Thoughts On The YouTube Gun Community

Cokeman goes in for real:

For those of you unfamiliar with Cokeman, his videos normally start off by calling everyone “fags”, and then he usually blasts a Deagle or bumpfires an AK or AR at something.

This video though is a breath of fresh air… he really blasts the YouTube gun community and a lot of it seems to be true.

My favorite line: 2:40 – “See guys, you just have to clench your butthole a certain way to get the mag to go out 0.1 second faster than the last one or else the end of the world or the nuclear apocalypse will come and you won’t know what to do” (paraphrased without profanity)

ahahhahah and he bashes Weapons Education at around 3:40

hahah there are some other good ones too, but you can just watch the video.



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  1. Lord Valvatorez Avatar
    Lord Valvatorez

    You should watch CajunCatfish47’s version of the video if you haven’t already. Seeing how much Coke pushed it at the start, you probably have already. It is less mad, but he tosses out more names. Like FateofDestinee.

  2. Is that a box of Raisin Brand in the background..?

  3. “When I accept your weakness, it becomes my own.”

    OK… so why has this person spent over six minutes with a profanity-laden rant about the supposed poor quality of the other YouTube videos? Why has it let him affect him to the point where he needs to do this? No one has forced him to watch any of them. And his reacting that way is his choice, not the intent of the uploader.
    People sure seem quick to judge and condemn – certainly much easier than offering constructive, positive advice.
    Call me crazy, but isn’t this YouTube stuff, whether gun-related or not, supposed to be about simply having some fun?

  4. Substantial Avatar

    He’s upset because this is a job for him, and his primary source of income, and he’s been doing this “job” for years, and people like the ones listed come in from nowhere and kiss ass, getting loads of viewers and money. Just to clear that up, I’ve been a viewer of his for quite a long time because of how he behaves. It’s much more refreshing robotic individuals that can’t seem like they’re having fun in the slightest percentage, childish humor aside, and of course the whole “IF DUH KOKEMAN GET ON DA NEWS HE GON GET PEPUL TUH TAKE UR GUNZ AWAY” thing, he’s entertaining and makes good points on a lot of what he does.

  5. Al T. Avatar

    IMHO, what ever good information he has gets lost in his childish tirades. Watched one of his vids for a few minutes, the poor choice of words, lack of a script and below average camera skills made it painful.

  6. 69Murray Avatar

    Watched. All I saw was a child who, apparently, knows only one adjective. I have nothing against cursing. Enjoy it myself quite often, in fact. When it’s done right, it can be enertaining. When it’s done wrong, you get… that.

  7. I lost track of what the hell he was even talking about after 2 mins. His rants are akin to the crazy hobo that lives downtown under the bridge always rambling to himself.

  8. Nivek_nailgun Avatar

    Yeah, he’s not yet another fat guy making a gun video, but he’s yet another scrawny guy making a gun video. Do any of these high priests of all things tactical ever consider real world scenarios?
    Or, more likely, they continually preach to us ‘techniques’ and ‘tutorials’ when in fact they’ve little real world training or any concept of fitness and how it relates an actual situation and not their video game fantasies.

    Sometimes I really hate the Internet.

  9. hydepark Avatar

    I like Cokeman AND TheArmoryChannel. Kinda like I like Coke AND Pepsi, I guess. But I loved this rant.

  10. I usually hate Cokeman’s videos, but I lol’d throughout this entire thing. I actually agree with most of this. I wish I could talk for 6 min straight without pauses.

  11. If any of you m************s have something to f*****g say, don’t f****n say it like that.

  12. shockfish08 Avatar

    I LOLed when he ended the video with a scathing, “SHEEEEEIT!!!!” XD

  13. I LOL’D.

  14. Wow, I was not aware of this dude. I found it personally interesting when he accused me of copying his video, or somebody elses video or whatever with my YouTube Gun Star video. I haven’t watched his video that I apparently copied, but is it that similar? I must admit, I find myself not very interested in following this dude, not because he curses alot or has strong opinions, but because I didn’t think it was that clever or interesting what he had to say in this video. I start watching videos all the time on YT and don’t finish them if they don’t interest me. Nobodies forcing this guy to not be entertained by videos he obviously doesn’t like. What is clever about this dude? the language? Please enlighten me, but make it brief. I feel like I give even fewer rat’s asses about this since I started typing this comment.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      He mentioned you FX? I didn’t catch that.

