Strikemark Giveaway – GoPro Glock Mount

Let me start this off by saying Strikemark is not only an awesome company, but they are also good sports over there.

Some of you might remember my GoPro Glock Mount post from a few weeks ago… anyways to summarize I gave them a bit of a rough time about the mount, and went on to rib them about the image file size on their website.  Yanne (one of the guys in charge over at Strikemark) contacted me shortly after and asked if he could send me over a bunch of their products, so naturally I was thrilled to be able to offer some more giveaways!

Today I am giving away one of their GoPro Camera Glock Mounts:

One piece aluminum construction and designed specifically for the quick detach system on the GoPro camera. Seconds to install -slide the mount over the rail underneath the barrel of your Glock or Sig Sauer, tighten, and clip in your GoPro camera just like you would any other mount. Great for training, hunters, military, law enforcement, recreational shooters, and airsoft players. Get great first-person-shooter style shots or reverse the camera on yourself and watch yourself in action.

UPDATE: This pistol mount does also fit on regular picatinny rails, although the Deluxe GoPro mount is a nicer fit.

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Don’t be a dick (this always applies) and enter the contest if you are just planning on selling the item if you win.

How to enter:

  • Easy.  Just leave ONE comment on this post.  Don’t reply to anyone.  More than one comment will disqualify you.
  • Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  Your email address will not be used for anything else but notifying you of a win.

The Draw:

  • At midnight tonight I’ll close the comments and generate a random number.  The number will correspond to the winner, who I will then contact for their mailing address.

Good luck!


257 responses to “Strikemark Giveaway – GoPro Glock Mount”

  1. OK, I’ll bite…

  2. I’m pretty sure “Dont be a dick” should be rule #1

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hehehe yea. Was your comment an entry?

  3. Will this fit non glocks? If so I’m in. Otherwise give it to another guy. I promise I will post vids from at least 2 different guns if I win.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It says it will fit Glocks and Sigs.

    2. Yes, it fits a lot of different handguns. If your handgun’s got a rail and a horizontal notch that runs across it for the set-screw to set in, it’ll work. If it doesn’t fit, we’re happy to refund it (in the rare rare case that you don’t win the giveaway).

  4. I’m in

  5. dang it.. i’m not in the states :(

  6. I’m In….if I win, I’m going to have to buy a gopro to go with my contour!!

  7. That actually looks like a neat toy.

  8. Sik1kraze Avatar

    Here’s mine.

  9. WildWeasel Avatar

    In for the win.

  10. Steve In Delray Avatar
    Steve In Delray

    I have a G17 AND a GoPro Hero 1080HD ! ! !

    This would ROCK!

    In return, I’d to some siiiiiiiick vids exclusive for ENDO !

    PS: The mount would ensure that NO CAMERAPERSONS DOWNRANGE would be put in harms way.


  11. In! should keep muzzle rise to a minimum…

  12. agentorange197 Avatar

    Glock 23 Gen4

  13. ok I’ll throw my hat in.

  14. BigFatPanda Avatar

    I’m in

  15. Kevin W Avatar

    Makes practice easier as you can watch your bullets head down range…

  16. I could use this!

  17. Nice, I’ll take one in hot pink please!!

  18. Do Want.


  20. Leems Segit. I’m in.

  21. Does it come with an extension so that it sticks out past the barrel and is James Yager approved?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No extension, just the mounting bracket itself. I think James Yeager prefers to use human beings for filming in front of muzzles. :P

    2. If you use it with the extender arms that come with the GoPro you can mount it off to the sides either facing the target or back at you and it let’s you get some pretty neat and different angles.

  22. I’m in. I like the fast contest. Not sure if it’s past 12 where you are, it’s 10:03 pm here. Thanks Mike!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re welcome. I do everything by the Central timezone, and put all my posts up usually around midnight.

  23. Steven S Avatar

    This would be pretty sweet to have since I plan on getting a GoPro before summer!

  24. Tiger blood for the win

  25. count me in

  26. That’d be fun at the range I’m in…

  27. Big Jake Avatar

    That could be fun

  28. Andrew Sherman Avatar
    Andrew Sherman


  29. I’m in

  30. Steve069 Avatar

    First off, the GoPro craze is really taking off nowadays and more power to these guys for being the first for making the first rail mounts. I actually have the picatinny mount and it fits great! I do a lot of filming with that little camera riding motocross bikes and when I saw a mount for the AR, why not?!

    Get some!

  31. SPC Fish Avatar

    im sure it will look great on GoPro im using in Afghanistan.

