Walmart Sells Machine Guns

*Facepalm* I really hope this guy is trollin’:

Shoot.. can’t embed it, so here’s the link:

Oh noes.. machine gun ammunition and hollow point bullets too!  Ban Walmart!

This guy probably gets so frightened he calls the cops when his own shadow surprises him.


UPDATE: Blast this tool on his facebook page. he bans comments on there too.

My addition which got deleted 2 seconds after I put it up:

Commenter James posted this:


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  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    He disabled comments, smart move.

  2. Steve In Delray Avatar
    Steve In Delray

    Machine guns.


    They ARE machines…and what they do means that they are, in every sense of the word, guns.

    So, whatsyerfuckinpoint, hipster? You don’t like guns except for the ones that police have to protect you and the ones that the military have to protect the cops who are protecting you? You make no sense.

  3. Just from the screenshot i can tell watching this video is going to piss me off. Time to turn computer off and go to sleep.

    1. hydepark Avatar

      I know, right? Just wait until you actually watch this blithering mind-slave dither on about how he’s surprised there aren’t any RPG’s.

      I’d love to get the chance to sit down with this guy and debate all things 2nd Amendment related just to show him how imbecilic he truly is. One of the “machine guns” was a Sig .22 dressed up like an AR. I mean, c’mon dude. If you can’t even spot the .22 next to the real AR then you’re automatically a retarded know-nothing-about-guns douche.

  4. The amount of stupid in this vid is overwhelming. I cant tell if hes trolling or not but he KNOWS hes lying which is why he turned off ratings and comments. Even the fat fuck who impersonates soldiers had the balls to leave the comments and rating system online.

  5. Hipster glasses, channel comments filtered, false incredulity, turned off ratings and comments. He’s either incredibly ignorant or intentionally deceptive. Either way we need to take advantage of the fact that he has graciously provided tips on contacting him:

    Email me (no nudes from dudes):
    [email protected]

    Send me something (no bombs or anthrax):
    PO Box 55582
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

    1. holy fuck he lives down the street from me…

  6. All those guns and he’s buying “fudge” covered pretzels? I bet he likes other things covered in “fudge”

  7. Jeez, you found the perfect picture.

  8. Hey Mike… I think we got an ad troll here. He seems to be hitting all your blog posts.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      got him, thanks!

  9. Fiendir Avatar

    Hope for humanity.
    Must… Not… Hit… The nuke button!

  10. Disabled comments and ratings. That means he’s likely an anti.

    1. No, more likely means he is an idiot

  11. But WHICH Walmart in Paducah!?! At least he could have the decency to tell us which one so we don’t have to drive all over to get a new M4.

    1. Matt G. Avatar

      Please don’t get your new m4 at walmart. ;)

  12. The guy’s a wiener.

  13. fudge pretzels? more like fudge packer. fuckin nonsense!

  14. Best thing to hit his facebook page and let him know hes an idiot.

    Mine: Just watched your “Walmart sells machine guns” video. I laughed. Mostly because you’re an idiot.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha nice. You made quite an impression there. I just left a comment.

      The “I get paid for every view” comment of his was priceless. This is coming from a guy who has 1056 subscribers and 101,709 video views. Priceless…

  15. Flag —> Spam —> Misleading Text.

    The internet has opened up the world to anyone’s fingertips; a person can find almost any conceivable information his little heart could possibly desire. You know, like the definition of “machine gun” (as laid out by the ATF, if you so desire). Sadly, it’s also opened up “the world” to every moron that thinks people want to hear his opinion because he has a video camera and can post on YouTube.

  16. Elliott Avatar

    Man, I wish my wal-mart sold machine guns!

    1. they sell machine gun external sears over by boot polish and insoles.

  17. That is a prime candidate for being punched in the face. What a goon.

  18. What a fucking cheap joke, and disabling comments is just an easy way to spread uncontested false information.. what a clown.

  19. Christ I hate this guy. At least Tosh is funny when he rags on guns. This guy is just annoying.

  20. check out the photo that was just posted on his facebook –

  21. He has now changed his settings so you cannot leave a post and has deleted all previous comments… :( It was fun while it lasted…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hhahah mission accomplished. Now I’m just mocking him on Twitter – @sethhendrix

  22. Amazing, this comment I left lasted a whopping 7 min.
    Wow, are you a moron. First and foremost, those are semi-automatic rifles. Which means one pull of the trigger, one projectile expended. Not machine guns, which means it fires until either you let off the trigger, or it runs out of ammo. Second, unless they are selling machine guns that were manufactured, AND registered prior to May 19th, 1986 they can only be sold to the military, and law enforcement. Third not even military, or law enforcement gets real machine guns for less than $900. Because of the cutoff date for transfer of legal machine guns, the prices have been artificially inflated to between $10k – $25k. You might want to have at least the slightest idea what you are spouting off about, before you expose yourself for the complete lying, ignorant fool you are.

