Tactical Response Still Puts Photographers Down Range

They got a TON of flack for it in that one video that surfaced a while back, so I thought they quit:

Well apparently not (starting at 0:10 in the above video):

Same photographer as the first time?  Or did that one die and this is his replacement?

I know some of you probably think this is perfectly reasonable, and agree with James Yeager’s original response video to the incident.  I may not be a tier 1 operator, but I honestly think that above picture showcases one of the most retarded things you could possibly do at a shooting range.

The video I embedded is by a new tactical youtube couple “Cory & Erika” which blog reader Kurt put me on to.  The online gun community is pretty smitten over Erika for good reason, and they give Cory a rough time about her in a lot of the comments.  hahah internet.  Cory seems like a really good guy though, so I ain’t mad.  Plus he’s quite high-speed, so at least she didn’t go for some douchebag.  From the few videos I watched Erika can shoot really well, and has a good time, so that’s always nice to see.

Make sure to check out Cory & Erika’s youtube channel – HERE

Let me hear what’s on your mind in the comments.  Are you willing to shoot with a photographer down range?  Would you BE that photographer?

Hat tip: Kurt A.


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  1. P. Allen Avatar
    P. Allen

    I took Fighting Pistol with Tactical Response in March 2011 – I did shoot with the above photographer down range. The photographer in the video above was the main instructor for the class. Before going downrange he asked if anyone was uncomfortable with him standing in front of them on the firing line to take pictures – nobody was. The distances we were shooting from while he was taking pictures were between 0 and 5 yards.

    When we had some downtime he talked about the controversy surrounding the video of him taking pictures in from to the firing line. His general thoughts were that it was a bunch of people on the Internet freaking out over nothing. None of the 4 rules were broken and no one was exposed to more danger than they would be at any other time at the range.

    I admittedly was a little freaked out at first, but looking back on it I tend to agree with Yeager’s comments about the situation

    1. I’d have raised my hand. Dude needs to get a tripod and a remote for his camera. It would accomplish the same thing without any risk of shooting the dude.

      1. Raph84 Avatar


      2. It would NOT accomplish the same thing. They don’t need the photographs. You may be put in a situation if you have to choose whether or not to shoot at an individual threatening to harm you or others, while an innocent person is standing nearby. I suppose you could raise your hand an advise you were uncomfortable with it.

    2. It was the instructor? That makes it worse. I am not a high speed civilian instructor (if they even exist, apparently they are all retarded), but I have instructed firearms and tactics while in the military. The last place I would find myself, as an instructor, would be down range. How can he be possibly monitoring his students for mistakes, feedback on techniques, and… SAFETY if he is downrange behind a camera.

      I wasn’t there but there is something seriously lame about an instructor violating some pretty fundamental safety rules to take pictures instead of monitoring his students.

    3. Whore move by jagoff yeager. Anything to get the wannabe’s into the sheep pen and separate the fools from their hard earned monies. You want to be a killer? Join the military and complete a course of instruction with special forces. Else, fly to the Philippines and train a couple of years with knife enthusiasts willing to share their knowledge. Then, start your own gang or join one of the established security contracting firms.

      Killing a man is so incredibly easy that I’m amazed so many young guys sign up for duty serving the international criminal banking syndicate…as if their self worth will be elevated. Why not instead study chemistry, physics, mathematics and do something that improves the lives of humans and our animal neighbors??

      All Glory to Jesus Christ! Spread the good news!

  2. Steve In Delray Avatar
    Steve In Delray

    Ok, um, yeah… These people, these poor people are being INSTRUCTED to turn their backs on what is potentially still a viable threat when they TURN A 180 TO CHECK THEIR 6…WITH EMPTY MAGS AND CHAMBERS ! ? ! ?
    I felt nauseous watching that.
    May God watch over them and forgive the soul of that instructor.

    1. P. Allen Avatar
      P. Allen

      They aren’t empty. TR teaches the students FAST – Fight, Assess, Scan (360 degrees), Top off. After the scan, they drop whatever mag is in the gun (whether it has ammo in it or not),insert a fresh mag, and rack the slide.

      1. Every decent instructor teaches FAST…they also teach you that your body is flexible and scanning involves your EYES doing a 360, not your gun. The mag change would be another point of contention, not sure why you’d want to possibly jack a live round out rather than simply not rack the slide if it isn’t locked back.

        As for the main questions about the photographer…no and no. I do a lot of photo work on gun ranges, downrange has never been and never will be an option during live fire. I’ve watched enough tracer fire to lose the delusion that bullets travel in a straight, uninterrupted line and stop when they hit the berm…I’ve watched them bounce back toward the line and my buddy even has a nice scar on his forearm from a round that made it back to the line with enough force to require a trip to the hospital to remove jacketing from his arm. You may get away with it your entire life and I may have an accident taking every precaution…but that doesn’t mean that greatly increasing the possibility of a serious injury is acceptable.