  32. Sweet!

  33. I want this to frighten my facebook freinds with more gun videos.

  34. I’ll give it a shot.

  35. In like Flinn!

  36. Count me in, too late?

  37. Sebastian Avatar

    Me like :)

  38. Don’t have a glock yet, but ill throw in anyway.

  39. k.rollin Avatar

    I’m in.

  40. I’m in!

  41. might be interesting.

  42. I’m in!

  43. Definitely in!

  44. Could be interesting.

  45. Looks like it needs an ENDO Stock.

  46. I think m too late, but if not, count me in!

  47. I actually have a GoPro and a Glock to use with this mount. Plus, if you let me win I’ll post some videos of the device in use and my mall ninja like skills.

  48. M-cameorn Avatar

    I’m in.

  49. It hurts when I pee!

  50. Wicked

  51. Oh Oh OH

  52. Go go gadget contest!

  53. I swear that this blog gives away more stuff than any other I visit.

  54. Zach M. Avatar


  55. ThatllHappen Avatar

    Hope I get it!

  56. sarclmbr Avatar

    I was looking at these JUST the other night….sweet.

  57. THAT is a clever gadget one on the rail, and one on the helmet! Could make for some entertaining shots (pun way intended)!

  58. Here’s to hoping it would fit on my FN 5.7’s rail mount?

  59. Tom Miller Avatar
    Tom Miller

    Count me in :)

  60. I wonder if they’ll let me shoot from low ready if I’ve got a camera mounted during a match?

  61. I’m interested in this :D

  62. This would be awesome for 3 gun or really any action shooting event.

  63. Count me in.

  64. if i win, i’ll be the next nutnfancy

    filming my shooting exploits and shenanigans

  65. Jonathan Canas Avatar
    Jonathan Canas

    That’s why I love this site :-)

  66. Awesome! Thanks as always.

  67. I take it this would also work on an AR rail?

  68. Adam Jensen Avatar
    Adam Jensen


  69. bigbluebird Avatar

    i want to see what this looks like on my xdc

  70. Nice! I didn’t even know they made these. I want one!

  71. I’ll give it a shot.

  72. Very cool giveaway!

  73. Tesiranger08 Avatar

    Awesome looking

  74. OH MAN I have a GoPro, a Glock, and I WANT THIS!

  75. heisenberg Avatar

    That would be really cool!

  76. Assuming that uses standard picatiny rails, I think I need one to hang off of my AR of many rails for giggles. If not… well… I guess I could put it on one of my pistols…

  77. as long as I can mount a tactical camera…count me in…

  78. Am I doing it right?

  79. I’m in!!

  80. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  81. Add me to the list.

  82. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    big money no whammies.

  83. I want one!

  84. I’ll try not to be a dick.

  85. Thank you for this opportunity!

  86. What better way to document the most important of moments.

  87. Kazingtons Avatar


  88. Wow, video support for Colorado’s “Make My Day”

  89. I think this won’t fit into my concealment holster…

  90. Looks like a very cool training aid!

  91. I want one!

  92. Robert Booher Avatar
    Robert Booher

    Just got a gopro 2.

  93. Will this mount up to standard rail, (M&P) or just the glock rails?

    1. M&P, check.

  94. Fish0331 Avatar

    Man I hope Im not a dick….. ;)

  95. Giles G Avatar


  96. J. Stone Avatar

    I do want one of these!

  97. Rock Ravn Avatar
    Rock Ravn


  98. This is gonna be awesome, good luck everyone!

  99. Mr. Monaro Avatar
    Mr. Monaro

    this thing looks awesome.

  100. Michael Richards Avatar
    Michael Richards

    this is the best fricking idea ever. and its cool

  101. Michael Richards Avatar
    Michael Richards

    please pick me. im so not gonna sell that thing.

  102. I want one!

  103. I want one…

  104. dondrey Avatar

    This could be fun! Wouldnt mind throwing it on the .40 and going to the range. neat idea!

  105. must remember to not film anything but shooting while the gopro is mounted. could scare some people

  106. It looks a little ungainly but I’d give it a go. Lemme at it!

  107. patrick Avatar

    love gopro

  108. I regret that I have but one comment to leave in this post.

  109. Invader Avatar


  110. librarian Avatar

    Will it mount on piccatinny rails? it’d be awesome on the underside of an Ar or AK with a quadrail

    1. Yes, this specific mount will mount to picatinny rails, but we sell two other mounts for the GoPro that are specifically designed for picatinny rails and are a better fit for the picatinny. -Yanne, Strikemark.

  111. would be handy for play back of technique when out shooting alone…

  112. Would love to have one of these

  113. I promise not to be a dick. Promise.

  114. NikonMikon Avatar

    I would love to have this!

  115. Well I do like mounting my gopro to all sorts of things and have been looking for a way to mount it to a handgun to try it out. This looks pretty damn awesome.

