Tacllet Tactical Fanny Pack

About as discrete as wearing a sign that says “I AM ARMED”:

I hope that dude is married, because it’s a known fact that girls do NOT even take a second look at guys that own, much less wear fanny packs.  Well maybe hipster chicks… I could see them swooning over hipster barista type guys that wear them, ride fixies, drink PBR, and smoke clove cigarettes.  After all where are you going to hold all your ironic hipster type accessories if not in a satchel, or a awkward pouch around your waist?

My commentary on the video:

1:28 – “Consider carrying with an empty chamber”.   Oh? Because I wanted a useless L shaped club in my fanny pack, and not something that shoots bullets on demand.

1:35 – Ohhhhh yea… ejects the round and catches it like a boss.

1:45 – Oh sweet… a secret back compartment with room for a passport.  You know, so the EMTs can identify you after you inevitibly get beaten up for carrying a fanny pack with an unloaded gun in it.

1:49 – Inadequate back up knife.. check.

1:50 – Certificate he got when he revoked his man card.

1:54 – Man… you wrote your name on your gun in pink letters?  *facepalm*

1:55 – Tactical glock taco.  Glaco?

2:07 – California licence and Visa card… this guy fails at OPSEC.  ENHANCE ENHANCE… Well he only partially fails, 720p isn’t good enough resolution to read all the numbers.

2:07 – Costco executive member!  2% cash back to buy more fanny packs.

2:10 – 2nd pen.. this one is incase his first one runs out of ink from all the girls (or guys) numbers he’ll be getting.

2:14 – 2nd flashlight… because 2 is one and one is none.  If you can’t shoot em in time, blind em.

2:17 – Camera.  Hopefully with SD card separate.  Loaded cameras are too dangerous.

2:20 – Oh snap 1911 in the mix!

2:22 – Aimpoint on Glock.  This guy is trying too hard.

2:25 – Fits a 1911 with “shoot me” light on it too.

2:29 – Fanny pack becomes an inconspicuous satchel.    Ha.

2:37 – Truck ops begin!  “They should have never laughed at my fanny pack.  *bang bang bang*”

2:47 – Oh crap.. hit the oil pan.. it’ll buff right out.

2:57 – Practicing gracefully falling over and drawing for when bullies push him around for wearing a fanny pack.

  • More info on the TUFF Taclett on their website – HERE
  • $76 if you head over to Amazon – HERE

Hat tip: Kyle



68 responses to “Tacllet Tactical Fanny Pack”

  1. $76!?!!?!!!?

  2. When I’m shopping for elderly Japanese I will definitely remember to buy this item!!

  3. Okay.. Lesson learnt. If anyone shoves me to the ground, the first thing I’m going to do is pull a gun on them and shoot.

  4. The part when he pulls out his iPhone was too funny, I couldnt stop laughing.

    1. hahaha.. :D
      yeah, i laughed at that moment as well. and I thought he was going to take a duck face photo..

  5. Lol. L shaped club and shoot-me light.

  6. All you internet drama queens…. Unloaded guns are not useless, just less useful.

  7. “Consider carrying with an empty chamber”.

    Okay, I considered it.
    Now I’m laughing at you.

  8. Danger Close Avatar
    Danger Close

    ichiro nagata is a well known and respected gun-porn photographer, and you have probably rubbed one off to some of his work. so he is trying to throw a plug for some gear, so what. simulation of using a phone after a self defense scenario makes sense too.

    1. ^^^ I think this is the guy that does/did that instinctive shooting video where he’s walking down a narrow column with dirt burms that have targets at different ranges and he pulls up from low ready and does a point shoot with his AR. I think I saw it here, if that’s the same guy.

      Yeah, the product is catering to old asian folks who still wear fanny packs. This thing is huge and ridiculous.

  9. Consider carrying unloaded, you know, like he is……… oh wait….

  10. It’s sad how much time and effort someone spent on something that will never sell in the U.S.

    If only Europeans could easy own and carry handguns, this would be a really big seller over there along with the CCW speedo.

