SKS Trigger Job

Relevant for those of you that go inna woods:

I don’t own an SKS, nor do I plan on getting one… but this seems like a pretty nice mod.  Somewhat risky, but nice.  I saw in the YouTube comments that they will do the mod for you for only $35 if your not into trying to do it yourself.

I hate extreme amounts of pre-travel on triggers.

Thoughts?  Anyone try this out?


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  1. Vhyrus Avatar

    I have done trigger work on an SKS and I am pretty damn sure that first pin is NOT supposed to come out that easy! I had to use a punch to move it when I did it. I also tried replacing my sear with a new one and immediately rendered the weapon non functional. Even though it was a 100% OE replacement part it did not line the disconnect bar up properly and I was forced to use the old sear. Mine was a shitty norinco so that might have been the problem

  2. If they wanted a semi-auto with a good trigger, they should have bought an AR. Leave commie junk alone and use it as it was made.

    1. Spiderling Avatar

      They are not commie junk. They are solid rifles if you don’t f@#K with them. And you can arm your whole family with one for the cost of a good AR.

      I own a 1954 Russian Tula SKS. Upon purchasing it a few years ago, I felt compelled to “bubba” the hell out of it. I bought all the Tapco stuff, 20 rd detahcable mags, the Murray’s spring-loaded firing pin, the buffer, Scout mount, red dot, etc. blah blah blah.

      After making it as black rifle-like as possible, I noticed the reliability disappeared. I had FTFs, FTEs, accuracy was shit and I grew to hate it. Not to diss the Murray’s pin, but I actually had primers get ripped out of the casing and get stuck in the firing pin hole, locking up the pin! Luckily the pin was back and not forward ; )

      One day I said, ok – I’m gonna run this thing like Siminov intended from now on. I removed all the Tapco stuff, the optic, the buffer and the gimmicky firing pin, put the 10 rd box mag back in, cleaned it really well and took it out to the range in all its original, no-frills glory.

      That day I shot 3″ groups at 100 yards with iron sights, and have every time since then, with almost zero FTFs and FTEs. I love it. It’s rock solid as long as you leave it the hell alone. Yes, the trigger sucks but I can shoot really well with it. You have to clean them like any gun, and if you do they are awesome.

      As far as this mod, tinker at your own risk like he said.

    2. Spiderling Avatar

      Meant this as more of a general comment and not a direct reply to you, Overkill. I think we’re on the same page.

  3. buy an SKS…they are solid shooters…I also have a 54 Tula…runs like a champ…if you are going to work on its guts in any way I would get the drop in firing pin replacement kit sold that will (hopefully) reduce the chance of slam fires with it….I have never had a problem but then again mine actually gets cleaned after I use it…I know, weird I am like that…

  4. So many moons ago I forget the details, a pal had two Japanese .308 rifles with a rose stamp to indicate the quality. They were in the M-1 type of general issue weapons that someone had brought back from WWII and he had them.

    He had the stock replaced, etc. on one of them. The modernized version shot for shit. The other unadulterated, looked like shit, he could get nice groupings from on any given day. And he admitted it was a mistake.

  5. "Dr."Dave Avatar

    Giving an SKS a trigger job is like putting an exhaust kit and performance tires on a Prius.

  6. Rick Nethery Avatar
    Rick Nethery

    I would worry about shortening the Sear, if dropped that Rifle would probably fire. It has Negative Sear engagement and a shortened Sear. Looks dangerous.