have been there the month after the law passed. FYI, there are only a few companies that are licensed to do this and in addition to the hourly cost, you have to pay for a training course before you are allowed to shoot from their chopper and that usually runs around $1,200. As more businesses come on-line and get licensed, these costs will drop.

      2. You never know how much of a pain in the as state wildlife officers can be. To not have to deal with them, you don’t shoot real pigs for the video.

        1. I understand the point, but there is a huge amount of these videos on Youtube already. Texas is not all that concerned about people shooting pigs. October has been named feral pig eradication month by the state of Texas. There are no limits or restrictions on how many you kill or by what means (weapon). The law making this legal was just another step in Texas’ war on pigs. I wouldn’t want to be the TPWD Warden that tried to cite someone for killing pigs in this state.

  6. How come every gun-related video has obligatory generic distorted guitars in the beginning? This isn’t as bad as VIGILANT SPECTURD though.

    The only ones that don’t do it that I can think of off hand are nutnfancy and weaponseducation. Nutnfancy ties in techno (or banjos on some occasion) and weaponeducation’s is a whole lot derpier still: “Epic” danger music.

    Sigh. Starting to agree with cokeman a little: the gun community on youtube is mostly showboating.

    That said, nice shot Cory.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea that music must be a requirement.

  7. Rob C. Avatar

    It’s probably not a bad idea for FPS to shoot a mannequin. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of his viewers are not gun owners or hunters (or people who even remotely understand the wild hog problem) and he could anger a significant number of his viewers by killing hogs on video.

    That channel is for gamers and airsofters.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I see what you’re saying, but I doubt legions of teenage boys that get their entertainment from headshots and Call Of Duty, and shooting hookers in Grand Theft Auto would be all up in arms about a hog getting shot. The internet definitely surprises me often though, so who knows haha.

  8. Curtis Avatar

    FPS must be saving the live hogs for a video with 40mm grenades fired from a helicopter.

  9. Critter Avatar

    i now have vacation plans.

    (FPS is a tool)

  10. dave w Avatar

    Ok, watched it and totally expect the animal rights folks to be all over this soon. Tried to watch erikas vid but the intro was too tactard, and i just plain refuse to watch anything fps does.