Trigger Trainer – Dry Fire Practice For Losers

Unless it has an adjustable break point, i’m not impressed.   Now that I said that it actually it doesn’t look like there’s any break point at all.

A few companies already make these things finger strengthener things for guitar players.  Yea the guitar ones have all 4 fingers, but you can isolate just the index finger on some of them if you want.

For $55 i’ll save my money and continue pulling real triggers.  OMG IT’S ON SALE!  Only $45 *click* buy now… buy now!  :P  Uhhhh no.

Using one of these at work would definitely get you labeled as the office psycho if you’re not working in a law enforcement or gun related workplace.

That color and dated design pisses me off too… It looks like something that should have been hawked on the home shopping network in the ’80s.   The youtube commercial I embedded supports my point.

You can check out the details over at their website –



27 responses to “Trigger Trainer – Dry Fire Practice For Losers”

  1. P. Allen Avatar

    Get a SIRT training pistol

  2. Dry fire? Trigger control is a good thing, but adapting to your trigger with sight picture and grip all work together.

    Is this just made for girly men who have trouble with the DA pull?

  3. DanTheViking Avatar

    The whole point of shooting is… shooting, right?
    Then why would you buy this?

  4. Get a water gun, and play with your kids ! You won’t look like a pussy AND have fun…

    I agree, the design looks like it’s right out of a MacGyver episode !

    1. Also looks like someone pulled the grip and trigger guard right off a FAMAS, and spray painted it tan.

  5. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    $45 for a one finger grippers?

  6. Nice Mike. Tell us what you really think! I agree tho the trigger even look like they stole it off a dollar store water pistol and the handle adapted from a gardening accessory.

  7. I use a gripmaster as a general training tool – designed for rock climbing grip strength, great for building general grip strength or focusing on just one finger. I think I paid like $10 for the high resistance model. For $45, you could get a gripmaster for everyone in the family.

  8. Here is the ultimate trigger trainer, and for you, only you, today’s deal, of only $6.86 per dozen,
    Instructions, hold pen in hand, slowly depress the button with your trigger finger until you feel the break continue for hours of entertainment. My Daughter practices during class to annoy the liberal teachers.

  9. Guys —

    Can I just say…the dude in this commercial says “days and days at the shooting range” like it’s a bad thing! I love going to the range.

    Plus I don’t think exercising your finger equates to a better trigger pull, unless you’re shooting Ahhhnold’s personal .44. The trigger pull on all the governator’s guns is known to be 75 pounds or higher.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL Ahhhhhnold.

      Everything about that video is terrible. That “days and days at the shooting range” is the icing on the cake.

  10. “It won’t cost you boxes and boxes of rounds and days at the shooting range.”

    Why does he make this sound as if it is a bad thing???

    1. Damn :-( I swear I didn’t read Bear’s comment first.

  11. And it looks like a trigger on a water pistol.

    For the youngins – when we were young there were toys in the shape of firearms that shot H2O as fast as you can pull the trigger. They made for many days of summertime fun. Lo, now they are only spoken about in the dark corners and shady streets of society.

  12. i think a water pistol would do the same thing for a lot less. And unless you could customize the pressure required and break point to exactly the same as whatever pistol you own how would this help?

  13. The people who made this clearly all shoot double action revolvers and slap the trigger, because they don’t have any idea what “trigger reset” is and how important it is as a part of dry fire training and overall accuracy. No sights on this shitty water pistol thing either? WTF is the point? You’d get equivalent finger exercises from typing posts about how stupid this thing is, and you wouldn’t be out $50.

  14. Mike, you should do a giveaway for this… perhaps on April 1st?

    I’m not sure how having one REALLY strong finger would help with accuracy, but if SHTF you may be able to poke an assailant to death…

    1. I’m sure the ladies would love it at least. ;)

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea a giveaway on this would be awesome. Likely no one would enter though.

  15. ya waste of money, i refuse to believe that their is a market for this

  16. Yeah, its called dry firing…

  17. Golfers go to the driving range and hit golf balls, so from what he is saying, you should go to the shooting range and shoot real guns. And paintball players use 2 fingers so this thing would be a waste of time/money.

  18. Matt G. Avatar

    You sho

  19. Matt G. Avatar

    You should be Exercising your entire hand anyway with a gripmaster if you want to shoot better. These things are stupid.

  20. There is no feedback on whether the user squeezed the trigger smoothly, or mashed it to death, pulling the sights way off the target. This is more likely to ingrain many poor repetitions and teach bad habits.

  21. How is this supposed to help you improve your trigger pull with YOUR PARTICULAR gun? Some folks shoot Glocks, some folks shoot 1911’s, some folks shot revolvers- all have different trigger pulls, and I’ll bet you money this contraption doesn’t feel like any of them.

    +1 on the poster who suggested teh Griopmaster, then after that just get some snapcaps and do lots of dry firing.

  22. Trigger Trainer is a SCAM. If you are silly enough to order one of these devices ( as I was ), they will take your money, fob you off with excuses for non delivery until the time period for lodging Paypal disputes expires, then won’t respond to any further emails.

    You have been warned….