Plumber Operators – Deadly Syrian Pipe Weapons

These guys should make a movie called “Lose a hand, or die trying”:

Besides the cool factor of the improvised weapons, I loved the soothingly casual “Allahu Akbar” at 3:20.   Most of the time in videos 50 people scream it at once.

Hat tip: One of my favorite YouTubers HighJak86 (who may or may not be working on an improvised pipe weapon for a future video)



16 responses to “Plumber Operators – Deadly Syrian Pipe Weapons”

  1. dude.. this is scary as f**k !!

  2. I’ve been told by a former Legionnaire that in Africa in the late 70s early 80s, they use to arrest all people with missing fingers, because they suspected them to make rifles out of pumber pipes… and most of the time you loose a finger in the process…

    It ain’t new, but still is scary…

  3. There were several cringeworthy moments in that… like screwing it together with his palm over the muzzle… getting it nice and tight with the barrel pointed at his chest… all with the firing pin resting on the primer.

    Just… wow.

    1. @ 1:37 when he looks down the barrel to make sure it’s loaded properly was noteworthy too

      1. I was just waiting for the bang when he did that.

  4. Multi-calibre!

  5. pikid89 Avatar

    I guess they don’t really understand the concept of head spacing lol

  6. Baaahaha! I will proudly say I own enough firearms and ammo that I don’t have to attempt to make any of these. Despite pissing the ATF off, I’d probably blow my hand up anyway.

  7. I love it how @ ~02:32 he kinda field-strips the “weapon” by smashing it to a rock meanwhile explaining it’s a “pomp-akhshin”…

  8. Has it been removed :-(

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No it’s still there.. liveleak embeds are shitty though. Try refreshing the screen.

      1. Just did and it works. Thanks Mike.

  9. Looks like the rock throwers got a brand new slingshot.

    1. Agreed, beat any slingshot- except some of Joerg Sprave’s monsters!

  10. Ninjavitis Avatar

    The messed up part is that we leave live ammo scattered everywhere we go. Every M249 and M240 that gets cleared outside the wire leaves bullets everywhere. They just pick them up after we leave. The kids get paid to collect them too.