    1. Matt G. Avatar

      I wanted to correct a small part of your post. Military and police CAN buy machine guns for cheaper than we can. They don’t have to get guns made before ’86 like we do. For instance, you know the glock 18, the full auto one, that costs LEOs 500$. About the same as any other glock. They can buy anything made currently without having to deal with the pre-86 inflated prices. Which is absolute horseshit if you ask me since in America there’s not supposed to be a privileged class.

      1. I suppose “law enforcement” gets reduced prices because they are an elite class. Meant to hold sway over us peons, they better hope we let them continue to think that. I’m not sure what the military pays for rifles, but with their history of buying $800 hammers, and $600 toilet seats, I would doubt they get any deals on rifles.

        On to new business, I got a response to the email copy and paste of this I sent this fine young genius, caution contains vulgar language(like that bothers me), and threats of legal action. Here it is, in full:

        Get a fucking clue, you fucktard. It’s a stupid comedy video on a random comedy vlog channel. If you don’t like it… don’t watch it. I don’t give a shit whether I called the guns by he right term or not. Get a fucking hobby… or maybe a job. If you contact me again, I am going to consider that harassment and will be forwarding your email and IP address to the proper authorities.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          The proper authorities? ROFL I’m sure thousands of internet officers are standing by ready to take “someone schooled me on the internet” complaints.

        2. You dun’ goofed! Consequences will never be the same!

        3. “contact you again”? You posted on an open f’n thread and got a response. What’d you expect? Retard.

  23. thephanatik Avatar

    What he should really be upset about is that Wal-Mart sells alcohol! It causes more deaths each year and alcoholism destroys significantly more families than those scary black MACHINE GUNS! I bet he drinks though. Hypocrite.

  24. Still plenty more room on twitter to give this guy shit. He will just delete them, but he’ll get the idea

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “One of my videos has gone a bit viral” @sethhendrix

      I hate when people use the term viral in the wrong context. Like you said, 2000 views is not viral. What a tool.

  25. The thing that seems to bug him is that the “Machine Guns” aren’t toys that are part of the acceptable game of hunting. He seems to thinkthat guns are ok as long as they are sporting equipment, just toys. The fact that people, regular people at Walmart, can buy a gun that is a weapon, seems scary to him.

    The truth is that guns ARE weapons, and that’s OK. It’s OK for regular folks to own weapons for the purpose of shooting bad guys that may try to harm them.

  26. MACHINE GUNS? MACHINE GUNS?!?!?!?! who says the word machine guns these days? Maybe i did when i was 10. but even kids these days know the difference between a SMG, Carbine, Rifle, LMG, HMG thanks to MW…..this guys is a troll….a stupid troll

    1. That’s pronounced Muh-SHHHHEEEEN-gun.

  27. Cameron Avatar

    I wish someone had come by while he was talking to the camera, tapped him on the shoulder, and politely informed him he was a retard.

  28. Seth Hendrix Avatar
    Seth Hendrix

    THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING, QUIT HARASSING ME. I’m am recording all your IP addresses and will turn them over to the authorities if this persists.

    1. Then don’t make videos of yourself making idiotic statements and then post it online.

    2. Matt G. Avatar

      Lol. I’m so scared mister Hendrix. Please don’t report me to ze Gestapo.

      Seriously, how can you have a cool last name like that and then be a huge dumbass.

      I hope you fall off a cliff. You can forward that to whoever you like.

      Also, I’m not sure you understand the concept of legal harassment. Or of literally anything else, really.

    3. Tim Oliver Avatar
      Tim Oliver

      I enjoy this blog, I really do. There is always something interesting or funny, I’ve even submitted more than a few links that have been posted. But to make fun of someone who is so obviously uninformed is rude and gives all gun owers a bad name. Sure he should have done some research before posting that video, but the fact that he is wrong, and TOTALLY believes that walmart sells machine guns should not earn him the ridicule he is receiving.

      He may be anti gun, he may be pro gun, who the heck knows. I emailed him a very nice note that will probably never be read because he thinks everyone who owns a gun is a jerk. So good job everyone for alienating another human being who made a mistake.

