Cool Veins Bro – I’m Gonna Save Your Life

Behold, the BattleView Infrared Vascular Trans-illuminator:

BattleView is a combat-tested, near-infrared vascular trans-illuminator designed to aid IV insertion at night without compromising an operator’s position.  Utilizing standard-issue night vision goggles, medics can apply BattleView to venous area to easily locate an IV target without the use of white light.  The device incorporates four encapsulated IR LED’s that bond with the iron in the venous blood travelling back to the heart, effectively fluorescing the veins.  This makes target veins extremely easy to spot, allowing IV’s to be inserted as if under normal lighting conditions.

Glowing like a lab rat!  Neva been done befo’ (no joke though, this is actually awesome).  Reminds me of when I was a kid and used to stick a flashlight in my mouth, or press it against my hand to freak my sister out.

The guy in the videos says it’s been out in the field for 2 years.  Have any of you guys used it?  Besides the added expense of night vision, it seems to me like it would be a good idea to have these in regular hospitals to save patients some discomfort when medical staff would normally have to really hunt for a vein.

Available over at TNVC for $500 along with lots more pictures and information.


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  1. Considering how many times ER nurses have missed my veins when running lines on me I could see this used under normal circumstances to help the ER run lines faster.

  2. Fillabuster Avatar

    I’ve only had to start one IV under ideal conditions. I can only imagine what it’s like at night… when you’re being shot at… while your buddy is going into shock and all the wrong veins are constricting.

  3. Awesome idea! I hope it pans out for them.

  4. You have to keep in mind that NV distorts depth perception, still making this a challenging task. A person that is bad at venipuncture with the lights on is still going to be bad even with this.

  5. @Mike –

    If you don’t mind, I was going to throw the new shirt link on my FB page.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks buddy. That would be awesome!

  6. Forget TNVC, ever notice how they are the only advertiser of night vision on any gun forum? That didnt happen by accident.
    Unregulated NOD info by individuals who dont shill you to buy their products or obscure the truth.

    They also have some great youtube vids on NODS

  7. Proof that capitalism is a beautiful thing. Very interesting!

  8. I would quibble that the IR LEDS don’t bond with the blood. The IR lights illuminate the hand or leg, and the IR light penetrates the skin enough to allow the IR adsorption by the iron-rich blood vessels to be seen in contrast to the higher reflection from the rest of the skin surface. In short the IR LEDs illuminate the blood vessels.

    Other than that, an interesting bit of detail on a smart application of technology.

    As for the loss of depth perception with NVGs, I wonder if that or the incoming fire from the opposition would be the more distracting issue?

  9. Hospitals have ultrasound machines for finding vessels on junkies.

    The best part is you can usually ask the junkie where the best spot to go, and he’ll be right.

  10. I dunno about this kind of tech, but like ENDO-Mike, I’m for flashlights in the mouth.