Complete with shoulder thing that goes up and high capacity assault magazine:

Not California compliant unfortunately.  Reminds me of CornerShot Kitty, and even Machine Gun Cat.

The grin on this cat is the absolute best.  Better hope the recoil is minimal our you’ll be getting a face full of cat ass on every shot.

One more thing… BAN ASSAULT CATS!

Hat tip: Phil


14 responses to “Kalashnikitty”

  1. you forgot, it’s assault CLIP %-)

  2. ….


    The scope is installed backwards.

  3. That’s funny.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with a silencer.

  5. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    yall are confused about assualt rifles. they are def. by being about to shoot controled burst from the sholder. just like it up im miss a few minor details

  6. No bayonet lug?

  7. Brian in CA Avatar
    Brian in CA

    No big deal, throw a grip wrap on the pistol grip and use those pre-bans to your hearts content and to hell with the bullet buttons- it’s a featureless ‘assault kitteh’. No shoulder thing that goes up either- it’s a cat, not Predator.

  8. Better hope the recoil is minimal our you’ll be getting a face full of cat ass on every shot.

    You say that like a face full of cat ass is a bad thing! Assault cats sound less dangerous than laser cats – http://www.hulu.com/watch/209651/saturday-night-live-laser-cats-1

    1. The most dangerous of all are the Gunsmith Cats.


      1. One of my favorite series ever, and what led me to get hooked on CZ.

        1. Ditto. In fact I did manage a few years back to score a 98-99% short-slide model off a cz forum. I’m never selling that baby!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Laser Cats was so epic.

  9. I think facefull of cat ass my stick even when there is no cat involved. Thanks Mike.