      For what it’s worth Seth, we aren’t all jerks. When some gun owners feel that they are being threatened they will lash out instead of trying to help. There are plenty of good gun owners out there, and there are plenty of jerks, just like in any other social group. I hope that this has not too seriously damaged your view of us gun owners.


      1. Matt G. Avatar

        Ssshhhh Tim, sssssshhh. It’s ok, sssshhhhh.

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        He could always delete the video. Problem solved.

        Although it would be more work, a follow up video would even suffice. I don’t see any reason to apologize to someone that I (we) called out on spreading mis-information. This is the same type scenario as when the news reports “an AK-47 assault rifle was found in the home!” when in reality there was a 10/22 with a high capacity magazine. If people don’t get the terminology right I don’t care, but when they refuse to correct themselves or admit that they are wrong then I have a problem.

    4. I’m not meaning to make fun of you or insult you in any way, I’m just trying to say that you can’t expect to post something that isn’t true and have no negative reaction to it. The fact that comments and ratings were turned off probably aren’t making anyone friendlier as it seems like you’re just looking to cause trouble, and are not at all interested in another person’s opinion on the subject. Sure people could be nicer, and bombarding you with what may or may not be hate mail is, in my opinion, uncalled for, but think a bit and do some research before making something as public as you did.

    5. Dude. No one forced you to upload a vid. When you made a decision to put yourself out there, you took a chance. If you had gone to a car dealer’s lot and ID’d a 6-cylinder Mustang as a Shelby GT500, the car guys on the internet would have corrected you – and they would have been just as gentle as the gun guys. Which is to say, not at all. Stop threatening to turn over IP addresses to the authorities. Doing this will almost certainly get you some _real_ harassment. Chill out and try to open a dialog with the few people who want to educate you. One of them is talking about taking you shooting. You might end up coming away from this with some knowledge and experience, instead of a dunce cap.


    6. William Avatar

      Actually Seth as a person who works in the Information Security field, there is NO proper authorities when it comes to the Internet. So good fucking luck. Also recording our IP addresses from a site you do not own is a federal crime, so go right ahead and turn all of us in, I dare ya.

  29. Wahmbulance Avatar

    Someone called for the wahmbulance?

    Can’t take the criticism? Don’t be an idiot!

    1. Wahmbulance Avatar

      Forgot to add,
      How the hell do you pull IP’s off of facebook or youtube, or someone ELSE’S comment stream?

      With dynamic IP addresses being used by the majority of internet providers, I have a really strong feeling that the Iinternet Police are not going to go through the trouble of subpoenaing every provider for who had what IP address at what time for anything less than a major crime.

    2. Matt G. Avatar

      LoL. I hope he really does make “money off of every view”. I hear those Wahmbulance fees can be ridiculous!

    3. R.House Avatar

      Btw, he can can only get your IP on FB if you directly connect through chat, then he’d need to run Wireshark or something like it, but for email it’s simple…just view the email headers. AS for the dynamic addressing, most ISPs don’t change your IP on a daily basis unless you’re using dial-up.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        With gmail you can’t pull it from the headers anymore. I’m sure it’s the same with hotmail now too for security purposes. The only one I could actually see still being able to do that with is if a person still used POP3.

        1. R.House Avatar

          Oh no, Hotmail still has the feature. I use many hotmail accounts for honey pots etc. However, it is hidden to some degree (a little down-facing arrow on the right hand side, below the date and beside “reply”, then click “View Message Source”.) It does still work in gmail too,: down-facing arrow beside the time and date of the email, hit “view original”. Boom. Remember, email headers can be spoofed.

  30. I could make it only halfway through the video. The stupidity was too much to bear.

    1. Matt G. Avatar

      Be careful John, we don’t want you to strain yourself. The ability to absorb so much stupidity at one time is a special skill that requires literally MINUTES of time spent reading comments on blogs and YouTube. You have to work up to it, don’t try all at once or you could hurt yourself.

  31. TMU-27-LOX Avatar

    what a fartknocker.

  32. this douche is 2 for 2, knows shit about guns or how networks operate. i almost feel bad for how ignorant this tool is….almost

  33. This guys facebook page has what, 210 likes. This is the most traffic he will ever see. His should. kiss all your asses. he has 1 you tube vid with like 11,000 views but the majority of them are in the 300 range.

    His mistakes were pointed out, he doesn’t care and just goes off on some batshit rant about all gun owners. He is completely and utterly irrelevant. Not worth the time.