  11. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I think the whole fanny pack carry thing only works with the elderly, who could conceivably be carrying the diabetes meds or something in there. Imagine Travis Haley wearing this. Ridiculous. It screams “I’M CARRYING A GUN.”. Might get some sales from seniors, but I think I will stick with my SP101 in a pocket holster or M&P9c in a bellyband.

  12. no wedding band, but he DOES carry and iPhone, so maybe he’s dating George Takei.

    BTW the holster I’m wearing recomends carrying with an empty chamber, but the retention strap will only snap behind a cocked hammer.

    Can we stop letting the lawyers run companies they know nothing about?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      no wedding band, but he DOES carry and iPhone, so maybe he’s dating George Takei.

      hahahhahah nice Weer’d.

      That’s funny about your holster retention strap too… +1 to not letting lawyers get in the way.

  13. Bat Masterson Avatar
    Bat Masterson

    Alright, who’s gonna shoot their dick off first?

  14. bigger give away of concealed carry: old guy cop mustache or fanny pack?

  15. LOL. Mikes commentary is hilarious. Unless hes LEO here in Cali, he probably doesnt live in Los Angeles. C-C-What? No no no…

  16. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    It really didn’t seem too different from a maxpedition bag when I think about it. Those seem pretty nice… I wanted to get one as my “manly (or not so feminine) diaper bag” but didn’t have the funds.

    I also see how something like this would be handy if I were hiking or backpacking. Anybody ever try an IWB holster with a 60lb pack on their back?

    Okay – I’ll admit, you are much more likely to see this on a retired guy – but I’d rather see a retired guy pack’n some heat than a Joe Blow with nothing but a white flag for when the bottom dwelling scum show up… I bet some people will buy it and like it. It’d be a small niche though.

  17. Keelaar Avatar

    Show’s the potential of taking care of your mechanic after he has screwed something up and charged you $600 bucks for it. The dude can shoot but thats not a fanny pack. It’s more of a “G string pack” or gonad pack. Potential for blowing your left arm off or left nut. The whole video should be included in the Dictionary under “Dork wearing a gonad pack with a gun in it.”

  18. Would go great with this covert bullet resistant casual wear.


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha so low key!

  19. Since Ichiro Nagata is one of the most well-respected and liked photographers/writers/shooters in this industry, I would probably think twice before talking shit about him.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha oh? I call it as I see it. If anything he should be thanking me for making fun of him because tens of thousands of people will see this post, and might disagree with my assessment and buy his tactical fanny pack.

      1. dude you’re losing cool points at a rapid pace. first you go all out for open carry then you’re slamming this? on top of it you’re slamming Ichiro! not cool dude, not cool at all.

        1. Hey can slam whoever he wants. I personally think this item screams “gun” if carried that way. Mostly old men carry fanny-packs anyhow, I assume that it’s because they have hip problems and sitting on their wallet probably doesn’t feel too great after several decades.

          Thankfully it comes in other colors.
          More pics here: http://ichiro.militaryblog.jp/

        2. that guy Avatar

          Mike has definitely lost some cool points. “tens of thousands of people”? lol I have several Media Outdoors publications sitting on my desk that have articles and lots of pictures from Ichiro Nagata. I doubt he is going to need this silly blog to move nylon. Ichiro has friends in very high places…and has trained elements of the Japanese Defense Forces in close quarters shooting for Christ sake.

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            Yes this post will get that much attention. lol troll somewhere else son. I don’t give a shit who Ichiro is, if Massad Ayoob or The Gunny wore this fanny pack i’d blast them about it too.

            1. that guy Avatar

              Troll somewhere else? Your the troll of the gun community!

              1. Ernest Young Avatar
                Ernest Young

                Ok, so you have an opinion, welcome to the club. If you dont like this blog, then stop reading it.

                1. that guy Avatar

                  I think your trolling me Ernest.

                  1. Ernest Young Avatar
                    Ernest Young

                    you think everyone is troll because thats what you do, you troll and you assume everyone else is just like you. Thives think others will steal from them, liers are always untrusting, and trolls think everyone else is also a troll.

                    1. that guy Avatar

                      I was being facetious Ernest Young…lol

        3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Good to hear I had “cool points” to begin with. Like I said before, I don’t care who this guy is, what matters is that he’s wearing a ridiculous bulky unfashionable fanny pack. If you need any more justification beyond that then I can’t help you.