        I wonder if anyone has contacted their insurance provider?

        1. Adam Jensen Avatar
          Adam Jensen

          I’ve always wondered why Yeager teaches people to do a 360 scan by having them turn their entire bodies (with the gun around). Seems an awfully inefficient process compared to using your eyes (and torso) for a 360 scan. Plus if you got people around you, you would likely be flagging them with your weapon, would you not?

          On a side note, a guy I used to work with at a gun shop took Yeager’s Fighting Pistol class, and the rumored “snobbiness” of Yeager’s personality definitely showed, as my coworker was absolutely ADAMANT that there is nothing better than a Glock 19 for a defensive pistol, citing Yeager as his primary source of information. Come on, I CCW a Glock 19 and I love it, but to say that the Glock 19 is THE best is just wrong.

          One of the other antics that he was also adamant about was that when you get into a defensive gunfight, instead of yelling “STOP” at the attacker, you would instead yell “FIGHT”. I was really puzzled by this as it makes no sense, but he insisted that’s what Yeager taught him. Maybe he didn’t pay attention in class, because all the Fighting Pistol videos I’ve seen had guys yelling “STOP”.

          1. Yeah, Yeager’s obsession with Glock is not unwarranted…but he said himself “no warrior should have a favorite weapon”. To me, Glocks are less ergonomic than the Smith M&P Series. I’m not saying Glock got it wrong, but I far prefer the contours of a molded pistol grip like that versus the rectangular default a lot of manufacturers go with.

          2. The sad part is that in a gunfight training kicks in. Reference the story of the poor cops shot policing up their brass. They died with pockets full of shells. One of his students is gonna find himself turning around to reload and catch a few in the back.

            1. Except you don’t know what you’re talking about. Students are taught F.A.S.T. which teaches to Assess the need to continue Fighting before Scanning. In other words, you won’t take any in the back while scanning because you won’t be scanning unless you already determined the attacker was no longer a threat.

              Also, students are taught to yell “STOP”. The instructor yells “FIGHT” to start the drill in order to simulate the “decision has been made to shoot.”

              Lastly, regarding the camera man down range. All of you that drive every day trust the guy in the oncoming lane to stay on his side of the road. Driving is a far greater risk than a camera man down range during one of Tactical Response’s courses.

              A lot of the comments here show a lot of people here need training based on what they are saying. They will disagree, but once they’ve had proper training, they will see what I mean.

              1. That is just an idiotic comparison. Standing downrange of an individual firing live rounds into dirt and rocks is NOTHING like driving on the correct side of the road.

          3. Crunkleross Avatar

            Yelling fight could be called an offensive act rather than a defensive reaction. I understand the psychology, you need to realize you are in a fight but in practice as an armed citizen defending yourself I’m not sure it makes sense.

          4. Boyd Crowder Avatar
            Boyd Crowder

            A portion of the risk of shooting someone in self defense is whether you’ll be sued, or charged by a DA. Yelling “fight” instead of stop is a pretty darn stupid thing to say.

            1. The instructor yells “fight” to signal the start of a drill. The students yell “stop” as they draw their weapons.

    2. I’m glad you recognize this as a cluster fuck. A fool and his money are soon parted. What is missing in the hearts of these people paying thousands of dollars to a con man and actually believing they are now warriors??

  3. Rickenbacker Avatar

    I just hope there’s nothing ELSE down range, that tiny backstop isn’t stopping anything. When they’re lying down firing at close range, they’d better hope there’s nothing but empty space for several hundred meters behind the targets.

    1. I have no comments about James or the situation although I personally wouldnt be behind the firing line. I do however know James and the range he is firing at there as it is my company’s range. Behind the targets is a very large foothill, and short of aiming up over 70 degress, you cant shoot over it. With that said, there are lots of rocks in the hill, richochets are certainly possible at short range. One time I was testing some equipment nearby, in a ‘safe’ zone and had bullets whizzing over my head from one of his classes. I understand the high speed, consider all training, but I am a firm believer in having a range limit, basically focusing your fire in a known (limited) area.

    2. Or maybe before they start shooting they are instructed to make sure they are firing into the berm before firing.

  4. 1. The photographer is an idiot, Darwin will take over. Everyone throws a shot at one time or another. The manslaughter trial will be fun to watch
    2. They should hit the home depot and buy a rake to clean up the shotgun shells. That’s just sloppy.
    3. Really, look left, look right, turn around and look to the sky? WTF is that stuff?
    4. Why are these mall ninja schools popping up? Why do people follow this crap?
    5. Yes, Erika is hot.

