ENDO Playstation 3 Video Game Giveaway – Results

Last week I announced I was giving away the following four PS3 video games:

I generated 4 numbers and Random.org and here are the winners:

  • #51052 – Jym Bob
  • #50314 – E.Wit
  • #50739 – Kevin W
  • #50489 – Daron

I emailed the winners and asked them to rank the games 1-4 in order of want, and hopefully everyone will get the game they really hoped for.

Thank you to everyone that entered, and better luck next time if you didn’t win.  I’m going to be giving a lot more stuff away on here so stay tuned and tell all of your friends.

If you want to read the reviews, and/or purchase a game anyway, you can follow the Amazon links below:

Thank you so much to the person that hooked me up with the games for this giveaway!  He’s a gentleman and a scholar, and didn’t even want to be mentioned in the posts by name.