USA Goes To War With Canada

Tug Of War that is:

A good match. Damn that looks exhausting.  I think I remember doing something similar in gym class a long time ago, but the pride stakes were not as high so I don’t remember being that tired.

Hat tip: Carrie


15 responses to “USA Goes To War With Canada”

  1. Timmeehh Avatar

    Our secret weapon is maple syrup and Canadian Bacon for breakfast!

    1. Don’t forget the regular Tims coffee.

    2. Our secret weapon is maple syrup and Canadian Bacon for breakfast!

      Wait a minute; a Canadian using the term “Canadian Bacon”? I’m not buying it!

      1. Good point, Josh. I would have expected to hear “back bacon.”

      2. Timmeehh Avatar

        That was for the benefit of Americans. I didn’t know if you guys would know what back bacon was.

  2. Church Avatar

    WOW! Their faces turn bright red after like 10 seconds of this!!

  3. love the fact the canadian is wearing nothing but his uniform, and the american is wearing full loadout except his helmet and rifle. silly canadians. match up EH?

  4. thats the first good use of gunners harnesses i’ve seen

  5. ZBalentine Avatar

    The You Tube comments wound up being the usual diatribe of bullshit nationalistic dick measuring…(/sarcasm)didn’t see that coming(/sarcasm).

  6. Glad to have the Canadians as allies.

  7. This made me a little upset. but looks like tons of fun

  8. Grayson Avatar

    Fun stuff, and good for morale!
    Of course, I can state with absolute certainty that if there had been a cold beer waiting for the Canadian troopie, he would have crossed the line in about half a second flat…. with the American troopie flying through the air close behind! ;)

    Well, either that, or:
    The American would have run over the Canadian in order to grab the beer first!
    (Yes, I’m laughing out loud as I type this!)

  9. GREERHOG Avatar

    Way ta go eh! Makes me proud ta be a canuck!

  10. Ummm. That’s a Turk. Not a Canuck. Lol

  11. Ummm. That’s a Turk. Not a Canuck. Lol just kidding