    1. I always look for airborne threats. Haven’t you heard of the Flying Spagehetti Monster? Tactical dive-bomb picatinny rail-equipped pidgeons? Ninjas? Ninjas with jetpacks?

      1. Mark R Avatar

        Dude, thanks for that I need the laugh after watching this video.

    2. She’s nice looking in skinny jeans, but look at her face. She looks like a young barbra streisand.

      1. Crunkleross Avatar

        I’ve spent a lot of time on ranges as an instructor, (almost) any female who takes a class looks hot….especially in the prone position……at least out on the range.

        1. dave w Avatar

          I think thats called gunrange hot, if you think shes a 9 on the range then shes really a 5 in a normal male to female ratio environment.

      2. Anons have never failed me in being the first to comment about how any female featured in any story are unattractive. Keep it up!

    3. Just wait until CNN see’s this stupidity… Or worse, when the guy takes a round to the head, and they parade the footage around.

    4. lol, 1. The photographer is Jay Gibson, who has already brought Darwin to bear for many people in foreign countries. Maybe you should his bio.
      2.As for the shells, it’s not their range and even if it were, who cares?
      3.Not sure that I saw anyone looking at the sky, but a legitimate 360 degree scan is one of the only ways to counter act tunnel vision. The little, look left look right real quick thing that most do will just end up in going through those motions without actually observing surroundings. You might read “On Combat” by Dave Grossman
      4.Mall ninja school “popping up”? Tactical Response(while not the best) is one of the oldest private firearms training institutions out there. They’ve trained over 50,000 people. If their training was so poor quality they’d go under.
      5.Your grasp of the obvious is mind-boggling after the first 4 retarded things you typed.

  5. I spent ten years as a full-time advertising and corporate photographer. No way am I going downrange to get a shot:. That’s why they invented this.

    Watch how Yamil Sued or someone who KNOWS how to shoot shooters works: There’s great shots to be had without breaking the 180 and headed downrange.

    1. That’s why they invented this.

      That looks a lot like the Canon RC-6 remote I have, and probably functions exactly the same way. It’s not a bad gadget to have, but there are two important points about it. First off, it works with my cheaper Digital Rebel (XTi/400D), but not my higher-end 40D, even though the 40D came out a year later than the 400D – not to mention it’s a more expensive camera with more professional features. But more importantly, when you press the button on the remote, it gives one or two seconds before it takes a photo. This is great if you’ve got the camera on a tripod to take a self shot or family portrait because it doesn’t focus until you press the button (unlike most auto timers that focus first – causing a problem if you’re taking a picture of yourself), and it gives you time to point the remote and hide your hand before the photo being taken. But you certainly can’t hold down the button and capture frame after frame like you could actually holding the camera. I I’m sure I could take 40 frames with my 40D in the time it takes to take 2 with the remote and my 400D.

      1. Addendum:

        I just looked at the Nikon website again and saw that it does, in fact, give a two second delay like the Canon. Not too useful when trying to capture action.


        This is by no means an endorsement of a photographer being downrange. You all remember that famous video of the reporter who starts talking gibberish on live TV and people thought she had a stroke? Turns out it was something migraine-related, but my point is that you never know what sort of unexpected, undiagnosed medical problem someone could have while holding a firearm in your general direction. Is it likely? No. But why take the chance?

        1. Then you use a Pocket Wizard or a 30′ (or longer) remote cord.

          Heck, when I was assisting for Sports Illustrated, we had seven cameras in a basketball arena that WEREN’T in the photog’s hands.
          – A 35mm with a 300mm lens up in the rafters pointed right down at center court for jump balls.
          – Two 500CM’s with 70mm backs and wide angle lenses mounted on Magic Arms behind the glass on each backboard.
          – Another motorized Hasselblad mounted on the backboard post on each end.
          And that’s not counting the 500CM in the shooter’s hands for the near court and the 35mm with a 300mm f2.8 for the far court.
          I got REAL good at speed-reloading 70mm Hassie backs…

          All of those cameras were hard-wired into 19,600 w/s worth of Speedotrons in the rafters. The next NBA game you watch, take a look at the top of the backboards at each end. You’ll see a thick strand of cords running off into the ceiling. That’s the cordage connecting the shooters to their lights. That’s 9 cameras (only two of which are in the photog’s hands) and enough candlepower to bake a potato (ask me how I know this), all for one story that may or may not run in the magazine.

          And no one can tell me John McDonough or Walter Iooos can’t stop the action when they want to with those rigs.

          The point of all this is that there is no reason whatsoever to ever send a photog down range to capture the action.


          Even the cheapest of shooters can afford a remote cord and a tripod.

