Lip Balm To Keep Carbon Buildup Off Weaponlight

A cool tip if it actually works:

I almost wish I still had my Lasermax Glock guiderod laser still to try this out on.  That was my main problem with that laser, it would get carbon’d up so quickly rendering it useless.

Any of you guys previously familiar with the tip, and tried it out?  Does it work?


16 responses to “Lip Balm To Keep Carbon Buildup Off Weaponlight”

  1. kosherbacon Avatar

    It probably won’t work with a laser. I’ve got crimson trace grips on one of my handguns and even bee farts distorts the beam.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL bee farts… I need to remember that one

  2. Airwolf Avatar

    Was that video made by Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen?

    1. Sounds just like him, and the style is consistent with his other videos.

    2. skunkworks Avatar

      Yes it was.

  3. My guess is that with the lip balm on the edge, like with any moist substance, the carbon is more likely to build/stick to it.

    Wiping the lense off when it’s dry and covered with carbon is not exactly hard.

  4. @mike Crimson Trace never made a guide rod laser.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ack you’re right it was lasermax! Thanks, I updated the post.

  5. I had to watch the video twice because the first time I just stared at the picture. Neat trick.

  6. I had heard about using vaciline but never tried it. I’ve just always used clear packing tape cut to the lens size and left a little tab if I ever wanted to take it off easily. You just wipe the soot right off of the tape and you don’t have to re-apply anything.

  7. Critter Avatar

    pink lip gloss on full, pouty lips…..

    i’m sorry, what were we talking about?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’ll post a dude’s lips next time for you Critter. JAMES YEAGER APPROVED!

  8. skunkworks Avatar

    I use Froglube for this and it its extremely effective.

  9. Basically any type of clear removable surface would probably work for this. I would stay away tape unless you are changing it on a regular basis. I could see the glue leaving residue.

    But if you do have the problem of tape residue, I have always found lighter fluid breaks the glue down.

  10. If you need a protection for the lens, not intending to use it while training, put a condom on it.
    Easy to remove, it’s very cheap per unit and almost free as you can leave it there for a while.

    No need to take a textured/glow in the dark/perfumed one, just go for a basic one :-)

    US Soldiers during ww2 used to do this (put a GI condom on the tip of their rifle) to keep the water out of the barrel when it was raining.

  11. ObsidianOne Avatar

    Amazing how hot that picture is D: