Glock Is Trusted World Wide

Glock continues to try and impress us with their Adobe After Effects skills:

Although this video isn’t specifically tailored to the civilian market, it isn’t overbearingly Military/LEO until the last third of the video.  I know i’m picky, but I still don’t think any of the three ads we have seen so far are as effective as they could have been. (See ad1 and ad2)



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  1. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    I didn’t know Glock needed a commercial. Perhaps the competition is starting to get their attention(Caracal, Sig, Springfield Armory, Smith&Wesson). I hope with all the innovation Glock introduces something nice.

    1. Obviously, you’re biased, however you forgot the PPQ, which is really the only viable alternative to the Glock.

      1. Quint Young Avatar
        Quint Young

        I dont know about that. I’ve heard MANY pleasant things about the Caracal.
        They say it has nice, quick purchase sights, it’s cheaper, it’s simpler, and it’s quite reliable and rugged.

  2. Their use of adjectives is truly impressive…consider this…up until last year their web site had basically remained unchanged for years…they didn’t need to, they owned the balls of the LE market hands down…now S&W is cutting into their territory and they got to come back with something…given I am a Glock guy because I appreciate the simplicity of the design and I have never had a hiccup with any of mine…but they are fugly as all get out compared to competing models and the grip is off putting to most, even if the majority of us just put up with it. The M&P is “sexy” in a way the Glock isn’t and came out of the gate with a better backstrap system the LE departments could use to adapt the same frame to multiple officers and such…

  3. 2Wheels Avatar

    James and Huey touched on what I’ve kinda been feeling for a while. Glock is ever so slowly starting to feel vulnerable enough to change their game up. Does anyone here believe that Glock would have added adjustable backstraps if S&W (their biggest competitor) hadn’t done it first?

    And now Caracal is jumping into the fray and making a lot of noise, its designer apparently considers it a product improved Glock, and he worked on the Glock design team…

    Glock is still on top, and will be for the forseeable future, but they aren’t the leaders anymore. It’s the competition that’s leading the way in terms of new designs and innovations.

  4. Torontogosh Avatar

    Did anyone else feel like it became a commercial for a police-state with all of that authority imagery?

    I hate to get all Glenn Beck about it, but rapid images of para-military police with the world authority floating in front wasn’t the best editing ever…

    1. dave w Avatar

      All it needed was a picture of any empty dog bed and the tag line ‘Glock killing family pets since 19??’ and it would have been perfect

      1. liquidflorian Avatar

        Or a raid on a raw milk dairy, or Amish bake sale.

    2. I don’t see it as much that as targeting a specific audience, that of the LE market they covet..

  5. Santi Avatar

    I do think this was the better of the two.

    1. Santi Avatar

      I mean three

  6. This one was way better. Still I think it’s a poor decision and waste of money. They could’ve/should’ve done better.

  7. Doyletoo Avatar

    Meh! Not impressed. I think maybe they feel pressure because they haven’t had any significant new offerings in some time. It’s kind of a double edged sword thing. The pistol can’t be changed too much without becoming something else. Some “refinements” like RTF texture and gen 4 are maybe not as well received as they’d hope. I was recently in the market for a new .40 and was really liking the S&W M&P, but I already had many glock .40 mags with my G35. Found a clean Gen3 G22 police trade in with night sights, 4 hi caps and a nice Glock nylon bag for under $400. Done deal. Not a fan of RTF grips.

  8. 1:04 why do they all have 2 handguns

    1. dave w Avatar

      glocks explode a lot, so im told, :) maybe you need a spare

  9. I’ve never fired a Glock, not out of malice, hate or anything else other than not really having a chance.

    I’ve heard good things about them; same with Kimber, Kel-tec, S&W, and others. I’m at the point in my life, most advertising just goes by me and is ignored.

  10. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking the same thing.