      1. I’m not going to go back and find it. He doesn’t mention me by name, just as the author of the youtube gun star song and accuses me of stealing his idea. Um, ya, I copied somebody else’s idea: Nickelbacks. Not this dude’s.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          oh ok i’ll have to re-watch it, I didn’t catch that part. Cokeman is a Tier 1 troll, he knows perfectly well you didn’t steal any idea of his.

          1. Phil C Avatar

            5:20 is where he starts trashing the remix…. cokeman probably has been on youtube for awhile but he is just as much of a douche now as he was then sooo nothing new here.

            classic keyboard warrior.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I watch that part just now and it really doesn’t make sense. He seems to be referring to some “Karaoke shout-out” video by some “slickybeans” guy. I couldn’t find the video, but I don’t know why he’s so butthurt about someone else on youtube remixing a song that you made up original lyrics to and even preformed.

  15. anthony Avatar

    soumds like coke man is a little upset about not being mentioned by fxhummel i guess he didnt show his face because he didnt want anybody to see him crying.

    1. dave w Avatar


  16. Too long to listen to that crap.

    Very impressive.

    I’d rather watch Tex Grubner.

  17. He makes damn fine cat videos, leave him alone.

  18. NikonMikon Avatar

    Cokeman is the shit! I agree with him. If you guys didn’t know all of the little group made videos about the ‘youtube gun community’. TMHonfire’s video is a tad bit more articulate about the whole thing than cokefag was. Even Tex Grebner has made a video about it.

  19. David Avatar

    It seems like, from this video, that other people are doing better them himself and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He sounds really butthurt over something very small.

    1. Perhaps not talking like a fifth grader hopped up on Mt. Dew and Cheetos playing X-Box Live would help at 3am would help.

      1. Wow, butchered that.

  20. James Avatar

    This Cokeman fellow is a douche. He is just the kind of image that the gun community DOESN’T need. What a childish, foul-mouthed loser.

  21. Vhyrus Avatar

    It sounds like he’s going after hickok45 specifically, which would be quite stupid of him, considering hickok gives probably the best reviews and ALWAYS shoots in his videos.

  22. So some “human being” is upset because other people are making videos and posting them on Youtube, and those videos are becoming more popular than his.

    This is a great day for the human race. We have really one-upped ourselves here.

  23. dave w Avatar

    Well, never heard of any of the guys he mentioned….wonder what that says.

  24. I think this guy is a little upset.

  25. I want the 2 minutes of my life back that I invested in this video.

  26. Andy from CT Avatar
    Andy from CT

    This guy can’t possibly go through life talking to people the way he talks in the rant.

    And I’ve seen some of his shooting videos. He shoots a lot at nothing. So what makes him better than someone who shoots at targets?. That he bought those guns himself? Big deal.

    I realize he’s acting like a tool on purpose but to what end?

    1. Right on. I see no value to this guy.

  27. Dom P. Avatar

    My first shooting videos go back to 2007 just as long as cokeman you don’t see me crying. But still, a very entertaining video. Oh and Fateofdesteny or whatever her name is sucks.

  28. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    cokeman is A LOT OF FUCKING THINGS but like it or not he’s a legit “gun guy”.

    the guntubes are awash with “non-gun guy” newfags trying to cash in.

    tits and ass will win.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      What qualifies him as a “legit gun guy?” Constant swearing, spraying bullets into wooded areas while firing from the hip, or shooting phone books in his house?

      Yes there are some newcomers trying to cash in with crappy videos (FateofDestinee and WeaponsEducation are the worst offenders in my book), but he has cashed in by posting short, useless, expletive filled videos for a few years. Who is he to point fingers?

      1. paul kimble Avatar
        paul kimble

        because he actually owns, operates and has an interest in firearms? sir viper coke head and OH LOOK I HAVE TITS are interested in views, subscribers and adsense revenue. regardless if you like cokeman’s style or not he is legit.

        1. Andy from CT Avatar
          Andy from CT

          He apparently has no interest in not being an immature foul douchebag who likes to see how many times he can swear or say “fag” or “faggots” in a video.

          “Fuck”. See? I can say it too. But since I’m not doing it a million times in a vid I guess he’s just so much cooler than me and everyone else.