  34. This guy needs to realize that actions have consequences. Not for him in this case, but for other people. He’s promoting a false stereotype of gun owners, especially with his “killer’s gun rack”. He’s conjuring up the idea that gun owners are hillbillies, murderers, or terrorists. Which can be a very negative thing as far as the attempt to promote concealed carry and gun ownership. At the same time he is also promoting a negative image of himself and other Californians as people who are too afraid of guns to really learn about them. He makes a comment about owning airsoft guns, but he really provides a lens with which to view the world from someone who doesn’t really have understanding or respect for firearms. He shouldn’t be personally attacked, but someone should offer to take him to the range sometime.

    1. I’ve been talking to him on Facebook having a civil conversation trying to understand his view and explaining mine. I actually am traveling down to Arizona in a few weeks and was going to stop into California to visit Joshua Tree National Park. I posted on Calguns asking about the legality of bringing my guns, but basically none of them are California legal, except my Nagant and Ruger 10/22. I was hoping there was an exception for traveling, but there isn’t. I was going to offer to drive to L.A. and take him out shooting, but the Nagant is hardly a beginner rifle and just bringing the 10/22 doesn’t seem worth it.

      1. I saw the facebook conversation. Really wasn’t sure how my comment would be taken and didn’t want to be offensive. It might be better than nothing. The important thing would be to around regular gun owners who are responsible, and maybe change his preconceived notions. I don’t know. I’m just a faceless internet poster who is too far away from there to make a difference in this particular case anyway.

  35. concealed Avatar

    Wow another typical unlearned American liberal wanna’be, one day he’ll reap what he has sewn

  36. Guys. I don’t know who the other guy above is… who CLAIMED to be me and was saying he was going to take down all your IP addresses. But that’s not me. I assure you, this is the guy who posted the video. Look, let me explain a few things to you. 1 – Yes, I was incorrect in calling the guns “machine guns”. Honestly, I didn’t put much thought into it when I made the video. It was late… I was bored… and I just thought it was nuts to see what APPEARED to be automatic rifles being sold at Walmart. So I made a comment on it. There was no agenda. I’m not anti-gun. I’ve shot guns MANY times. I actually went to a range just recently and shot a Glock 17 and yes, it was fun. I make a vlog every couple days and none of them have a point. Some are funny. Some are not. But I have a small following of people who like what I do and it is growing every day. 2 – When I posted that video, it had 200 views. And it was still at that count only a couple days ago… months after I posted it. It was until today when all these gun blogs picked it up that YES, it went viral. For the gentleman’s info above… “viral” has nothing to do with the amount of views a video has. It literally means that people are spreading and sharing the video, just FYI. So if you’re angry that people will see my video, get wrong information, and this will affect their opinions… then I would say – stop spreading my video. YOU GUYS are the ones making sure lots of people see it, by sharing it with each other and posting links to it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have LONG since moved on to other videos. 3 – I simply am not going to remove my video. Period. Nor am I going to post a follow-up video. I have other things going on that are WAY more important to me than this. At the very most, I might unlist the video for a short period of time, until things cool off… just because many of you are getting extremely hateful and violent with your comments. Which is funny to me. You guys all keep calling me names and saying what an idiot “hipster” I am… but yet, you are the ones being ignorant and hateful. Why would I listen to anything you have to say? Of COURSE I’m blocking you and deleting you. I stopped actually reading the messages a long time ago. And for your info, just because I have to wear glasses to see… doesn’t make me a “hipster”. I assure you, I’m not. 4 – I truthfully couldn’t care less about guns. I do actually own a bunch of airsoft guns and I love them. But when it comes to real guns, I seriously don’t care what you do. But when it comes to Walmart… yes, I do not think they should sell guns. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. MANY people agree. And just like you have the right to stand behind the 2nd amendment… I have the right to stand behind the 1st. If I want to express my opinion, I absolutely have that right. 5 – Now, I get to something that DOES bother me. I have had TWO death threats now. People who both claimed that if they see me, they will shoot me. And someone named Jason Wheat dug up the fact that my mother died last year… and he went and posted hateful comments on her obituary. All because of a stupid video where I called guns the wrong name. Do you know how ridiculous and evil that makes you ALL look to me and anyone I tell this story to? Maybe you care. Maybe you don’t. Whatever. But if you are the upstanding good people you claim to be, you should be slightly ashamed…. because that is just crossing the line. It’s not commentary anymore. It’s personal. And whereas I can take whatever BS you guys throw at me and laugh it off. My relatives don’t understand and it’s just hurtful to them. So Jason Wheat, if you are reading this… I seriously hope you rethink your choices, man.

