M1 Garand Kindling

Expensive and dangerous. For the impatient, the explosion is at the end:

In the comments they say it must have been an out of battery discharge.

Any of you guys ever had a gun explode into pieces on you?  Accidental or otherwise…

Hat tip: Kev


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  1. MAC21500 Avatar

    Looks like it fired out of battery because of how she released the bolt; such a short distance from the chamber… Lucky no one got a charging handle/op rod implant…


  3. I’ve never experienced this with a M1.
    I thought it was easy enough to see if the bolt is locked or not, as it is really in front of you, and the “click” it makes is quite obvious. Seems like I was wrong to think it was “obvious”.

  4. this reminds me that the CMP said the price of the M1 was going up, the field grade is like $525 now.

    1. Steve P Avatar

      Jeez, and Obama refused to reimport a bunch of M1 from foreign service to add to the CMP stock. There was speculation that he wasn’t just being a dick, but that the serviceability of the rifles may be in question. This video makes me think it might have been a good idea. Although other commenters are saying it was user error. Those three are very lucky no one got hurt.

      1. CMP has several full time armorers that check the weapons before they leave. They check headspace and crown for wear, just for starters. Any weapon that is not safe is repaired or broken down into parts and sold as such.

        the differences between the grades of rifles that they sell are because of these checks. Some are closer to being worn out than others, and the price reflects this.

        My guess is that someone bought a rack grade firearm and has several thousand rounds through it, and hasn’t bothered to check headspace with a field gauge. It wore to the point of being unsafe, which can happen with *any* gun.

        Remember boys and girls to always clean your guns and have them checked by a competent gunsmith every now and then!

    2. WHAT! Seriously.. That sucks.

  5. Crunkleross Avatar

    There was a malfunction on the round before the blow up, she had to manually get the case out. I suspect some kind of blockage in the chamber or bore.

    Anytime you have a malfunction take the time to check the bore and make sure everything is ok before continuing.

  6. The Sound is squelched because of the gunshots. Can’t tell if there was a light load that would have squbbed the barrel.

    I wonder if an out-of-battery would do THAT much damage with an un-obstructed barrel.

  7. Damn. That sucks. Could have been a squib.
    Look at that girl lean.

  8. atún pirata Avatar
    atún pirata

    After seeing how much she was leaning back on the first few shots I KNEW something awesome-tacular was going to happen…

  9. I’d guess next to last round squibbed.

  10. That sucks.

  11. Dragon76 Avatar

    Never had a gun blow up on me but Ive seen it happen to a friend. In all the manuals for the Mossburg Shotguns its says never to carry 12 gauge and 20 gauge togeather but my friend did and he put the 20 gauge round in and it went deep into the barrel so he pumped it again and it blew it up. He only had it a week.

  12. let the charging handle fly.

  13. I’m not proud of it but I blew up a Rem 870 once with slugs, after getting distracted and confusing a squib for a misfire. Burst the barrel like an overripe bannana right over the handguard, except the barrel is steel of course. A 12 gauge slug load has about 25 grains of powder in it, whereas 30-06 is about twice that. As violent as the 12 gauge was, and I’m lucky I still have fingers on my left hand, there’s only about 1/2 the chemical energy blowing up a shotgun as there is with that M1. Hope everyone’s ok.

  14. Ditto by the way on I think it was a squib followed by another round, rather than an out of battery. There would have been I think more shrapnel further back around the action had it been an out of battery. My recollection is also that the M1 bolt has a safety measure which prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin if the bolt has not rotated all the way into battery. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but all things considered, that looks a lot more like an exploded barrel than an out of battery fire to me.

  15. Ammunition!

  16. I was shooting my CZ-75 at a beer keg @ 120 yards. I had a full mag of 16 rounds, fired off 4 rounds, and the 5th round sounded kinda funny, more like a poof, than a bang. The brass ejected, and loaded a new round. So I pulled the trigger again. And WAAMM, the slide locked half way back. I had to cut the end of the barrel off, to get the slide off. I shot a bullet with a bullet. The barrel had a big bulge half way down. I had a little crack on the bottom. That was it. My hand is still there. CZ knows how to make a barrel.