RECOIL Gun Lifestyle Magazine

A new magazine out there for gun lovers:

I was sent the first issue (pictured above) by Andy over at RECOIL, and I am please to say that I am very impressed.  Cover to cover it’s a graphic arts masterpiece, and the articles are well written.  There is advertising in it, but it’s not obtrusive and does not take up very many pages of the magazine like a lot of them I’m used to reading.

If you’re looking for some new gun related reading material I urge you guys to check it out.  It’s currently available at Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble etc.. with home delivery coming soon.  There are other options such as iTunes and Nook versions you can check out HERE.

Make sure to also check out their website –

I asked Andy about giving away some subscriptions on the blog, and he said he would get back to me once they get their home delivery method worked out, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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  1. ERTmatt Avatar

    My co-worker had this on shift the other night. Youre right about it being graphically nice and a lot of good articles as well. I wonder how well print magazines are selling now since they are giving away the ipad version and a lot of other information is free on the internet.

  2. DanTheViking Avatar

    It looks to me that this is just Mall Ninja monthly.
    Might check it out, though.

    1. My first thought when I saw that cover was this this was a joke. I guess not.

    2. I am so sick of that attitude. We all like gear.

      I’ve never met a self-identifying “Mall-Ninja”. It would seem that a mall ninja is always someone else. When we use peripheral equipment it’s always practical and reasonable but when others do it, it’s “tacticool”.

      It kinda reminds me of the old saw that “the absent are never without fault; the present never without alibi”.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    Got a copy for free a few weeks back and it’s not a half bad magazine. It’s kind of a magazine with some common gun-lover slang terms and a devil may care attitude. Mine came with a free range target in it, too.

    And like you guys said, fairly good articles, really modern looks, and great graphics. I’m already keeping my eye out for the next one.

  4. I picked this up at the book store the other day. Lot’s of good content, quality pictures, solid blocking and page construction. This is a caliber above what you normally see in gun magazines.

    Yes, with a very mall ninja/zombie survivor/COD3 twist to it, but not past the point where it is sickening and annoying like FPS Doucheski.

  5. I’m gonna have to look into this one. Looks good.

  6. Awesome magazine. The MAXIM of the gun world!

  7. My Neighbor is working on this magazine. Him and I have chatted about the content a couple times now. I have an issue with the content hosted on their site. It isn’t 100% original, and you have to sign up for the digital magazine subscription to gain full access to the article. You can google 90% of it for free, and it seems like a majority of the content, with the exception of the interviews/exclusives can be found on, XDForums, and various fanboy blogs scattered throughout the interwebs.

    I do like their approach to the industry. Guns, Guns Digest, Tactical Pistol, and all those other 7-11 gun mags are crap IMO. They have a dated layout, the copy is dry and impersonal, at times neck beard detailed.

    What makes RECOIL different is their decision to apply known techniques used throughout the automobile, action sports, and adventure themed magazines. Using a modern design, heavy grid based layouts and professional photography means this magazine has A LOT of potential we can look forward to seeing more of. Being that they only have 2 issues out at the moment, the content will have to transform into more unique and original content as time goes by. The current issues seem to be geared more towards your novice to intermediate shooter. I’m excited to see a new magazine with a production value much higher than it’s competitors. Full color pages, a nice textured cover stock, and edgy design layouts will take this magazine down the road. If your looking for gun porn, look no further. RECOIL’s got you covered.

    1. “The current issues seem to be geared more towards your novice to intermediate shooter.”
      What I mean by that is the content is light on extreme details. The content is great for Tacticool Cowaduty kids, the younger generation of shooters. In issue two there is an article on muzzle devices which is extremely light on unique content. The basic specs are listed and the OEM, and thats about it. Specs include length, weight, OEM, and Product name. Nothing you can google or dont know already if you’ve ever owned an AR15 and did a little homework on muzzle breaks/compensators/flash hiders. Issue #2 is host to other gear articles and an exclusive interview with Travis Haley, founder of Haley Strategic and former MagPul partner.

  8. “Geared towards…the novice to intermediate shooter.” “Younger generation of shooters.”

    Well, that explains why “Recoil” looks like “Maxim” for gun nuts. All they need now is some of Oleg Volk’s models to hold the guns…


    1. Let me expand on that a little bit. Someone mentioned is does have a slight Mall Ninja feel. That’s the “Novice/Intermediate” feel I’m speaking of. Sure it’s a little mall ninja, but lets be honest, unless your LEO/MIL/SRT/HSLD, no one really needs half the shit in any of the magazines out there. My favorite part about the magazine is that it is like Maxim, but with guns instead. They do cover the basics on various products, but as an intermediate shooter myself, I crave a little more detail, more specs, and a slightly smaller portion of “Bro check it out!”

      Earlier I made a gripe about “original content,” let me recant my previous statement. I based that remark on a couple articles that I had seen around the intertubes, specifically What RECOIL did do, that I very much enjoy, is consolidate the nonsense, use professional photographers and get right to the step by step guide. The lack of trolls and neckbeards is refreshing. I hope to see more gear/rig tutorials in the future. Like any other magazine they cover the latest gear and platforms. If you call professional photography, nice clean shots, modern design elements and an edgy layout “MAXIM” thats fine with me. Please sir may I have some more! I’m tired of dusty black and white Gun Annual’s, or the boring dime a dozen tacticool HSLD operator photographs seen in AR-15 & Tactical Rifles Guide. That said, there are a few articles in RECOIL which are great. They review the ZEV Tech. G35 Featherlight, DD M4-V7 LW, and discuss 3 Gun Versatility. Not the most basic stuff.

      I’m gonna stop ranting. :) You guys should check it out for your selves!

      Here are two examples…
      RECOIL V7 LW


      Gun Annual

      Misc Shots

      However you flip it… It’s the new kid on the block, let’s see what they can do!
      Deliver me from dusty black and white articles!

      1. Sweet sweet gun porn :D