Sushi Warships

If your favorite sushi place isn’t already expensive enough:

Tell them you want special shapes like this, and i’m sure they would be willing to accommodate you for a hefty fee.

Made by Japanese design student Mayuka Nakamura for her graduation project.    *Sigh* fine arts…

Her website poorly translates to English, but if I could read Japanese I’m sure i’d find some deep “purpose” statement.  I’m sure those transcend cultures in the art world.



17 responses to “Sushi Warships”

  1. What the HELL!?! A guy doesn’t post a comment on a website for several weeks and you just give away his “Top Commenter” position?!?!?! I didn’t die! I was just on vacation. I mean, how would feel if your boss was all like, “sorry Billy but we had you replaced over Labor Day weekend ’cause you weren’t working.” Or some shit like that I dunno. Bottom line, that arbitrary number one spot meant the world to me, and you guys just took it. YOU TOOK IT!!!!!!!

    I also like sushi. Raw Salmon is the best.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      I estimate Mike’s response to be something like: “MISTAKES WERE MADE” or “SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKIN”

      Just sayin…

      1. I demand reparations for these harsh injustices!

        Preferably forty acres and a Geisha.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah Poppy. I’m confident you’ll get it back.

  2. these are called “Gunkan” sushi, which literally means battleship in Japanese.

  3. Can they make me one shaped like a SCAR with picatinny rails on it? I could use a tactical light to make sure I got the right piece, and to make sure the sushi was blind and stunned before consumption. I could also use an optic, to make sure I get a 1 MOA or less grasp with my tachop sticks.

  4. Someone should answer this with Nascar models made out of BBQ pork.

  5. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    I guess they don’t teach not to play with one’s food in Japan.

  6. pffft….Star Wars sushi FTW.

    Granted, they’re vegetables served at a sushi diner instead of sushi. But they look a helluva lot better than that battleship that my nephew could make.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha wow those are intense.

  7. I am too lazy to translate this, but it would be more delicious if it had whale meat… Surprisingly it was easy to find when I was in Japan, and wasn’t very expensive. The whale meat I mean. When it comes to sushi K.I.S.S. works best, I’m not interested in exotic sushi.

  8. Critter Avatar

    i bet the Yamato is yummy.

    1. I’m sure the sushi version of the “USS Yorktown (CV-5)” is yummy too. :)

  9. Sushi started out as peasant laborer fast food sold from street carts. The Japanese equivalent of a hot dog or “energy bar”. For various reasons after WWII the artsy types discovered it and turned it into “fine dining.”

    If you’re into fine dining and can afford it, well, whatever floats your sushi battleship, but I myself have joined the resistance and make my own in old school “I’ve got real work to do” fashion.

    I don’t add sugar.

  10. That looks incredibly yummy. I love some good sushi and you’re dead on with how expensive it is. I figure you would pay a pretty yen for that prep.

  11. Looks so inviting, I think I’ll attack it before it even leaves the harbor.

    1. Yeah, but where are you going to get a sushi Avenger?