Wild Boar Reaper

This guy is a wild boar’s worst nightmare:

Imagine the damage he’d do with a semi-auto.

The slow-motion scenes near the end (5:44) are pretty awesome.

Hat tip: Jesse


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  1. shockfish08 Avatar

    Thats WICKED incredible! That guy must have a heck of a lot of spare time on his hands to get that good.

  2. That guy is a wrecking ball. He can’t be allowed to hunt with a semi auto cause the boars would go extinct in a week.

  3. lucusloc Avatar

    send him to cali with a semi, they need to extinct them down there. of course at $40 at tag or so it would get pretty damn expensive. . .

  4. There are some farmers down in Texas who could use his skills with feral pigs!

  5. Danish Ali Avatar
    Danish Ali

    This shit literally brought tears to my eyes. I live in India where there is a blanket ban on hunting where you cannot even kill a mouse. Hopefully someday I can hunt like this, sadly in another country and not my own.

  6. overkill556x45 Avatar


  7. Wow that guy can shoot. With targets going that fast, it was almost like skeet shooting ground animals.

  8. Probably one of the coolest shooting videos I’ve ever seen

  9. ‘Scuse me fellas, gotta go put on my camo and head out………..

  10. I wonder what it would be like to see this guy trying the same thing after 1.5 liters of beer in 35 minutes.

  11. I 100% agree with what he said at the end of the video. I myself made the mistake with regards to pistols. I purchased an XD9, and at this point, having shot number other pistols, I dont like it. Having improved my shooting habits and abilities, I’ve come to like Glocks, M&Ps, the HK USP, and Sig Sauers. Sigs are IMO a little over priced for mid level pistols. Great guns though. the HK USP is an odd ball for me. Glocks are great, easy for me to shoot for some reason but I refuse to believe they are the end all be all. I’ve recently shot the M&P and absolutely LOVE it. The bore axis is low, the recoil is extremely manageable, much more so than my XD which has an awkward snap(slide stopping at the rear?) and push (slide returning to battery). I dont like the placement of the takedown lever when shooting. Blah blah blah. That said, these are all things I never would have considered when I purchased my first pistol. Now all I need to do is figure all this crap out about my rifle. :)

  12. The guy is a damn good shooter for sure, and his skills are awesome. I agree that the guy probably isn’t allowed to shoot a semi-auto, otherwise they’d have to re-import boars from other forest-or stop selling him bullets !
    However, the slow-mo parts and the facts that so much boars are killed at the same place, in the same time, almost without any chance, makes me a little sad. I ain’t this kind of anti-hunting-wear no fur-save the whales pussy, and I’d even like to try hunting, but in this video it seems to me a bit too much.
    Don’t know, maybe I’m just getting sensitive. After all maybe the boars are invading the place down there, and it’s necessary to control the population. It’s not his fault if the guy is gifted and doesn’t need to spend a whole day to fill a quota :-).

    Am I the only one feeling that way?

    1. I understand what you’re saying. It seems like too many killed for just 1 person, but he definitely didn’t get all the boars so there’s still some left to breed. I’m sure they wouldn’t videotape poaching and plaster their names and logo all over it so he has to be following applicable laws. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.

  13. no jeep, i agree with you..unless its for food what is the reason for the over kill?

  14. Steve069 Avatar

    Anyone else think the commentator sounds like Agent 47 from Hitman?