          1. that guy Avatar

            Unfashionable?! Your one to talk. Many could say that about your stupid T-Shirts or that pointless glock accessory ENDO makes.

            1. Ernest Young Avatar
              Ernest Young

              Thats what makes the U.S so great. We have a bill of rights, on it is the FIRST AMENDMENT, which grants free speech. this means ENDO can say whatever the fuck he likes.

              1. that guy Avatar

                What is this? “Obvious 101”?

            2. Mike we have a troll.

            3. I’d like to see what you have for shirts and accessories post the link to your site. I have 3 ENDO shirts, they are all high quality. If you don’t like the designs fine, but unless you are anti gun I don’t see why you wouldn’t like them. There is no company making nicer gun related shirts at this moment. I plan on getting a glock stock this year which you can argue is pointless, but if having fun is pointless I guess life outside of work is completely pointless for you.

    2. EDNDO is the gunblog that the smirking legions of tactitrolls gravitate towards most; maybe because Mike leans heavily toward gunfotainment, rather than industry insider previews long term performance analysis. Respectful/constructive criticism is more the domain of vuurwapenblog or military morons, or maybe the firearm blog. This place is mostly for teh lulz.

    3. What a load of crap

    4. Why should he think twice about poking fun at him? Go try to stir up something elsewhere ratfink.

      1. ^ Case in point.

    5. I’m with Caleb. -1 for hating on Ichiro. You may not like the product, but Ichiro has done a lot more in the gun journalism industry and shooting in general than anybody who runs a blog.

      First Amendment, etc., I get it. It’s your site and you get to say what you want, I understand. I get that you don’t like the product, but your ridicule of that particular guy doesn’t do you any credit.

  20. This video is pretty legit! haha!

    Oh, and I totally practice pulling my cell phone with my weapon drawn. It’s toatlly something you may need to do some day.(I just hope I don’t look that funny when i’m doing it.)

  21. I liked the video. The product opens up more options for carry, which is never a bad thing.

    I also don’t think the demo was showing everything *he* carries, just the options and pockets and how much stuff it holds.

    I think my friend who is ~65 and retired from the 101ST Airborne would love this, he rocks a fanny pack.

  22. Critter Avatar

    my wife just said it was “cute”. nuff said.

  23. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    2 small corrections

    1-Clove cigarettes are illegal in the U.S
    2-I suspect “Ichi” isn’t his name but is short for “Ichiban” meaning “number 1” or “best”

    1. PotatoeMasher Avatar

      1 Not in Oklahoma apparantly
      2 His name is Ichiro Nagata

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        The FDA outlawed all flavored cigarettes (except menthol)

        1. True, but only cigarettes and confined to what defines a cigarette. A tobacco product wrapped in cigarette paper.

          You can still buy flavored tobacco in every form, except for… in cigarettes. So, you can roll your own or buy your pack of cloves like you used to… except wrapped in cigar paper, not cigarette paper.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      People smoke crack too, and that’s illegal. heh

  24. It’s funny that insecure men see guns as sign of masculinity (and I grant true masculinity is in short supply these days), but for women and the elderly who can actually benefit from carrying a firearm, a purse or a fanny pack is ideal.

    With ENDO-Mike’s disdain for fanny packs, he’ll probably wind up having to wear a colostomy bag.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      wow, good one. BRB making pink lemonade martinis and watching sex and the city re-runs.

      1. thephanatik Avatar

        That sounds delicious, can I joi…. I see what you did there.

  25. I think the pack is way to big for what it is. I dont like how he wears it in the front. I would be more inclined to wear it behind me (not saying I wear fanny packs). If you walk slowly you wont notice it flopping around, which after a while would get annoying. I say Open Carry if your that worried about it. I think open carry is retarded to some extent. Walking into a Starbucks to make a point is like adding gas to the antis fire at no cost to them. That said, I think open carry is a HUGE deterrent. Your automatically a “crazed gunman” to those retards who are scared of a man with a gun, or an officer or law abiding citizen to those in the know (which should be everyone).