          1. The point of all this is that there is no reason whatsoever to ever send a photog down range to capture the action.

            I don’t disagree with that, but I might take exception to your comment, “Even the cheapest of shooters can afford a remote cord and a tripod.” I’ve got the wired remote for my 40D that actually functions as a remote shutter with no delay (and can be locked down for bulb mode), but I think the cord’s 18, maybe 24 inches – obviously meant to be used for long exposures without touching the camera. I don’t know if you can get a long extension for it, but if you can and it’s anything like other Canon camera equipment, it wouldn’t really be cheap.

            Anyway, back on point, photography stuff is expensive, and you’re a dumbass if you put yourself downrange of people firing live rounds in your general direction.

            1. Laughingdog Avatar

              Those remotes all just tie into a mini-usb port. Extension cords for usb cables aren’t that hard to find.

              1. Those remotes all just tie into a mini-usb port. Extension cords for usb cables aren’t that hard to find.

                You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. The wired remotes for Canon DSLR’s like I was talking about plug into the camera with what resembles a smaller version of the plug on a set of headphones.

                Thanks for participating in the conversation, but it doesn’t add anything if you’re clueless as to what you’re talking about.

                1. Older Canons use the headphone jack style remote release, the 5DMKII and 1DS series bodies actually do use the mini usb. I think it might have to do with them being a full frame camera or just being the higher end models.

    2. Crunkleross Avatar

      Yamil is great, but don’t forget Nyle Leatham, RIP , took some fantastic action shooting pics and was an innovator for downrange remote cameras getting action shots.

  6. I’m a photographer, and I like to take photos at the range, I also have total confidence in my shooting buddies abilities, but I would never stand infront of the muzzle.

    It’s really easy to set up a camera downrange with a remonte. Just saying. There are ways to get those kind of shots while only risking equipment.

  7. I was going to say no, this is crazy, but after watching the video its not as bad as i first thought.
    I’m not sure what the point is though, do you get a cool photo of yourself to buy at the giftshop?
    I’ve seen a couple of their vids, but i generally dont jump on the chick with a gun bandwagon. Its embarrassing the way the gun community goes “OMG a chick with a gun, fap,fap,fap” regardless of if the video has any content. I dont watch Hickock or Nutn because they are sexy, although Sooth is a whole different story…

    1. doh! i meant sootch

  8. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    Where is your James Yeager approved stamp? This non-sense isnt necessary in the least. I hate for young shooters to see this kind of risk taking. There is no defense of it. Dont try.

    1. No, all homies reading this disregard the above comment! try it, one handed, while grabbing your junk, with a mac 10!

  9. What was with holstering the gun, taking a breather, then popping the gun back out again to pick up the mag? Was that just a brain fart, or a point of training?

  10. TheRealDave Avatar

    There are at least 3 Daves replying… I am now TheRealDave.

    1. dave w Avatar

      i will remain lowercase dave but with a last initial now

  11. RockRavn Avatar

    Above all, a decent video, but three things. Lolz about the sweet little line dance they have going on at the firing line; it seems like the whole “look” left and right thing just turns into muscle memory with no actual checking taking place, and finally her sweet a$$ was super distracting through the whole video. ; D

    1. dave w Avatar

      She does have distracting a$$, that was the real danger here, some guy checking it out and wandering of target by 45 degrees or so

  12. I’ll be Dave S

  13. Love that they do the Electric Slide, then finish it up with a Do-Se-Do.

    All they need is a heel tap and a cross kick, and they gots them a line dance! YEE-HAAA!

    1. dave w Avatar

      great idea That Guy
      I am now officially done with this topic

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha so much win!

  14. Said it before, will say it again: I will never pay for training from someone who puts himself or someone else downrange during a live-fire exercise. That is not safe, no matter how good the shooters are on the line, and there is all manner of methods to achieve the same end result without putting a person in the line of fire.

  15. See her from behind makes me think of this:


  16. If I’m paying a few HUNDRED dollars for a class, I want to take a class where the ratio of students to instructor is less than 10:1 not 20:1. That class costs $450 and it doesn’t look like anyone saw or cared what this couple was doing during at least 2 exercises. How is that training?

    If I can’t hear him without a megaphone there are too many people there. No way am I getting my money’s worth. Even with 3-4 instructors I’m paying for the name of the top guy, not Joe Schmoe who’s taken his class 3 times and was given the nod to instruct.

    Their 1 day course with NO ACTUAL FIREARMS TRAINING is still $100 a pop, and I bet they pack 100 people into a classroom to hear a lecture from one guy.

    I’m sure these guys know their shit, and James Yeager could be the best instructor on the planet… but he’s a tool and a hypocrite from what I’ve seen, and I won’t take a class from him (not that he’ll let me, I hate Glocks).