    Look, I’m sure you are all decent folks who just like guns for whatever reason. That’s why I came here, attempting to explain myself and clear up the air. But I’m not going to delete my video or censor my opinions in any way. So if you want to keep harassing me and wasting your breath… go right ahead. I’ll just keep blocking and deleting all of you. So I suggest that you put your efforts into something else that actually matters. Why waste time on me, when there’s actually politicians out there rallying against you?

    You are welcome to contact me at [email protected].

    1. I, personally, respect you for your candor and your honesty in replying to this, and as far as the death threats and the posts about your mother, there is absolutely no reason or excuse for that and on behalf of this community I sincerely apologize. Now to address some other points:

      I have no problem with you posting your video of the ‘machine guns’. What I DO have a problem with, is the fact that you completely blocked the rating system and the comments on it. The rating and comment system is specifically there to stop misinformation from disseminating through bad youtube videos. The fact that you simply cut both of those out shows you know how bad this video really is and you’re okay with letting bad info stay out there. If not that, at least edit the video info to let people know they aren’t really machine guns… ANYTHING to show you are aware that the shit you’re posting is bunk.

      Secondly (and much less important but worth discussing), why is it wrong for Wal-Mart specifically to sell guns? Is there something sacred about the blue shirts and the smiley faces that just makes it too pure for the evil gun market? Is it because they sell diapers a few isles down? Is it because blue collar citizens don’t deserve reasonable prices on popular guns and ammo? How can you argue ‘guns are okay, but this one store shouldn’t be selling them’? Your only supporting argument is that ‘MANY people agree with you’. Many people agreed that slavery and segregation were right in prior generations, that doesn’t make it right. You certainly have no obligation to respond these comments but it would be helpful.

      Most gun owners are not dicks, but some of them see a threat (particularly one based on such broad misinformation) and respond out of anger or frustration. I think some of these people stepped over the line, but I will also say your continued denial of the falsehoods in your video did not help the situation at all. I hope we now both have a better understanding of the other side, and we can meet halfway, or at least agree to disagree.

      1. Vhyrus is right, most gun owners are not dicks, some are assholes or even vaginas.

        And Seth is a troll under the bridge.

    2. settles Avatar

      So, the one guy who threatened your life makes us ALL look bad? Tell us, what do you think about minorities? Women?

      Your 1st Amendment argument is invalid. You can absolutely say what you want. That does not absolve you of any of the consequences (right or wrong) of your words. Some people are crazy. Some people are going to get pissed at you for speaking your mind. With every right comes responsibility.

  37. TrollHunter Avatar

    File this one under “how not to make friends on the internet.” He wanted to be famous. Well congrats jackass, how is your new found attention treating you? You can eat crow, or you can keep digging. Which one is it going to be?

  38. This may be damning with faint praise, but honestly the video wasn’t that bad. I even found it kind of funny when I took my wookie suit off and realized he wasn’t being hysterical. I interpreted it as a “wow, crazy world, huh?” video. Which is exactly the response I’d expect from someone who wasn’t big into the shooting sports community.

    The proper response to misinformation is more information, and yet none of the pro-gun people I’ve seen has reached out and left helpful, informative comments.

    If we, as a collective community, go from zero to “WARRGARBL YOU’RE AN IDIOT” at the slightest provocation, then we’ll do a horrible job of bringing more people into the shooting community and we’ll alienate people who might otherwise understand the importance of the second amendment and of firearm rights.

  39. Legion7 Avatar

    My money is on Sethboy wishing he had a “machine gun” when the rioters start knocking down his door, pissed off about this or that. Seth would then become “poontang on the hoof”! See ya during the end of polite society!!!

  40. TrollHunter Avatar

    Actually AMB, a lot of us tried to reach out and correct the guy, but he didnt want to hear it. He instead doubled down on stupid and blocked people from his FB page. Here is one of the comments he made from the page he took down last night.

    “I’m not anti-gun. But I also don’t think you should be able to buy guns or ammo in Walmart and other department stores. They should only be available in specialty stores after a very intense background check and licensing. The US has the highest gun crime rate in the world BY FAR. And there is no way you can tell me that it doesn’t have something to do with the easy access to guns. I’m not saying that’s the ONLY reason… just saying it’s one of them. And just FYI, I own about 20 airsoft gun replicas. So yes, I get the coolness factor of gun ownership. But the “protection” argument is just bullshit. And I stand behind that assertion 100%.”

