Contour Picatinny Camera Mount #2 – Giveaway RESULT

I had a post up for 24 hours yesterday taking entries on a giveaway for a Contour Picatinny Camera Mount from Strikemark.

Roughly 50% of you were disqualified.

I put (new details) in the title so you would notice.  The new entry requirements were:

Just leave ONE comment on this post completing the sentence “IF I WIN THIS MOUNT I WILL..”.

The winner is….

#52726 – Heisenberg

Now Heisenberg won’t have to Rubber band his Countour ROAM to his rifle.

The rest of you can begin hating him in 3…2…1….    Stay tuned for more contests.


6 responses to “Contour Picatinny Camera Mount #2 – Giveaway RESULT”

  1. asjdfbwijlgnrgORJIH

    I NEVER WIN! Damn ¥ou!



  2. Congrats !!!

  3. gir6543 Avatar

    >_< what kind of nerd reads words when there is a picture of something awesome for free, well played Heisenberg, well played

  4. Panda One-One Avatar
    Panda One-One

    Haha, well I’m a glass half full guy so I think it was at least a learning experience. To make us all strive to adapt and overcome.

  5. I am such a tard I guess I need to learn how to read

  6. Damn — I guess I have to visit every day. :-(