2013 Hot Shots Calendar – Preview

You’ll likely hate your job after watching this:

But photography is such hard work you say!  Those re-shoots with models must be so frustrating and annoying.  I remember hearing about this one guy complain the ice wasn’t cold enough and the cheese plate wasn’t stinky enough. I’d be pretty pissed off too, let me tell you.  LOL

The 2013 calendar isn’t out yet, but when it is 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the UK based Help for Heroes.

Check out the Hot Shots Calendar website for purchase info and more pictures.

I’m really surprised there isn’t a popular American version of this.  I’ve seen various US firearm companies make an effort, but none ever get the exposure and buzz like this calendar does as far as I know.



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  1. scurvy Avatar

    “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

  2. Jason Avatar

    If I understand correctly, the Magpul Calendar is essentially the same as the HotShots with some minor differences. I think the HotShots benefits a British charity and the Magpul benefits a U.S. charity.

    I am not positive on this but I do know the 2012 versions were exceptionally similar.

  3. Jason Avatar

    I got the 2012 calendar, it’s top notch. I’ve always gotten the Dillon calendars, but this year stepped it up a notch…maybe two notches. =P

  4. I’m definitively more a fan of the 2012 version.
    Outside shooting, Multicam bikinis, REAL BIG GUNS, various environments and gear… I loved the making of video. Link should be easy to find.

  5. Jared Avatar

    This seems like another reason for my wife to hate my hobby.

  6. JWhite Avatar

    They dont get the exposure because the women are either old enough to do MILF porn, or the majority of them have something OFF. Like a smoking body but her face has this… this weird jawline thing… Ya know, something off like Paige Wyatt from American Guns. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/american-guns/images/american-guns-paige-400×400.jpg

    Have you seen the booth “babes”?? The criteria is as follows…
    – Must have dark tan, because men only like dark women
    – Must have super small, super tight black shirt and shorts
    – Must wear giant plastic buckle belts
    – Must have jet fucking black hair or super blond hair, brunetts not apply.
    – Must have giant fake boobs. I mean huge, I mean so big theres no way in hell those are real
    – Must not have professional modeling experience. Yes that means semi awkward attempts at looking sexy with a gun, shy of putting it in your mouth like it’s a cock
    – Must keep finger off the trigger at all times (depends on the situation and type of “modeling” but its a convention)
    – Must not be a 10, but no lower than a 8. We dont want to have to pay you that much. Ok?
    – Must have patience for over weight middle aged men constantly asking to take photos with you.

    When the firearms community realizes that booth babes at car shows are hotter and those are the kinds of women you need… That’s when we buy them. Unless it’s magpul, they got it right I think.

    I’m with Jared on this one…

    1. JWhite Avatar

      Oh an models complaining… FUCK they are so obnoxious. It’s cold in here, is this Fiji water, you dont mind that I invited my thug boyfriend do you? Oh sorry I smoked a half pack of cigarets on your door step and ashed and put them out on your stairs. I didnt see an ash tray, yada yada yada..

      I did notice that women in the fetish modeling industry complain a lot less, and I mean a lot less. Most of them to some extent like getting spanked or tied up anyways.

      1. JWhite Avatar

        much nicer and easier to work with too..

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha love the booth babe criteria. I agree the Magpul calendar looks good, but that was one of the ones I was referring to as not being as popular as this Hot Shots one for some reason.

  7. I love their accents, every single accent!

    1. Jwhite Avatar

      Looks like they found two smoking hot chicks with guns in a country with no guns, and a women with good teeth in a country with… you get the point

  8. The Magpul calendar is glorious and is hanging on the wall in my office, I’m waiting patiently for June to be here.

  9. Jwhite Avatar

    *eye roll* her favorit gun would be a Barret. That things is fun and all but it’s a royal PITA to carry around, the rounds are ridiculous and there are newer rifles that can do the job.

  10. lolinski Avatar

    What is the song in the video? I would really like to know, thanks in advance!

    1. dave w Avatar

      Its shot in the uk, there are probably airsoft firearms marshals watching over even those guns on set.

  11. Guys,
    Rest assured this was only a ‘test shoot’ in London, hence the air soft gun. However the actual calendar is shot using only real weapons.
    The calendar itself is put together by UK company Edgar Brothers in conjunction with Crye Precision, Magpul and Smith Optics. Charity donation is split between UK based Help for Heroes and Special Operation Warrior foundation in the US.
    You can order globally on the web site.

    Going back to the test shoot, 2013 will be similar to the pictures you’ve seen only with a variety of weapons and accessories. As for the dress, imagine the fish nets and corsets etc in multicam!

    Glad we can help out the brave men and woman of both the US and the UK!