  116. Land Shark Avatar
    Land Shark

    I was the first one who submitted the recommendation to Go Pro, that they make this mount for this purpose. Looks like Strikemark beat them to it. This will fit anything with a piccatinny rail on it too, so it can be used on many weapons.

  117. The French Avatar
    The French

    Would love to have one of these

  118. FreddieW Here I come! Can’t wait to make my own version of flower power warfare……wait…….what?

  119. pixie22 Avatar

    Should totally pick me ;D

  120. Stan Bell Jr Avatar
    Stan Bell Jr

    Cool Camera!

  121. Arron Hart Avatar
    Arron Hart

    This would be fun to take to the range.

  122. Very nice.

  123. Tony Tarantino Avatar
    Tony Tarantino

    Hope to win this Go Pro.

  124. Andrew Saliga Avatar
    Andrew Saliga

    I’d love to win it, but I doubt I’d be caught with it mounted to my Glock on the range.

  125. Paul Olexa Avatar
    Paul Olexa

    First person shooter!!

  126. "Dr."Dave Avatar

    Comment. I want one for my G-LOCK.

  127. jumpthestack Avatar


  128. Be warned: if you pick me, I’m gonna use it to film an audition video for Top Shot – so that I can make it into your Top Douche sweepstakes.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  129. Seems interesting

  130. This can be used as a awesome training tool. I can watch videos of me yanking my shots… :)

  131. Wuzzle-woozle!

  132. doyletoo Avatar

    is there any reason this wont mount on other picatinny style rails?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s a good question. I emailed Yanne from Strikemark about that. The Glock rail is really low-profile, so maybe it is just made specifically to fit it only? They do make other mounts that say they are for specifically for the picatinny rail on them.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Update: This pistol mount does also fit on regular picatinny rails, although our Deluxe GoPro mount is a nicer fit.

    3. It mounts to the picatinny…just not as good as our other two mounts that are designed specifically for the picatinny. The rails on pistols, and the Glock specifically, are usually wider than the picatinny.

  133. addyoon Avatar

    I’d be really interested in one!!! Been looking to get one ever since your blog post about it haha. Would love to use it with my new GoPro Hero2!

  134. I’m down for a GoPro Mount

  135. This would be absolutely perfect for revisiting our training scenarios and room clearing exercises.

  136. Very cool.

  137. Spiderling Avatar

    I hear this works especially well on Glock Desert Eagles.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah great comment.

  138. I thought these mounts were a wonderful idea, especially for a lower budget film maker. :)

  139. Actually really want this!

  140. gandalf23 Avatar

    I would like one!

  141. Nick M. Avatar

    Seems nice.. Sign me up!!!

  142. want!

  143. Greekfreak Avatar

    I hope this will fit on one of those small picatinny rails :)

    1. It does. Enjoy.

  144. Caleb Young Avatar
    Caleb Young

    Who wouldnt want one of these?

  145. Looks awesome

  146. i need one like i need a hole in the head so if it happens i can film it.
    jk. this would be rawkin!!!

  147. Do want.

  148. Jarhead Avatar

    Just got my first Glock. This seems like a cool accessory to have.

  149. Sign me up!

  150. Interesting concept. I use my go pros for a lot of things, didn’t think of mounting them to a gun. Does the recoil affect the camera in any way?

    1. See for yourself… If you want to skip all the talking and get straight to the action, watch until 0:17 and then skip to 2:00.

  151. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    i want one!!! :(

  152. USSMunkfish Avatar

    Go Pro or go home. heh

  153. Ernie L Avatar

    next thing ya know there will be a go pro mount for my pen……..pencil

  154. very cool

  155. …why not?

  156. Thanks..

  157. The possabilites!!!!

  158. These dudes are classy! If I win, I’m mounting it on my friend’s glock. :D

  159. Yes please. Perfect for an enthusiast and film maker.

  160. count me in!

  161. zerplex Avatar

    One would look nice on my glock

  162. I see shaky video

  163. that’s pretty rad.

  164. rocknroller Avatar

    I got a gopro just for this reason!! Hook a brother up!

  165. just got a glock 19 that this would look just great on

  166. Ringo45 Avatar


  167. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    Sounds Fun lets do it.

  168. I’d love to try one of these out

  169. Lets get out there and make some shaky video!

  170. Does Want!

  171. Wow, now this I could use.

  172. Thanks for the contest.

  173. Ira Michaud Avatar
    Ira Michaud

    Right Here!!