    1. dave w Avatar

      $450, i should grow a tactical beard and start ripping off folks.
      Seriously, $450 and you dont even get lunch…

    2. I know James, as an aquantaince, he lives here in my tiny town. The class room, doesnt hold anywhere near 100. In my experience of seeing his classes, I have never seen more than 20 at once.

  17. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    butterface. i know lots of girls with a banging frame and a (well just say) head. you just dont look at the head and if the fame is that stacked it compensates for the head. i would never be side by side with random dudes shooting and spinning circles and reloading and cocking there guns at once. people really go and pay to learn tatical shooting? it comes down to one thing who gets hit bad first and where you are when it goes down. this is dumb. the guy down range dumb. but i do have one question. can anybody tell what was said at the end when the girl states ” did he just say that”

    1. yup. she’s a butterface because you can get any chick you want right? ok.

      1. yup. she’s a butterface because you can get any chick you want right? ok.

        Whether or not he can get any woman he wants is irrelevant. For example, you don’t have to be the greatest filmmaker the world has ever seen to be a great movie critic and have your judgment and opinions valued by people. And I don’t have to be the smartest guy in the world to make the judgment that, based on the fact that you made that comment, you’re probably not particularly intelligent.

  18. Curtis Avatar

    Oops, I forgot to “like” the video

  19. Clownshoes once again. At least the peripheral students are better than the first video. This reminds me of the local guy with a gunschool under his belt teaching crap he has made up to support his violent fantasies.

  20. I’m not sure if I would just quit the class or refuse to shoot any session with someone downrange, but I sure as heck wouldn’t do it one way or another. Imagine having to mentally deal with shooting someone because Yeager said it wouldn’t be a problem. No.

  21. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I’m not John Rambo, but I’ve been in combat and have no desire to be on the receiving end of a muzzle anymore. I would like to attend some training, but so much of it is incredibly worthless or gimmicky that I will probably just ride my motorcycle and relax instead. My days of operating in operational operations are behind me and now I’m working on being a fat old man on a bike and occasionally shooting my .22s.

  22. Church Avatar

    If I ever took a class where I was asked a question weather I care if someone stands in front of me while i’m shooting, I would ask for my money back because obviously they’re not going to be able to teach me anything.

  23. Panda one-one Avatar
    Panda one-one

    Aside from the lunacy that must be plaguing these people thinking it’s okay to have someone down range for ANY drills, I have a particular gripe. I understand everyone has a different “sweep” style when finished with a course of fire and scanning for additional threats, but watching these folks bring their weapons – muzzle straight up next to their ears is a horrible training mistake to have ingrained in your routines. Particular teachings have advised to keep the weapon in a position to facilitate a quick follow up shot with minimal fine motor use if additional threats are ID’d and unless gaining a better sight picture for some modified offhand/prone/kneeling/fetal shooting position, putting your weapon in that postion does no good for a quick follow up shot, increases chances for an AD/ND near your brain box and sound processors and valuable time is lost while trying to gain your sight picture or even a point and shoot.

    Smooth is fast. Fast is smooth – Don’t be a boobie

    1. Makes perfect sense to me. Almost all threats are elevated in an air defense artillery engagement….. what? It’s not ADA training?

      Oh, then that is just stupid.

  24. Well, if that ain’t a lack of critical thinking skills I don’t know what is.

    Tip: When learning new ways to perform a task (shooting defensively, for instance) don’t forgo logic and always examine why you must do what you do.

    Oh, and James Yeager is obviously a moron…

    btw, Front Sights FTW…

  25. Justmeagain Avatar

    They have about 8 videos or Erika’s ass while she’s shooting Glocks and assault weapons. I couldn’t tell you if she ever put a round on target. Nice daisy dukes too.

  26. ThePhilosopher Avatar

    S.M.O.G. I can’t even comment …..well, by taking the time to type that I may as well continue.
    OMG This shit is a joke. The photog’s driver’s license should be yanked for being so f’in stupid. Do you want an idiot like that, even completely sober, driving a 3,000 lb. crusie missle toward you and your family?
    Most commenting here have nailed it. With America being full of the perpetually on strike, loafers, occupiers, prostitutes, lazy bastards, smelly dope smoking hippies, and metros with a handgun or AR, it doesn’t suprise me that thousands of baffons subscribe to their Youtube channel to be instructed in the way of the gun, instead of subscribing for their daily dose of firearm comedy.
    Stay away from these people, or die. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I’m off my meds.

  27. Last week I met someone that had done this in a class and he thought it was no big deal. I asked him why would you do that? We all take a risk at something going wrong when training, but we do them to learn something or become better. Why did anyone on the line take the risk of having a camera man down rang? What was the reword for the risk?
    This is a simple case of showing off something we can do without asking the question should we do this?

