Hammer Time At Gemtech Suppressors

Please Hammer don’t hurt em:

Research and development over at Gemtech results in some suppressors that don’t make the cut.  What do they do?  Naturally they head to the parking lot with them and a sledge hammer.

Good choice of music for the video.  Wow did I ever cringe at 0:18 seconds when he gave that suppressor the first whack and it launched into the air.   At least he had glasses on… not that those would probably do much.


20 responses to “Hammer Time At Gemtech Suppressors”

  1. Jester Avatar

    “Good choice of music for the video.”

    The music is a reference to the movie “Office Space” where in one scene the main characters (spoiler alert) destroy an office printer with a baseball bat.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Classic scene/movie!

    2. Frank Avatar

      It’s a different song. But both this song and the original are in the movie.

      1. Yep. ‘Still’ from Geto Boyz.

        Bushwick Bill FTW! :-P

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          I know right? Shot himself in the eye and survived. Crazy motherfucker.

  2. dave w Avatar

    ‘cept this is the pg version of the lyrics

    1. Jared Avatar

      I totally hate when they do that to rap songs. What’s the point? Everyone knows what they are saying.

      1. Go watch the movie office space.

        1. Jared Avatar

          I own it and have watched it many times.

  3. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    They’ve never heard of recycling?

    1. Sorry sir, we can only accept cylindrical objects for recycling, see, you squished these. We can’t recycle squished stuff.

  4. NikonMikon Avatar

    GETO BOYS! Scarface is pretty much one of my all time favorite rappers. Awesome.

  5. It’s ironic as Gemtech was the company that screwed all suppressor owners over by not allowing new tubes to be re-serialized. Fuck Gemtech they suck no matter how cool they try to be.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Seriously? Yea fuck them then.

      1. They are jokingly called Gemtax because companies used to be able to put your old number on an entirely new tube, giving owners a chance to fix catastrophic failures without paying an additional $200. Then one Day AAC took a bunch of customer’s gemtech cans and poof they got a better can and didn’t have to pay an extra $200 they just paid the price of an AAC suppressor (already overpriced but not important). Gemtech got all butthurt and asked the ATF is this was okay and poof again the ATF Clarifies(Cough…changes) their policy.

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          Holy shit that’s fucking butthurt to the maximus. That is not cool.

  6. Bobby Avatar

    Komodo, They have to destroy them for legal reasons.

    At an aircraft component repair place I worked at. I had the same job of destroying various worn parts so people wouldnt try to re-sell them. This was required by the Feds.

    Gotta say, some stuff, like the shaft the fan blades of the ACM ride on, are damn near indestructible, and pretty dangerious if you hit it with a sledge.

  7. k.rollin Avatar

    Tubes and baffles are destroyed for legal reasons. When I visited the Silencerco/SWR facility in March to interview for an open position, I was invited by the production manager to do a little destruction. I used an arbor press though, and we still sent parts flying across the room.

  8. Office Space style for the win!

  9. Rugrash Avatar

    Somewhere…Michael Bloomberg and the Brady Bunch have tears in their eyes…