Suppressed Embarrassment In Front Of A Crowd With Cameras

Tighten your damn suppressor before you rock and roll.

He does a pretty good job of suppressing his embarrassment in video #1:

Video #2 though… “Stay clear guys, this is going to be awesome”.  Everything is going well…. OH Wait jiggly suppressor!  For the love of god… *JAM* *rack* *Bam bam bam bam* *JAM* (Repeat 9x).   Embarassing!  Now the classic “Bad ammo” cover-up.  It’s Murphy’s law that if there are cameras and a group of people watching you this is exactly what happens.


Hat tip: Scott P.


17 responses to “Suppressed Embarrassment In Front Of A Crowd With Cameras”

  1. ozwald Avatar

    my question is for the pudgy guy with the camelbak.

    sir, does the added weight reduce felt recoil substantially?

  2. boris Avatar

    since when does an m249 have a “slide” which you can “rack”?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ah yea, I deleted that word, thanks.

      1. boris Avatar

        thats allright

  3. I’ve never used a suppressor on a SAW, though I have seen articles on a very successful can made by Surefire for MGs. I think the jam-jam-jam was probably poor maintenance. In 10 years, I’ve seen two SAWs that would run dirty. The rest were fickle machines that required nearly constant maintenance.

    The M240B is made of WIN and AWESOME and they should have suppressed one of those and then fired it from the shoulder.

  4. Church Avatar

    My name is D-bag and I’m shooting a shit gun, it’s failing to fucntion and I’m blaming it on someone else. Cause I’m not retarded! It’s bad luck.

    My mind sang this song during video 2.

  5. My question is what the muzzle blast looks like at night, suppressed and un-suppressed.

    IIRC, the muzzle blast on an M-60 is something like 20 feet, and clearly visible at night. It has this tendency to attract the eye.

  6. hydepark Avatar

    So these are the types of douche bags that get to own post May 1986 shit? Gimme a break.

  7. dagamore Avatar

    I carried and shot a ton of ammo out of my Army issued M249, and it was a tank, you feed it and it ran. But you had to keep it sort of clean, not as bad as the early M16 but it did not like grit in it, and you had to keep it lubed correctly too much and they would gum up and jam, to little and it would run dry and jam.

    I bet they either had too much or to little, it started fine, even it it sounded like it was running slow(gas block turned down to low) and then started to have issues.

  8. I agree the m249 can be a finicky bitch, but I would place the problem being the belt hanging loosely. If they are not supported, by the drum, or an AG, the weight tends to slow the action resulting in a problem; or so my experience has come across.

  9. Logic Avatar

    I guess you could say.
    Takes of glasses*
    The suppressor didn’t suppress the embarrassment.

    1. dave w Avatar


  10. Matthew Avatar

    I was there for this. There was no unsuppressed fire allowed at the shoot, and then we heard this big boom and most everyone started walking over to the full auto range to see what happened. Lucky nobody got hurt.

  11. Dom P. Avatar

    This is why I don’t trust QD. Uh yea less blame the malfunctions on bad ammo vs. maintenance. Then again maybe they ran thousands of rounds through it that day before the video was shot.

  12. David Avatar

    SAWs suck, will suck and have always sucked. Its a load of shit that they are still being used. They consistently fail. The suppressor thing was just someone not paying attention.

    Way to rack the bolt back over hand too….

  13. TheRealDave Avatar

    I will bet a million bucks that I don’t have that if he simply lubed the bolt, he would have had no jams. SAWs run better wetter.

  14. Ninjavitis Avatar

    He might have been using too light of a lube, it would have burned up quick with sustained fire like that.