    The guy is a tool who knows nothing of firearms or the statistics behind gun crimes (sorry sport, the US has a long ways to go to be #1). I guarantee there are idiots out there who have already taken his “machine gun” comments as the truth and are forwarding it around in their email because they are equally stupid. I know because I get the same garbage sent to me all the damn time. Stupidity breeds more stupidity. So the ball is in your hands, Seth. How big do you want this to go? Do you want to be known as “Seth Hendrix, comedian” on the internet, or “Seth Hendrix, anti-gun idiot?” Your choice, champ.

  41. I finally had to watch this video to see what it was about.
    Words fail me.

  42. You guys still don’t get it, do you? I don’t care about you or your guns or your gun rights or anything else that has to do with guns. And trust me, I’m very successful. YouTube is only one of MANY things I do. This ONE video, that was picked up by this tiny little forum… has no effect on my life. Anyone who watches this video and thinks I am “anti-gun” obviously doesn’t have a brain that functions. Show me ANYWHERE in that video where I said I don’t think people should be able to have guns. You can’t. Because I didn’t say it! If I’ve learned anything from this whole experience… it’s that there’s lot of whiney gun owners who are WAY too over-sensitive and have no sense of humor whatsoever. I certainly have NO desire to interact with the gun community AT ALL after this. And just scanning the comments above… people are STILL just calling me names and acting like ignorant children on a school ground. So this is the last message I’m going to post on here… since I tried to communicate civilly with you people and obviously, you’re not having it. So fine.

    VHYRUS – I cut the ratings and comments off of my video because of several reasons. First of all, hate speech only breeds more hate speech. And that’s all people were posting. It’s my channel and my video. If I don’t want hate speech on there… I have the right to turn it off. I don’t allow ANY of my videos to be rated, because the system is stupid and flawed. Secondly, I have lots of younger kids who watch my videos and I didn’t want them reading the garbage you people were posting. I don’t cuss in my videos and I make most of them somewhat family-friendly. I also moderate my comments on ALL my videos, deleting hate speech and trolling. If you disagree with that, once again… I don’t care. You are wrong about YouTube, plain and simple. It’s not an educational site where people have the responsibility to post “correct” information. People can post whatever they want. If someone wants to say that Obama is an alien and they have proof… well that’s clearly false… but they can certainly do it. Free speech is absolute. As long as I abide within the laws of this country, I can express myself however I want… correct or incorrect. Period. To your second point, I’m not going to get into all the details about why I feel the way I do, because I don’t have to justify my opinion to you or anyone. Just like you don’t have to justify to me why you believe what YOU do. It’s not black/white. I don’t think porn should be in Walmart either. But I’m not anti-porn. There’s a place for everything. If you actually do your research, Walmart has had THOUSANDS of violations in just the past couple years in California alone. And most of their employees are not trained to sell guns or ammo… and often end up selling them to ex-felons, mentally handicapped, and other prohibited people. Once again… go do your own research. But to compare people being against gun sales in Walmart to people supporting slavery…. wow, that’s just insanely stupid! I don’t think all gun owners are dicks. But I think I’ve certainly been introduced to a few hundred who are. Definitely doesn’t help in changing my opinion much (which seems to be everyone’s goal here).

    TROLLHUNTER – I love that you make the assumption that I’m out for fame. How did you come to that conclusion? Do you know me or know anything about me? No, you don’t. You make assumptions based on nothing at all. You have NO IDEA why I make videos… or how I make videos… or what I do for a living… or what my life is like… do you? No. Either way, the measly 7000 views this video has gotten will not affect my life AT ALL… or anyone else’s. And if I DO get labeled by parts of the internet as “anti-gun”… so be it! In LA and many other places, that opinion is a celebrated one. Even though it’s not my position… in my opinion, it’s not a bad one. I’m not hurting anyone or being hateful in any way. If anyone other than gun owners heard about this whole thing… they would consider YOU GUYS as the bad guys who are bullying me. If you disagree… I’m not surprised. The bad guy seldom thinks he’s in the wrong. You live in your little microcosm where guns are the most important thing in the world to all of you. But to me and most people… guns are a small issue to care about. Go ahead and disagree. But you can’t see the forest through the trees. That’s why you think this blog will have any affect on me whatsoever. It won’t.

    AMB – Thank you for your message. And I agree that I would’ve been more receptive to listen to people if they had come from an informative stand-point. But no matter what Trollhunter claims… they did not. He even calls me names in his explanation above! Haha! Which, by the way, I haven’t heard anyone call someone a “tool” since the late 90s. But okay. I guess someone still uses that word. And someone also needs to inform him that gun violence in the USA absolutely IS the highest in any country in the world. That is pure fact. Not REGULAR crime, like the link Settles provided. GUN VIOLENCE. Read, people, read. It’s fundamental to understanding.

