Warco – FPS With A Video Camera Not A Gun

In the role of war correspondent (‘warco’) Jesse DeMarco, the player must capture battle footage and edit together a news story, while trying to make it out alive.

WARCO lets players shoot and record what they see ‘through the lens’ – framing shots, panning and zooming, grabbing powerful images of combatants and civilians caught up in war. They’ve got AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades – you’ve got a flak jacket, a video camera, and a burning desire to get the story.

Definitely a new idea… but pretty lame if you ask me.

What’s next an FPR game? First person reloading, where I don’t shoot, but just reload spent brass. “Dude you HAVE to see the level where I tumble the brass.  It’s so sick!  I feel like I’m there.”

You can checkout the Warco site – HERE


16 responses to “Warco – FPS With A Video Camera Not A Gun”

  1. Kind of reminds me of a really shitty version of Dead Rising.

    1. You’ve heard it here first. Frank “I’ve covered wars…” West thinks its stupid

  2. alexthegreater Avatar

    Concept actually looks kind of interesting to me but the technology looks really dated. Pitty a game like this wouldn’t get funding like the next generic “Call of Warfare: Manly Battle, Brown Ops 3” sequel.

    1. VERY DATED. It reminds me of the old PS2 game “Blackhawk Down” http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/article/607/607938/delta-force-black-hawk-down-20050426053844777_640w.jpg

      Pretty shitty IMO. When you have engines like Frostbite2 (BF3) and the ridiculously modified Quake 3 engine (COD/MW) this kind of crap doesnt fly. 100% Total flop.

  3. I start to have issues somewhere in my brain when the heroes in video games become not the individuals leading and cutting through the enemy but the people video taping them. Hell, even in the new COD you aren’t even the guy really leading the way into anything. You’re just a turd following NPCs around until they give you something to do. SO, maybe its just a new trend?

    1. Kane and Lynch 2 must make your brain hurt then?

      1. I made the mistake of buying and playing the first Kane and Lynch. Its not very playable.

    2. Alexthegreater Avatar

      All too true. At least this game is honest then.

      That said, there are plenty of games still where you lead the charge, they just aren’t blockbuster Shooter 2011.

  4. Alex, Its really not a pity at all, It simply doesnt have the legs to pull that kind of devolpment cash. Games like this have been done since the N64 days, The issue is todays games are bought mostly for multiplayer purposes. Not many will buy a game like this just to play through once or twice, then put down.

  5. Yeah. I saw this a while back. Waste of time, and boring ass concept. Dude that tumbling brass level is awesome though.

  6. I think today’s Terminal Lance comic applies pretty well here: http://terminallance.com/2011/11/18/terminal-lance-162-mike-whiskey-tree/

  7. Oh wow, just what we needed: A war game for people who don’t like war.

    No thanks.

    1. Yeah, you totally know its going to be full of hippy crap and anti american

  8. i would play the hell out of an FPR. just sayin’

  9. Screw every one of you who writes this concept off.

    DICE needs to allow users a mod tool for Frostbite 2 and then get modders (or DICE themselves) to do this:


  10. Enraged History Buff Avatar
    Enraged History Buff


    This has actually been done somewhat before.
    It’s called “Michigan Report From Hell” and basically you play as a reporter trying to capture a story. It’s actually pretty interesting, but mainly you were just recording horror story stuff.
    Go ahead and click the link, it’ll explain it better.

    I kind of want to see how this will turn out though.