  174. Thank you!

  175. Well, as much as it would be hard to find a holster… Might give me a reason to buy a GoPro.

  176. Worth the try!

  177. I love giveaways

  178. would love to win

  179. This is probably the greatest website ever.
    Thanks, OP, for not being retarded! You’re a cool guy.
    If I win, I’ll stick it on my Glock and RE a video to you!

  180. <- can afford free

  181. I’m in! Looks awesome.

  182. Robert Fraguglia Avatar
    Robert Fraguglia

    Its only a matter of time before that camera is shrunk and added to officers weapons.

  183. Brian B Avatar

    SWEET! I want one! Pick Me! Pick Me!


  185. Thanks for the offer!

  186. wow that is pretty cool

  187. Looks Kool – could use one for my new M&P 15.

    Is it California legal?


    1. Fits the M&P…and yes, its California legal.

  188. customrust Avatar


  189. Does this mount also work on other handguns or only Glocks?

    1. Yes, it fits on a bunch of other types of pistols. Check our website link for the other pistols it fits. Basically, if your handgun has a rail and a horizontal notch for the set-screw to set itself in, it’ll work. If it doesn’t fit, we’re happy to accept returns. -Yanne, Strikemark.

  190. cool beans Avatar
    cool beans

    It’ll give me an excuse to buy more gear.

  191. hydepark Avatar

    So if I get this it means I’ll be a pro operator, right? Thanks again Mike for the best gun blog out!

  192. bikeman Avatar

    Holy crap, you open up a contest and they come out of the wood work!

    I have a Contour, but I have a buddy with a Go Pro, so, we’ll end up using it someway.

    1. We make our own Contour picatinny mount btw. It won’t fit handguns though, just picatinny rails.

  193. Ian Wilson Avatar
    Ian Wilson

    Gotta get it.

  194. In it to win it!

  195. rand0m1 Avatar

    If I win this, I’ll definitely send you a video of me using it while I’m wearing one of my ENDO shirts!

  196. ive been looking for an excuse to buy a gopro

  197. Entered to win!

  198. Dan Carson Avatar
    Dan Carson

    I have a G20–hope that I win and that it fits. I need to go hog hunting in Texas and see the action for myself! Nothing beats ribs and BBQ sauce, except hearing the action on that 10mm! :)

  199. 7350livin Avatar

    Maybe a video of me shooting paper can stop my incessant flinching.

  200. Keeping my fingers crossed….thanks for giving the mount away Mike…

  201. ICanEatFiftyEggs Avatar

    One more reason to get a GoPro.

  202. I just ordered a Gopro camera and need a mount. thanks!

  203. BossRooster Avatar

    Ever since Rock n’ Rolla I’ve been determined to add a camera mount to my guns!

  204. Panda One - One Avatar
    Panda One – One

    “That Clever Comment” that everyone wishes they could come up with….

  205. William Vincent Avatar
    William Vincent

    Me want……..

  206. Awesome!

  207. Darrell Schaefer Avatar
    Darrell Schaefer

    That will look great hanging off the end of my GLock 22.

  208. Nice.

  209. AGGROPHOTO Avatar

    Wow! That looks awesome! I’d love to try one out…. HOPE I WIN!

  210. Using my GoPro like this may horrify my mild mannered cycling friends….all the more reason

  211. peter sultzbach Avatar
    peter sultzbach

    Very nice

  212. alan karas Avatar
    alan karas

    This would be great to take some sweet angles for my buddies that are off playing with sweet military toys, that us poor civilians can’t touch.

  213. David Wood Avatar
    David Wood

    I love free shit!

  214. Haha, You SHOOT I SHOOT~~!!!

  215. This is awesome. I have been wanting so etching like this. I love my gopro but was trying to figure out a way to mount it being my eotec. This will do nicely.

  216. Awesome!

  217. frank rizzo Avatar
    frank rizzo

    Pick me!

  218. Nic Norment Avatar
    Nic Norment

    I want!

  219. Count me in!
    Hopefully the manual isnt 1280in x 800in.

  220. Count me in please!

  221. Posting

  222. TGoodwin Avatar

    I’ll be the coolest cadet ever if i win this.

  223. In it to win it

  224. Hope i’m not too late!

  225. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    CONTEST OVER – I’ll draw for the winner right now.

  226. This is interesting, but can it mount to any other weapon? Say, like a mace or double-gun?

  227. David Foland Avatar
    David Foland


  228. I wonder if I’m too late. I’ll try for it anyway, haha. Thanks for doing this, Endo!

    1. Wow, I should’ve looked before I lept. Oh well.

  229. John miller Avatar
    John miller

    I must have one of these!!

  230. I would LVE too have that!

  231. That looks pretty awesome!

  232. AGGROPHOTO Avatar

    So who won?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I posted the winner the next day. I’ve got another contest running now you might want to enter.