Z-Boys Shoot An AK-47 From A Golf Cart At A Public Range

These guys are relentless now with the firearms stupidity:

I often wonder how they went from filming slow paced videos of girls shooting at that range, to jackassery like the above and this.

According to commentor pikid89, it’s the Babcock Webb WMA range near Fort Myers Florida in case you’re looking for a place to avoid.



15 responses to “Z-Boys Shoot An AK-47 From A Golf Cart At A Public Range”

  1. That range needs a “No D-bags” policy ASAP

  2. Critter Avatar

    thank gawd this is in another state.

  3. I have not been to this Florida WMA/NF range, but have been to several others. From the details I assume it is similar to the Apalachicola Shooting Range, which I have been to. You check in and pay your fee, then go to the range of your choice (pistol, rifle, shotgun, etc). There is generally no set range officer, they float around doing intake, cleanup, maintenance, and monitoring, and are usually volunteers. Generally the range officers take their role very seriously and don’t tolerate violations of the 4 rules. Heck, I’ve seen people get yelled at for rapid fire (usually there are designated rapid fire times). I’d be willing to bet that they used the on-site golf cart for their shoot, either with or without “permission”. In any case it is not safe range behavior, and hopefully it will be dealt with before someone gets hurt.

  4. Does someone scour YouTube for people to just publicly chastise? Granted, what these guys are doing is unsafe and should be supervised, but why make an issue of this other than to be a douchebag yourself?

    1. Whammy! Avatar

      That’s this guy’s MO. Everyone is a douchbag but him, eg. “nutnfancy is fer teh fagz.” I follow this blog just to watch the lemmings here mindlessly follow their dear leader. Group-think at its finest.

      I also find it ironic that douchbags are the only people still using the word douchbag.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Yea i’m sure a blog that posted videos about how “safe” someone was at the range, or what a nice guy they came across would do huge numbers. Stuff like that is so entertaining. *eye roll* Now if you gentlemen will excuse me I have a washer full of Ed Hardy shirts that need to be hung up to dry.

        1. Whammy! Avatar

          I understand what you’re doing. I for instance like to say the word nigger from time to time to stir up the villagers.

        2. Oh, it’s about the numbers. No wonder. Here I thought integrity still existed on blogs.

  5. If i had a golf cart of my own i am sure i would try this. On my own property, not a recognizable public range. This video can only help those who would want to close it.

  6. pikid89 Avatar

    Id really like to know how they get away with this stuff since this particular range is staffed by at least a few sworn FWC officers and a bunch of RSO’s

  7. They must know an owner or something. How the hell do you get away with shooting from a golf cart that is driving down range!?

    1. depends on who you are i guess

  8. ObsidianOne Avatar

    Wow. Can these guys shoot themselves on accident already (nothing fatal, preferably something extremely painful and non-life threatening) so they learn not to do this crap anymore?

    1. Just a pinky toe, that’s all.

  9. 0ptsdwn Avatar

    This was done illegally by two washouts that are banned from this range for ever