  28. Jim P. Avatar

    My first training/shooting as a semi-adult: I was 15 with an 19/20 boyfriend of my sister. He was trying to make points with my sister. The guy seemed pretty cool at the time. (I was too young and dumb to know the sexual politics at the time.) He had a pre-68 .38 Walther PP DA/SA. The first round went down range as it was supposed to. The second round, on SA, went into the ground about 17 feet in front of me. And him and everybody else. That was surprise.

    I kept my mouth shut, he mentioned later that he had seen it. But because I practiced good range safety he never mentioned it while we were shooting.

    I’ve learned multiple lessons from that day that I keep to this day. Keep it pointed down range. Keep your finger off the trigger. Treat and clear your weapon as if was loaded and “hot”. Act as if someone is always watching, whether you are on the range or off.

    I’m old enough now to appreciate the lasers and want one on every single weapon including my tactically set up Mossberg 12 Ga.

    Watching this video is like the bamboo video from a few weeks ago.

    In a tactical situation — put the first rounds down range as needed. Move sideways, then find something to be your back, especially if it is an armed, shooting partner. If you have to find concealment and cover, find it; dumpsters, mortar/concrete walls, and engine blocks are highly suggested.

    If you, as a civilian are having to draw and fire, it will probably be 95% of the time be unexpected. If you are in the 5% draw situation — you probably have already crossed the street and have your situational awareness up. You will be backing onto the wall, etc. already. In the 95% you probably aren’t the primary target 85% of the time. I.e. you are a customer in a store,you are a customer in a bank. The bad guys will target the clerks first. That gives you the time to decide on the response.

    This training makes no sense to me.

    The shotgun shells me the range owners are not taking care of their jobs.

    1. J Smith Avatar

      If it doesn’t make sense to you.. maybe you should go take his Force on Force course.

  29. dave w Avatar

    I dont get it either. I dont get the hold the gun up in case someone starts shooting at you from the fire escape move. But now that i typed that, i do know, You can cram more suckers in the range if you have them do that while they do the ‘did anyone notice i farted’ look around. Thats probably all it is.
    Unfortunately as ThePhilosopher said any schmuck can be a youtube operator or instructor.

  30. Crunkleross Avatar

    If you read comments under the video you see that Yeager defends his instructor being downrange and challenges anyone to say something to his face, evidently the instructor is a genuine bad ass. I suppose going down range to take pics is a way of proving that but the pro’s I have worked with would mostly roll their eyes at that. In very very advanced training for pro’s that do hostage rescues and such there are senarios set up with live humans down range, but that is for a good reason. I’d like to know the good reason for the photographer to be downrange? Are they selling these pics to the students?

    I have balls but I don’t have the need to pull them out and show them to prove it to others.

  31. Yeager famously panicked once when bullets were flying past him, maybe he’s just trying to get accustomed to the feeling?

  32. Ripping people off seems to be a respectable career these days. I recinetly watched a video of thesse too shooting through the windows of a jeep to simulate urban cover but it seems to me that the same simutation could be done with plywood cut outs to hide behind and not have to risk punching a hole in my vehicle

  33. Looks like a line dance to me!~ Ya no thanks.

  34. J Smith Avatar

    Bunch of pussies worrying about yanking a shoot a foot to the left or right at the 3 yard line.

    Seriously.. it’s not that hard to keep a 3-5 inch group at 3 yards. Let’s take a safer course where you can get comfortable and missing your shots is just ok. You’ll get it next time…or the time after..or you’ll might just get lucky…eventually. Ya know, a realistic class based on sunshine and bubblegum.

    What you expect to get babysit for the 1-3 day course? Have them tell you how they approval of your signature shooting style? That the pain your feeling isn’t normal and you should take time out.

    Wait.. this is Everyday On, No Days Off forum right? Where we’re all men and we strive to do better? Pain, Sweat, and Blood is the currency we pay EVERYDAY ON, NO DAYS OFF to become better at being a MAN right?

    Or is where a group of women gossip things they aren’t comfortable about?

    1. Seriously.. it’s not that hard to keep a 3-5 inch group at 3 yards?


      But the next question is “Would you turn 180 degrees from your next target to check behind you?”

      I sure wouldn’t. Now once I know all my targets in front of me are neutralized, I’ll look behind me.

      As for putting a live photographer down range, would you also vote for putting a live photographer in the middle of the road at a combat driving course? How about have a photographer standing next to the detonation container at a bomb defusing school?

      There is a difference between having special forces, Rangers, etc. that have put thousands of rounds downrange with professionally maintained firearms and a gaggle of civilians with varying handguns that may (or may not) have been indifferently maintained. Special forces minimize risk by habit, the less uncontrolled factors, the better the odds of a successful mission.

      Seal Team 6 used less than 20 rounds to take down OBL.

