Lil B Making Noise While Holding A Handgun

This isn’t rap music:

You guys know I keep my ear to the mean streets of Rap music. Calling what I just showed you, either “rap” or “music” is disrepectful to real talent.  I love music and freedom of speech, but this particular video should not exist.

It’s hard to tell exactly what handgun he’s holding because of the classic DSLR video move of pulling the focus in and out while having shitty video contrast.  Probably airsoft though.

Quotable quotes and memorable video moments:

(0:24) “a Glock 10 with extension, MAC-12 lay a hater down like detention” – Glock 10?  Is that better than the Glock 7?

(2:15) Stop gun violence message – Classic…

(2:24) Doing the “cooking dance” with a handgun – *facepalm*

(3:00) $100k to book LIL B for a show – Uh… no

(3:21) Oh snap.. he pulled out the “Rare Luxery Cooking Dance” – Not sure what Luxery is… but *shrug* do your thing kid.

Well I decided to check out this doofus’ twitter page and lo and behold he has just under 364,000 followers.  Ugh… kids these days.

I don’t want to say he trumps Soulja Boy’s level of stupidity, but he’s definitely coming close.

I’m starting to think 2 University degrees were a waste of time. I should have just focused on getting tattoos and being ignorant on any mic or video I could get find.



28 responses to “Lil B Making Noise While Holding A Handgun”

  1. Glock 10mm ?

    Usually retards are fans of glock 9mm…

  2. I’m betting dollars to doughnuts that it’s an Umarex SA-177 BB gun or its AirSoft counterpart (that comes with an orange tip). I have one of each, using them for film props.

  3. Ya i was going to say that is either not even a real gun, or it looks like its never been shot, you see how glossy it is? lol

  4. $100k to book LIL B for a show – Uh… no

    No no no, he wants U.S. “dollers,” whatever the fuck that is…

  5. Theblackknight Avatar

    You guys should watch “Dem Dam Dogs” from palm beach. I’ve never seen so much gratuitous slide/bolt racking in my life.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I checked out some clips on youtube… looks like a good time. LOL

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        You mean “Magazines”. You checked out a few MAGAZINES on youtube.


        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  6. Halo_Storm Avatar

    If it makes you feel any better, I only know him from other people on youtube following his shit ironically because is so funny. So not all of those followers think he actually has any talent.

  7. lil b inspires me
    swagdaddymartins 3 hours ago 17 thumbs


  8. Glock 10… shit son! That’s half as good as the Glock 20!

  9. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    (0:24) “a Glock 10 with extension, MAC-12 lay a hater down like detention” – Glock 10? Is that better than the Glock 7?

    I suspect he means a Glock 20 in 10mm (just like when people say “Glock 9” and mean a model 17 in 9mm).
    Also, just wanted to mention that M.A.C and Cobray did make a model 12 smg.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I actually was going to make fun of the MAC-12 too, but I searched gunbroker and you’re right there is a MAC-12. I would give a normal person the benefit of the doubt on the Glock10 thing… this kid though I don’t. Like Kevin said in the 1st comment, the 10mm round seems too esoteric for a guy like Lil B. *shrugh* who knows though.

    2. I’ve never heard anyone say “Glock 9”. Because of their numbered model system I’ve always just considered it unacceptable to call a Glock 17 a “Glock 9” unless you’re putting a “mm” after it. All the guys I shoot with are the same way.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        I’m with you on that, I think it’s asinine. But I HAVE heard it called a Glock 9 before, which kind of makes sense, until you realize there are MULTIPLE models of 9mm Glock.

  10. I apologize in advance for my generation.

    1. As a member of the 1993 generation, I apologize for that too.

  11. I’m a huge fan of hip-hop, which explains why I’ve never heard of this guy…because this is crap. I sincerely hope he is the next “celebrity” to die in a plane crash.

  12. Lip synchin’, no talent dude needs a gun to compensate for his lack of…gun

  13. Also, I don’t know if you guys have seen the video where he gets sucker punched in the mouth and KO’d on his own couch.

    1. Had to look that up to get that damn shitty song out of my head.

  14. shockfish08 Avatar

    This definately looks like the kind of crap South Park would make fun of ON SIGHT!!!

  15. For some reason I think I’m struggling.

  16. LOL, I’m glad he’s not marketing himself too heavily to an English-speaking population.

  17. HA. Mattress on the floor. Video looks like it was shot in a walk in closet.

  18. You guys do know he’s a troll right? A joke on purpose? Gosh sure is cowtown/old folks in here.
    He’s made more money and been more places than anyone here, he knows exactly how everything he does looks or sounds.


    Lil’ B is a professional troll- he does this to make fun of the shit rap scene. Good job taking him seriously.

    Also, people who enjoy him when taking him seriously- those people crack me up.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Alright well if that’s the case then I got trolled. In my defense hes no more retarded than soldier boy, so it’s definitely believable.