Gun Control Polka

Smells like gun control.  FXHummel1 goes in on it polka Cobain style:

Awesome as usual.  It was a nice touch to have that girl in the background on the keyboard doing sound effects and fills.

I really like is how his lyrics have a lot of thought put into them.

Seriously Jordan (FXHummel1), when’s the album coming out?  If you can’t use the extra money, i’m sure some pro 2A organization would love to cash in on your talent.


12 responses to “Gun Control Polka”

  1. As I stand and clap cheering…..”BRAVO, BRAVO”

  2. great take off on a Weird Al take off of Nirvana, I Like Al’s song from years ago also, even though he admitted it was anti gun, I still blast it out on the way to the range
    Wish I had the budget to have him in our booth at SHOT, of course a piano would leave little room for displays in a 10X20 booth!

    1. I was just going to reply that it was a nod to Weird Al for sure. Just went to a Weird Al concert last year and the guy still can put on a show.

  3. Love it

  4. clutch… as always.

  5. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Not a fan of the NRA, I dont like the political people they tend to support. Is there any other organization that I can join?

  6. He’s great.

  7. Thanks guys, but making an album would cost alot of money. I know I know, gotta spend money to make money. But right now I’m enjoying the dorkiness of these ‘living room sessions.’ lol. Maybe one day. Thanks for the support.


    1. Man, we love your stuff. Very funny and definitely puts a smile on our faces. Is there a way we can contact you directly?



      1. you can pm me on YT. I think you might have to send a ‘add contact’ request first. not sure. Or did you mean even more directly than that?

  8. FXHummel1,

    Have you considered doing a project to raise money to make an album?

    You basically can set an amount you need to raise by selling albums in advanced.

    1. no but I have heard of Kickstarter. Maybe something good to try out