Balmain Leather and Suede Bullet Belt

Kanye West rocking the new gear before it his the shelves:

From high end French fashion house Balmain. Reportedly selling for $1345, although not listed in the e-boutique (store) on their website yet.

The shape is too “crayon like” to be like any rifle bullets I’ve seen.  I know it’s a casting, but they could have at least made the conical profile of the bullet a bit more convex.

If you clicked on the above Balmain link and were like “WTF?  Rich people buy clothes from here?  This site sucks.” … I’ll let you in on a little something.  With the exception of the companies under the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) umbrella and a few others, the more upscale you’re brand is, the shittier your website has to be.  It needs to look like it was made by junior high kids working on early Apple desktops, and using music, flash animation and transitions are mandatory. *shrug* I don’t make the rules.  Off the top of my head, another hilarious example is Maison Martin Margiela if you want to check it out.

Back to the belt… would I wear it?  Nah, looks too “Hot Topic” goth for me.  I do like the idea of anything gun related making its way into high fashion though.

Thoughts?  Any of your reloaders/belt makers gearing up to hit Etsy and make a killing with some Balmain inspired bullet belts? :P

Hat tip: Upscale Hype


17 responses to “Balmain Leather and Suede Bullet Belt”

  1. It’s not even remotely “gun related”. Those are “tree” style screw-in spikes, usually seen applied liberally to rottweiler collars and 80s hair band jackets. Link:

    They just came up with a different way to attach ’em to the belt, is all.


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Good call Doc. No wonder I thought it looked “Hot Topic”… they sell so much of that crap there. Not like I’ve ever went into a Hot Topic *shifty eyes*

      1. Not like I’ve ever went into a Hot Topic *shifty eyes*

        I think it’s troubling that you’re looking at sites like Upscale Hype and that you would even know about something like Maison Martin Margiela! This sounds like stuff a hipster barista might be interested in!

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          haha hipster barista only wears deep vnecks and clothes he buys got at thrift stores.

          I follow lots of streetwear/clothing/fashion blogs, along with a whole bunch of industrial design blogs. Never a dull moment on the internet for me.

  2. Doesn’t seem like it’d support a holster very well, either inside or outside the waistband.

  3. Damn….I thought this was another give-away :-P

  4. The music on the website scared me to death!

    1. Music? Must have closed the site too fast, the hideous layout scared me to death.

  5. That would be a pain to try and thread through belt loops.

    1. back in my youth, i had a studded belt. as i recall i i put i through one or two adjacent loops, left it slack and buckled it, then used a second belt to functionally hold my pants up.

      i was a weird kid…

      1. Ha! That sounds like far too much work.

  6. if those are bullets, it would appear that this is a high capacity belt =(
    high capacity/high fashion. I should start a clothing line.

  7. Good call Mike, they totally look like crayons… lol. I burn through belts too fast to spend any real money on them anyways.

  8. “High-end” and “upscale” when speaking of stuff like this just means obscenely overpriced, right?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yes, definitely.

  9. Kanye 2012…… Just as worthless as that Kony guy