5.11 Tactical Week – Giveaway #3 RESULT

Yesterday’s 24 hour 5.11 giveaway was for a 5.11 Tactical polo shirt and pair of cargo pants.

The following person will be a lot more tactical by mid next week because of this draw:

Brent – #54505

Brent’s favorite song to listen to in the car on the way to a shooting outing is The Eagles – Life in the fast lane:

I’m glad I asked the song question, I found out about a lot of cool new songs/artists I had never heard of.

Congrats Brent.  I’ll be contacting you shortly for your name/address.  Everyone else, you still have today (Friday) left to win some gear from 5.11 Tactical so stay tuned.


7 responses to “5.11 Tactical Week – Giveaway #3 RESULT”

  1. sirkut Avatar

    ENDO-Mike. Thanks once again for posting the winner’s comments!

    1. Martin Avatar

      Indeed, and the video too, makes for a good reading experience of the winnars.

  2. Martin Avatar

    Brent just so happens to have moved into my place and will need his pants to be size 38″Wx33″L with a XL shirt (Black on Black preferably). You can email me for shipping information :) Thanks,

    /Sarcastic lie.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hey everyone! Martin wants to get in Brent’s pants! :P

  3. Congratulations Brent… I HATE YOU ENDO-MIKE!!!! I feel better now…

  4. Congrats Brent!
    and nice choice of song, though I could never listen to it on my way to shoot. The music would run the risk of ispiring me to drive to fast, get pulled over… haha

  5. Church Avatar

    posting what they said is a lot of fun! Free give aways are too! Thanks Mike!!