AK-47 Skateboard

Behold the Santa Cruz AK-47 Cruzer:

Custom made for pro skateboarder Jason Jessee who rides for Santa Cruz.

The dimensions are 7.62in x 32.8in.  The 7.62 can’t be a coincidence!  It’s too bad 39 inches would have made it way too long. :P  Maybe there will be a long board version in the future?

The full package with trucks and wheels available for $145, or the deck only available for $60.

I haven’t skateboarded in around 15 years, and I was never good… but this board looks like it would be incredibly hard to ride!

I know it’s an artistic representation, but that stubby little magazine kinda bugs.  Having a full size magazine would just clip the ground when you leaned into a turn though I imagine.


Hat tip: Aaron A.


19 responses to “AK-47 Skateboard”

  1. So… would this make skateboarding a crime?

  2. Even just the deck without the trucks would be a sick pop art piece for the wall. But id probably get tired of looking at it and would settle for a real one

  3. Pffft, a G11 would’ve been a better and smarter choice.

    1. HK… cause you suck and we skate you?

      1. You just won the internets.

      2. Not street legal in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York.

      3. Good God Vhyrus I love you.

  4. It needs that nearly 180° high-capacity clip. :)

  5. The art is damn awesome.

  6. Very cool idea!

    1. Only if it was a PKM! :D

  7. Judging by the the clear fatty wheels on it, im thinking it is a long board. also its about as long as one.

    1. um no no no its a regular sized skateboard 32 inches is average length for a popsicle skateboard plus this board is a cruiser and long boards are 40 inches long at least

  8. I’m fairly confident one good fuck up would snap the barrel or pistol grips right off of it. It would look pretty slick as a decorative piece though.

  9. Well, the magazine has got to be California legal, right?

  10. “Having a full size magazine would just *clip* the ground when you leaned into a turn though I imagine.”

    Haaaah I see what you’ve done there. I can only imagine the looks one would get when holding the board sideways.

  11. One of the more knee-jerk anti-gun states (NY/CA/IL/NJ lookin at you) will probably have a “tragedy” as the police gun down a pedestrian toting this board. Which will, of course, lead to more state & police power, as they pass new 1000+ page laws to restrict skateboards (1 page on skate boards, 999+ pages of vague rambling on everything else they want).

  12. ARandomFetus Avatar

    I bought it. It actually isn’t that hard to ride once you get used to it. Pretty decent. Turns heads. Tight trucks. Has abec three bearings though. And it ends up getting cracks in the handels and the mag. Looks like it might break soon. Overall i’d give it four stars

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      This is going to get some Michael Moore, Piers Morgan type to shit his pants one day. LOL

      “He’s got a ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-gggggggaaaaaaaaa—uuuunnnnn!”