    LEGION7 – I laughed when I read your comment. Fearmongering much? Rioters? End of society? Wow, yeah… since you put it that way… I guess I better build my bomb shelter and start stocking up guns for the pending zombie apocalypse, shouldn’t I? Haha… no, on second thought, I’ll let YOU do that… and continue to live your life thinking people are out to “get you”.

    Okay, that’s the last time I’m going to respond. If you guys want to keep perpetuating my video by posting it up, talking about it, and spreading it around…. go right ahead. But you are only working against your own goal of no one seeing it. I’m not going to remove it. At least not any time soon. So… good luck with your lives and thanks for all the fun! If any of you send me emails from this point on… I will immediately delete them and filter your address into my block list. Take care!

    1. Well I tried to come to some kind of agreement with you but your inability to compromise loses you a lot of points. You are right: freedom of speech is absolute and you have no duty or responsibility to post accurate information. You can be as irresponsible and misleading as you want and not give two shits about anything else. If that’s the kind of person you wish to be, far be it from me or anyone else to stop you, but if you’re going to hide behind freedom of speech like a dumbass then we have absolutely every right to exercise our freedom of speech and blast your lies to the moon. You scream freedom of speech but then block and delete all comments that disagree with you. You post absolute lies on the internet and then try some lame ‘its for the children’ excuse as to why you don’t correct it. You make wild accusations to back up radical ideals then have the balls to say you don’t have to justify your opinions.

      I stand corrected… you really are a troll.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I lost it at “And trust me, I’m very successful.” Keep doing your thang Hollywood. I’m sure we’ll see you opposite Robert DeNiro soon enough.

  43. Settles Avatar

    LOL U MAD?

  44. TrollHunter Avatar

    Wow. Fail much?

    “TROLLHUNTER – I love that you make the assumption that I’m out for fame. How did you come to that conclusion? Do you know me or know anything about me? No, you don’t. You make assumptions based on nothing at all. You have NO IDEA why I make videos… or how I make videos… or what I do for a living… or what my life is like… do you?”

    Your Facebook page says comedian. You have yourself plastered all over YouTube, twitter and elsewhere. So either you’re out for fame, or you have an insatiable thirst for self love. At this point, I’m beginning to think the latter.

    “Anyone who watches this video and thinks I am “anti-gun” obviously doesn’t have a brain that functions. Show me ANYWHERE in that video where I said I don’t think people should be able to have guns. You can’t. ”

    You’re right, its not in the video. But you did say you think firearms should be harder to get, along with ammo, a conclusion you reached through statistics you apparently made up on the spot. At least that what your comments on your FB post said before you deleted it. So I guess its a good thing I saved your page first.( I’m not sure you understand how this whole internet thing works. Nothing is gone forever.)

    ” I am a comedian. Often I say offensive things and things that are incorrect or unpopular. That’s my right. And I will exercise it as much as I want. And I don’t care if any of you think I’m funny or not. I perform in LA and make quite a lot of money doing it. So your opinions of me are not my concern. People keep telling me to educate myself… HA! Well if ANY of you actually watched my videos and learned who I am… you would know that I am joking 99% of the time. So educate YOURselves! And finally, the image guns have in the public is not my problem. I’m not anti-gun. But I also don’t think you should be able to buy guns or ammo in Walmart and other department stores. They should only be available in specialty stores after a very intense background check and licensing. The US has the highest gun crime rate in the world BY FAR. And there is no way you can tell me that it doesn’t have something to do with the easy access to guns. I’m not saying that’s the ONLY reason… just saying it’s one of them. And just FYI, I own about 20 airsoft gun replicas. So yes, I get the coolness factor of gun ownership. But the “protection” argument is just bullshit. And I stand behind that assertion 100%.”

    Anyone with a brain and knowledge of firearms can spot how devoid of facts your above statement about firearms is. Its not even close to accurate. And yet? You double down on stupid like another mindless ideologue scared of the unknown. And by all means, keep hiding behind the First Amendment to say what you want, then censor people with whom you disagree. Tool. We’ll keep calling you out for being a mindless troll.

  45. TrollHunter Avatar

    As long as Seth is in the mood to be a troll, here is another piece of red meat for all to chew on. Its one of his comments from the now deleted FB post. Let me summarize:”Oh nooes! Guuuuns!”