      1. J Smith Avatar

        But IT IS! I saw women do it the other night. Out-shot her husband @ 7 yards and didn’t even break a sweat doing it. She kept getting new targets after she punched out the 3inch circle, her reason was she didn’t want to get use to tracking away from the main POA. Most men like to be the pioneer of their own shooting style until someone like shows their wife/girlfriend/1st time shooter on how to shoot and then start out-shooting them.

        Is this a rhetorical statement?

        “But the next question is “Would you turn 180 degrees from your next target to check behind you?”

        I sure wouldn’t. Now once I know all my targets in front of me are neutralized, I’ll look behind me.”

        NEXT TARGET? Why would you scan and assess the other potential dangerous, when you 2 immediate threats infront of you? Naturally, they seems like what they do exactly what you said and you should be doing 360 scan during your reload if you have a buddy/ laying cover fire down. It’s literally not hard to do a insert the mag into gun without looking, then chamber check before you drop the slide/bolt. Take a class and you’ll understand.

        Why is the photographer standing next to the detonation container? Is he there to document someone defusing it and wearing the same protection as the person defusing it?

        Or is this just a poor example because you’re only thinking about one aspect from only you’re point of view, instead of the situation and what is being involved. IF anything, you should ask why would the photograph do something that “stupid” ,because he’s the one that agreed to do it.

        So are you saying it’s Tier 1 skill-set is unreachable as a civilian and we should not strive for it?

        -We are just doomed to suck at shooting and shouldn’t even try. I’ve met some Tier 1 guys in my line of work, it’s their profession to shoot/maintain/professionalism. Other then they’re rate of comprehension, they’re human like us. All of that is achievable if you believe it.

        I met a former Force Recon that shot an index card out at 25 yards-left handed. I told him I was appalled by his shooting, he replied “So am I, it only took me 2 weeks after my right arm healed up to learn shoot left handed. I’m originally right handed.”

        How do you professionally maintain a firearm? Clean, lube, and check for fractures right? Is there some other hocus pocus that we have to do with our firearms? Hey, how about visit your local gunsmith/gunstore-shooting range(Me, if you live in Texas) to get a second opinion.

        Maintenance is very important, but how many civilians stress their gun enough to warp the barrel?

        Seal Team 6 also lost a chopper that night as well which is why we know they did it. OBL got dropped by a double tap. Shit was over in 30-45 mins. As professionals, they did a great job even with the turn of events.

        Have you ever fired a gun in a vehicle or a small room? It’s loud as shit, even with electronic ear pro… it’s loud as shit. Now Imagine shooting a threat 3-5 times that is standing next to your team mate or family member. Wouldn’t you want your skill set up to that standard to make that shot under stress? Or is “I tried my best” an acceptable statement at their funeral?

        For me, No. I did my best. I put in the long hours of studying multiple instructors, flights, road trips to classes. I racked my brain on what’s causing me to over-stress my initial shot from the holster. I broke my gun down to inspect and lube/clean at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week. I run Dummy rounds to ensure feeding and extraction. Then I verify atleast the firearm does operate the following day. I’ve talked to my loved ones (friends,team-mates, family) and give the NO BS assessment on what I trained to do and what I might do if anything happens.

        I prepare myself EVERYDAY ON, NO DAYS OFF. Not EVERYDAY aware, NO DAYS OFF.

        I take the matter of life and death very seriously. NO DENIAL, we have that luxury here in the STATES, but that’s one luxury I don’t need. Why do you?

        P.S. How do you know those guys in the video weren’t LE, former/active Military, or former Tier 1 doing an alumi class? Yeager has alot of friends in the LE, PSD, and Tier 1 community.

  35. Cory is a great guy, I hear him shooting behind my house all the time. His videos are good, just tired of hearing gunfire when i’m trying to take a nap lol

  36. molonlabe28 Avatar

    “Let me hear what’s on your mind.”

    What’s on my mind has nothing to do with training, with guns or with Cory.

  37. Templar223 Avatar

    Cute girl who can handle a gun. Good.
    Instructor who stands at the berm to take pictures? Bad.

    It’s just a matter of time until he gets shot. Then the lawsuits start.

  38. Whoever is responsible for that should not be allowed on a range again.

  39. I cannot even fathom the idiocy I’m seeing in this video. I can’t believe this bullshit is happening. That’s fucking it. I’m done. I don’t ever want to see another fucking thing having to do with this Yeager moron or any of his students and I especially never want to see another thing involving that worthless hipster douchebag and his little cheerleader. I’m out.

  40. to cory – is it “TACTICAL” to look left then right when you lower your weapon lola

  41. Crunkleross Avatar

    Somebody explain to me why the baddies behind you do nothing while you blast their brothers in front of you? In my world if you have threats behind you while your attention is to the front you probably aren’t going to get a chance to do a cute little dance to check your 6 while holding your weapon at Hollywood ready.