          1. paul kimble Avatar
            paul kimble

            lol.. was this even a question? cokeman is cokeman you either like or hate him. doesnt make what he, tex grebner, tmh, zboys or cajuncatfish has to say about the “youtube gun community” any less valid.

            so yeah fuck.

        2. NikonMikon Avatar

          I agree with you wholeheartedly. Though I dislike zboys and cokeman isn’t the best representative for gun owners he is legitimate. He owns everything, does the videos for himself and not money and couldn’t give a rats ass about how many subscribers he has. It’s the principal of the whole thing guys.

          1. what you are saying isn’t true if you listen to what he says in his videos. He is obviously upset that other people are getting more subs than him, so, he cares about subs. He’s also talked about making money via adsense or machinima, so he obviously cares about money. Neither of those things are bad things either.

            But let’s say what you’re saying is true, that he doesn’t care about money and is legit because he shoots his own guns and is interested in ‘the principal’ of the whole thing. First of all, yay, I guess I’m legitimate by that standard. I’ve actually tried to monetize my original songs, by they always get de-monetized with Ad-sense citing they couldn’t determine if i’m the actual owner of the content. That’s another story though. I don’t monetize the parodies because i’m not the creator of all the content. Secondly, if making money and growing a subscriber base, in other words being successful and creating a product people desire, is somehow a bad thing, I have one question for you: who is John Galt?

            I guess Michael Jordan is not legit, after all, he shot other people’s basketballs, made lots of money, and had alot of fans. What a sellout.

            1. paul kimble Avatar
              paul kimble

              whoa calm down piano man..

              listen personally i like your schtick… its unique and entertaining. if your aim is to turn it into profit then i wish you the best of luck. after all you do actually play the piano and seem to have a knack for creating witty limericks out of current “gun culture”. i dont really see that as selling out…

              now if sometime in the future you replace that bald guy in your videos with a hot chick that has big jugs and keeps a rhythmic jiggle with the tune. well you might be a sellout. buy why would that matter to you anyways? laugh all the way to the bank rite?

              your youtubes might be srs biz but cokeman’s doing it for the lulz.

              who is robert paulson?

              1. first of all, I know it’s difficult to perceive tone in the written word, but I don’t need to calm down. You probably know by now from my vids that I don’t take things too seriously, especially not myself. So what about my message made you think I was, shall we say, ‘riled up’? Was it the fact that I made some good points?

                1. paul kimble Avatar
                  paul kimble

                  nah bro it was the part where you got all ayn randian.

                  1. thank God some people still read, and I loved the Fight Club reference, so yes, we can be friends now. :-) Just need a handshake

                    1. paul kimble Avatar
                      paul kimble

                      hah no worries. i enjoy your videos as do most people here.

            2. NikonMikon Avatar

              If you paid attention, cokeman got out of his machinima contract and furthermore he disclosed that he makes jack shit from adsense and he doesn’t care. It is literally in that video you’re referencing if you ACTUALLY watched it.

              I like your vids though, I won’t let this come between us :P

              1. and if you ACTUALLY read my comment, you would realize that I was making a bigger point about being perceived as ‘legitimate’ in any given community or field. I’m not going to back track and make the same point all over again.

                I said he cares about money, which is a good thing, and he made a video about making money with adsense vs. machinima. He can say he doesn’t care about money, but then why chase partnerships and contracts and make videos about it all. Like I said though, you obviously completely missed the point of my previous comment.

                1. NikonMikon Avatar

                  Don’t you think he may have attempted to make money “chasing partnerships” and realized that’s not where his “heart” lays? People can make mistakes you know… It’s pretty obvious cokeman doesnt give a shit about making money, if he did he wouldn’t use the language he does and he’d get an ‘intro’ and spruce shit up a bit don’t you think? You can’t seriously be arguing that he is in it for the money brother…

                  1. OK fine, you win, Cokeman doesn’t care about money. I would rather lose this argument now than keep having it.

                    1. NikonMikon Avatar

                      I’m not trying to win, just trying to show a different point of view.

  29. Andy in West Haven Avatar
    Andy in West Haven

    Wow. All it takes for me to be a legit gun guy is to take my guns that I paid for and shoot them with the ammo I paid for, have someone film me and either act like an ass or don’t act like an ass. Be obnoxious or not be obnoxious. I’m a legit member of the Youtube gun community!!!

    Except I’m not really adding a god damn thing.

  30. dave w Avatar

    someone needs to find that hitler clip and make a cokeman gets butthurt vid