    ” Not that I want to debate you or anyone about this, James. But let me make something crystal clear to you. You CHOOSE to be a gun owner. No one is shitting on you or discriminating against you. You are not some misfortunate group of folks who are getting picked on, so don’t assert yourself that way. Gun owners are a group of people who are notoriously using the Constitution (a document created hundreds of years ago and with completely different intentions than it’s being used for nowadays) to demand rights to dangerous and life-threatening items. Guns are lethal. Simple as that. Gun owning is a luxury in the US, that isn’t available in many other countries. Yes, there is a free market (sort of). But why can’t alcohol be sold everywhere at any time? Why can’t porn be sold anywhere? Why are drugs illegal? Why are there restrictions on many things in the US? Because of safety and protection of our citizens. You are so quick to start spouting off about your rights and the law… and that people should respect that. But why do you not respect that there needs to be stronger restrictions on gun ownership? And if you disagree with that… then what is your explanation for the US having so many gun related deaths and so much gun crime? What is your solution for fixing that? Explain that to me. It is a simple fact that there are thousands of crimes and deaths every year from people who have used guns that were bought legally at places like trade shows and Walmart to hurt people. There was a major news story just TODAY about a teen who brought a gun to a football game and shot another kid! So what’s your answer to this? Why does this violence not exist in other countries in the same numbers? And on top of all this… why do you even need a gun? And don’t just give me some BS answer like… because it’s my right. Tell me exactly why you feel the need to purchase a highly deadly weapon. Protection? Oh please! I live in LA where you can get stabbed just walking to the grocery and I don’t need a gun. In fact, someone is probably more likely to die in a confrontation if they try to pull a gun. So where is it that you live that you think is just sooo dangerous, you need a gun? Or is it for hunting? Okay fine. I don’t agree with killing animals. But that’s your choice and I won’t argue with that. Or maybe you just really really like guns because they’re cool. Judging by your profile picture, I think this is probably the correct one. Well then I would DEFINITELY argue you are not in need of a gun… let alone multiple guns. Once again… when I made that video… I had no agenda or intentions of any kind. In fact, I didn’t even notice I called them machine guns until all you people brought it up today. But whatever. Either way, I don’t care if you guys think my video is BS or sucks or whatever. This is the internet, and it’s full of trolls who hide behind a computer and talk tough shit to people they don’t even know. I laugh at it.”

    I love his last statement.

    “This is the internet, and it’s full of trolls who hide behind a computer and talk tough shit to people they don’t even know. I laugh at it.”

    Talk about a severe case of projection.

  46. Settles Avatar

    “And don’t just give me some BS answer like… because it’s my right.”

    That is the end of the argument. The “man” is clearly a fool.

  47. I love how he asserts his dispassion and then launches into diatribe. “Not that I care enough to even respond, but here’s an impassioned essay anyhow”

    Oh yes, you care Seth; you care a lot. You’re probably stewing about this right now.

    The “I’m not trying to get attention” thing is equally Freudian. I have a buddy who doesn’t want to attract attention. He’s 35 and has no FB account, no Twitter account, he doesn’t post videos, and good luck finding a photograph of his face. THAT is someone who isn’t interested in fame.

  48. Okay… well I tried to explain and reason with you. You guys are obviously stupider than I thought. So now… I’m going to make MORRRRRRREEEEE!!!! This is going to be FUN. Keep spreading my video around! It only makes me have more fun! Cheers! – Love, Seth

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Keep on with it Hollywood. Glad you think you’re getting famous from this.

  49. Settles Avatar

    218 likes on his “fan” page. #baller

  50. TrollHunter Avatar

    “Okay… well I tried to explain and reason with you. You guys are obviously stupider than I thought.”

    I’m curious, Seth, since you keep questioning everyone intelligence. At what University does one go to be a comedian? Did you graduate Summa Cum Laude? Bestow on us your academic accolades, oh intellectual one. GPA?

  51. Here is the address from his You tube page in case some one would like to send him something
    About Seth Does Vlogs

    Hey Close Friends of Seth! This is my VLOGS channel! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

    Send me something (no bombs or anthrax):
    PO Box 55582
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    there is no commenting allowed on his videos, no like dislike, only the views are counted. What works for me with low lifes like him is to use the block user button.

  52. He has made the original video private, but you can find a copy of the video attached to the post at

  53. The guy acts like someone who is deeply psychologically damaged.
    I got insults from him today.
    Maybe he’s a megalomaniac? But I guess that deep down he’s a little insecure man by his behaviour and efforts to maintain what seems to be a delusional sense of superiority to others.

    You will never win against this type of person as they have to ‘win’ at all costs.
    When he’s contradicted he appears to resort to insults. And that says a lot about who he really is and what he isn’t.