Smith & Wesson Shield Looks Promising

*Gasp* S&W didn’t invite me to the release?  Shame on them.  Here’s a Buck Yeager vid:

Pfffft whatevs S&W… you probably know I would have just unfavorably compared it to my beloved Glocks. :P  Yea… at least that’s what i’ll tell myself so it doesn’t hurt so much inside. *sniff sniff*… *tear wipe*

Glock doesn’t have a single stack 9mm or .40 yet though, so good for S&W for making what people are asking for. I’m looking forward to handling and shooting it someday.

Check out the Shield product page over at S&W for the specs.

Yeager can shoot… i’ll give him that. Better than I can anyway (not that i’m surprised).

Hat tip: Ryan W.


39 responses to “Smith & Wesson Shield Looks Promising”

  1. Three things…

    1. Why is he closing one eye while shooting?
    2. Think that camera was manned while he was shooting at the beginning?
    3. I find it it funny (sad), that he’s wearing a Lone Survivor shirt after his asshatery in Iraq.

  2. Don’t fret, Mike. Maybe someday you will get your tactical shoulder roll up to snuff and receive an invite.

  3. Steve069 Avatar

    6:14 is obviously the best part of the video. He pulls the next mag out reversed when re-loading and then claims “you mother fucker” as if the magazine was at fault. BOSS.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea Yeager always keeps it classy.

  4. Hopefully this will force Glock to finally make a single stack 9mm! Not that I have any use for such a thing, I carry my chopped 17 just fine.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      I have been thinking this same thing for a while. Glock needs to take advantage of the recent pocket pistol craze. Theirs would sell like crazy! I know I would buy one.

      1. Glock has had almost twenty years to produce a single-column pistol in fullsize (for those of us who like .45 or 10mm but don’t have hands like gorillas) and compact (for those who want a Glock that really is as concealable as the competition) . Gaston can’t be bothered.
        Maybe when he retires from the day-to-day running of the company, something may be done.

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          They already have a single stack fullsize (.45 ACP) caliber. It’s called the Glock G36 and its been around about 13 years now…

          The just need to carry on this slim-line to include more than just one model…

          1. Yeah, I own one. It’s basically Glock’s equivalent of the Officer’s ACP. There’s a difference between a ‘fullsize pistol’ and a pistol that fires a major cartridge.

            1. NikonMikon Avatar

              Your comment included fullsize and compact… the G36 is ‘compact’

              1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

                Glock actually considers the G36 a sub-compact. They don’t make a compact .45 ACP for some reason.

                1. NikonMikon Avatar


                  Point is glock already has a slim-line form factor, they need to get on that shit and fill it out with more models of ALL sizes (compact, subcompact, fullsize). That would rock and I would buy it instead of a Diamondback db9 or db380. :(

              2. No, that’s what YOUR misinterpretation of my comment was, not what I said. Thanks anyway.

                1. NikonMikon Avatar

                  Why are you thanking me for?

  5. dasdfdf Avatar

    I just busted out laughing when I saw the pic

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees Buck Angel when I see Jame’s mug! LOL!

  7. bikeman Avatar

    Can I just say… Making an understandable, intelligible promo video should not be done at a range where your every third syllable is drowned out by someone shooting. I gave up watching. I have enough hearing damage as it is by not trying to decipher what he is saying…

  8. “James Yeager Approved” with pic.

    Now that is just f’ed up!

    But LMAO!

    1. Messed up, yes.
      Funny? Yes.

      I can’t take Yeager seriously at all.

      1. I can’t take Yeager seriously at all.

        I almost had to laugh out loud when they got into the conversation about how much it/she/he sounds like a man, when it seems to me that it/she/he sounds like a man that just breathed in a large volume of helium.

  9. Anybody notice the shirt – “Lone Survivor” Fitting.

  10. DeskJockey Avatar

    Wow the shield might be just what I’m looking for in my next gun.

    6:14 was definitely the high point in the video though.

  11. overkill556x45 Avatar

    S&W seems a little late to the party, but still a cool idea. I have a M&P9c and I love it. I will have to hold a Shield to see if there’s a reason to go from 13 rounds on deck to 8. The 9c is pretty easy to conceal as it is. That said, if I buy a single stack anything it will be hard to talk me out of a glock 36.

    Props to S&W for continuing to evolve though.

    1. CuriousG Avatar

      How are they late to the party? Because of Kahr or the LC9?

  12. ZBalentine Avatar

    James Yeager meme’s and shenannigans aside…I think S&W is going to sell a shit ton of these things. I’ll probably pick one up for the wife.

    1. And it looks like they are anticipating it by adding another shift for production.

  13. I’ve been caring a Kahr K9 for a long time and I’ve been thinking about going to a Kahr P9 to save some weight. This looks like a pretty cool alternative. It isn’t as light as the P9 and it doesn’t have the polygonal rifling that the Kahr has but at almost $300 cheaper it is going to be hard to decide.

  14. Damn…a Buck Angel comparison is a hard slap to the mouth. That is some disturbing shit right there; well played.

  15. Sweet gun, D-bag guy, 6:14=LOL, and the “approved” pic almost made me piss my pants!

  16. “The Shield”? Is there going to be a Vic Mackey Custom version, complete with stolen drug money and a pair of pliers?

  17. looks gay. gonna go try out some glocks now.

  18. Anybody mention the fact that Springfield came out with the XDs single stack .45ACP Model??? Sad to say.. I’,m actually cleaning my XD9 this very second…. My next girlfriend is an M&P.45… PEACE

    1. my next girlfriend should arrive from Sarajevo in 4-8 business days.

      1. Be careful, last girlfriend i ordered from eastern block country weighed twice what her profile said.

  19. I had a chance to handle one of these at the fun show tonight.

    Sold. I want a .40, but still… it felt perfect.

  20. Is that the rat fink from top shot half way into the video? Jesus that kid is annoying.

  21. bigghoss Avatar

    Damint. Can I PLEASE get a fucking pocket 9mm without a damn unnecessary safety? Guess I’ll just have to get a kahr.

  22. LMAO! Dude, you’ve got to stop with the playgirl thumbnails!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hhaha there’s not many James Yeager pics to choose from.