The Sheeple Song

Fxhummel1 takes a serious position in this new song:

“Sheeple” are people who lie to themselves, believing that nothing bad can or will happen to them at the hand of an evil person. They are not prepared and they are not ready. These helpless sheep rely on their police force to protect them, rather than taking responsibility for their own safety.

Damn, he belts it out towards the end of this song.  Lots of energy on the piano too.


7 responses to “The Sheeple Song”

  1. He needs to play on a piano with more depth and get a mic for his voice.

    Fxhummel at Carnegie Hall!

  2. What’s wrong with the Mossberg!? I MUST KNOW!

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

  3. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Yay, he covered my favorite band.
    System of a Down is awesome.

  4. And FXHummel1 is awesome!

  5. That one actually gave me goosebumps. That was pretty awesome.

  6. changed it up with System of a Down! pretty sweet and with a better message then the original tune…