    1. WTFrank Avatar

      But, a right not exercised is a right lost…

      1. Yeah, and he’s Asian. Asians wear fanny packs. Fanny packs on Asians don’t scream “GUN!” it screams “CAMERA!” So perhaps his audience is only going to appeal to the Asian/photographer and/or elderly communities. Either way, they need stuff too. If it ain’t for you, you ain’t gotta get it.

        Also… ENDO-Mike; I thought your commentary was just fine.

  26. that guy Avatar

    Seriously? Your going to hate on Ichiro? Are you really going to mess with a guy with a huge fanny pack that screams “GUN”? Probably not. BTW your assessments are utter bullsh1t.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “hate” and “make fun of” are two different things. Funny to see I struck a nerve with this post.

  27. Audacia77 Avatar

    The meme “Real Men Wear Fanny Packs” comes to mind… Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan & Epic Beardman. The video could only be more epic if instead of a passport, he pulled out ninja stars. That would seal the deal. Yes, I checked it out on Amazon and feel that a “Three Wolf Moon” review may be in order… Any takers?

  28. I think the only reason this Screams Gun, is because we are gun people… That is what WE see.

    The rest of the people out there are Clueless. Just going about their day to day business.

    I remember when my kids were babies, when not carrying on my person, it was in my kids diaper bag.. Nothing screams gun like a Disney bag…

  29. Carlos Ulloa Avatar
    Carlos Ulloa

    Make fun if you want. He may be no hipster, but that guy is a GUNFIGHTER. He is good!

  30. Friedrick Avatar

    “shoot me light”?


  31. gunbarrelflygirl Avatar

    Spooky – now I know Mr. Miyagi is running around a mobile home somewhere (probably here in east Texas) shootin’ his Glock at invisible assailants! YIKES!

  32. the negative comments re-waist packs seem all to originate from sheep/bully ‘group idiot’ mentality…laugh it up ‘men’… and where does the ‘hipster’ analogy by the op even plays into it?… no self-respecting hipster would ever consider wearing this thing, they’re just like you all – it’s considered ‘uncool’ and they vainly worry about looking lika a doofus to chicks… many dudes who have actually been downrange appreciate the conveniency of waist packs and wear such in civy garb, they don’t carry any vanity chip on their shoulders, just useful kit, especially the salty ones…joe teti is one who admits to wearing it for one if you need actual proof and don’t know any yourselves… and if you’re going to be dismissed as some pensioner/retiree that only gives ya a practical advantage unless your vanity trumps your self-preservation instinct… a waist pack [‘fanny pack’ for you, and what I call a ‘fag-bag’ in a self-derogatory manner, just for kicks] is probably the best solution to carry a substantial amount of edc/kit all in a single, practical, ergonomical and accessible location for any dude but the metrosexual fashionistas have made it uncool on account of its popularity among the elderly tourists and such… that only gives it a tactical advantage but if you’re worried what the ‘cool crowd’ thinks of you then you likely always were a conformist anyway and such get slaughtered first…. granted, this particular pack does look ludicrous and unwieldy as well as uncomfortable to actually wear, and regardless of the jap guy’s actual credentials, he just doesn’t come across as someone one would want to identify with if you’re concerned about your ‘man image’… but all this collective barking in the comment under the video clip, and subsequent posts in the comment section, look curiously very much like typical teen-forum cyber bullying and hold little actual logical content….if you find it humorous, I question your intelligence factor and capacity for ‘funny’…. I wear a fag-bag like I wear pants, it goes around my waist right after my pants do and thus I always have access to my kit… I hope everyone would eventually deride me for this and i’ll be dismissed as just some old, ridiculous, uncool, harmless old fart…. that will only hone my tactical edge of choosing to carry it hehe….

    1. Couldn’t agree more Jery. The more I look like a harmless, and fashion impaired, old man, the better.

  33. andy burkhardt Avatar
    andy burkhardt

    This tacllet tactical fanny pack is awesome! I work for a small Sheriff’s Department in Indiana, this would be an awesome gift for the officers to keep in there patrol cars and to use off-duty. What is the actual place I can order this from, the price, item number and is there different colors.
    Major T.A. Burkhardt