    How about seeking cover if you’re not already behind cover as your first priority after an engagement? I know that’s not exciting enough and it’s what the old guy instructors teach, it’s just not tacticool enough. But then I’m assuming they are teaching tactics for a likely “civilian” self defense situation and not tactics for a HSLD team raid.

  42. Outside the wire Avatar
    Outside the wire

    All of them are a bunch of wannabes, JY is a fucking pussy and washed up cop. He tries to act badass and shit, calling people out, ok so what if someone went face to face with him and called him a pussy, what is going to do hit them? Fuck no because his ass would be put in jail! And as far as those two fucking turds Cory and Erika, she’s butt ass ugly, Cory is just a huge fucking wanabe. Who lied about being in the Army, oh and has been shooting what a whole 2 years and now thinks he’s some badass fuck him send him to the sandbox and see how long he last. He”ll be crying to his mommy.

    1. SittingDown Avatar


  43. Two thoughts.

    Even the best of the best can make a mistake. One bullet into your body…ANY part of your body will make a bad day. I suspect that instructor has never seen a GSW up close or hasn’t seen how quickly a life can end from one round. If he has I cannot fathom why he would place himself there…I trust my family with my life, but I wouldn’t stand in front of any of them while shooting unless it was an emergency…mistakes happen…

    Second thought. Why should I be pointing my handgun up towards my head while scanning? A neg discharge would be MUCH preferable into the ground. Also, to scan all around you there is no reason to leave your current footing…simply swivel around at the waist with the gun in the 6 o’clock position…you can scan 360 without turning your bad on the scene before you…

    My .02$….worth what you paid…

    1. *back…

      My bad…

    2. You can have your 2 cents back. Jay Gibson is the photographer. He’s been wounded more than once by weapons of different varieties and was a Marine Scout Sniper, SOTG Instructor and spent 4 years in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor.

      The little look left look right most schools teach is not sufficient to break the powerful effects of tunnel vision. During a critical incident, this turns into just going through the motions of turning the head left and right without actually observing surroundings.

  44. This is dumb on so many levels. I spent plenty of time at the range in the Marines and I’ve seen bullets do really weird things. Like an earlier poster stated, having personally seen a lot of tracer fire, I know bullets don’t always travel in straight lines, and berms fail to stop bullets with alarming regularity.

    I’ve seen 9mm, 5.56, 7.62, and .50 ricochet off a berm directly back toward the firing line. And of course every shooter will occasionally screw up and throw a round way off his mark; and with a camera man standing or kneeling just a foot or two from your target, this is beyond dumb. It is complete and utter stupidity taken to a whole new plain.

    Arguing that this is in any way safe is like arguing that it’s safe for an archer to shoot apples out of peoples mouths. And comparing this foolhardy practice to driving against oncoming traffic is equally stupid. You have to take drivers education and get a license to drive a car, and we pay police officers to enforce regulations that minimize the risks involved. Were shooting at the range legally regulated in the same way that driving a motor vehicle is regulated, this would be comparable to Reckless Driving. Where I live, being cited for Reckless Driving usually entails a mandatory trip to jail. This is assuming of course, that a trip to the ER or the city morgue is unnecessary.

    In summary….. James Yeager is a complete idiot, and establishing that fact, ONLY another idiot would seek his instruction.

  45. Photographer? My buddy has taken a couple classes with TR and he told me about a drill where the STUDENTS stood by a target and another student shoots at it. He said you were given the chance to opt out but “if you shoot you also have to stand”. He said there are a few things they do that the instructors tell them not to share because of the questionable nature of it. This is just one example.

  46. Joseph Simeone Avatar
    Joseph Simeone

    Endo Mike got his name from
    eating endocet percocet, apparently he still does and this explains mikes bad judgment &
    lack of knowledge on most subjects. Mike apparently has a grudge against other people’s freedom that
    he thinks are wrong. People need to let others judge what they think is ok, your of how to train is your own
    if your afraid don’t do it, but you can’t tell others something is wrong because you are afraid to do the same.
    Cowards are the first to say I would have did this or you should’ve or he could’ve, work on growing a pair, and look a judge ing you own self not others.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You should comment more often, but preferably on newer posts so others can also enjoy.

  47. The blatant disregard of safety protocols that this trainer exhibits supersedes any positive benefit that MAY come from his training methods. I wouldn’t let him train a class of kindergarten students with Nerf guns. The most recent video that is out now where he has a gentleman in a wheelchair rolling over gravel several feet behind a group of students and instructing this gentleman to fire his weapon with people in front of him is proof of his incompetence. He needs his certification revoked and doesn’t have any business training anyone.