Fake Military Outfit To Get Free Stuff

Behold the scum of the earth:

All for some free drinks and free admission to WWE wresting… pretty sad.

Frankly if I saw this guy at TGI Fridays etc… i’d like to keep buying him blooming onions and liquor until he inevitably has a heart attack.

I love how he thinks he’s just so damn brilliant.   I’m pretty confident someone is going to make him and kick his ass out in the parking lot someday.



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  1. This is wrong. Purely wrong. I want to find this man and beat him until he twitches and sobs.

    1. I’d make him be able to play a disabled “veteran”

    2. Here is his info

      John LaForrest Shepard
      D.O.B.: 04/25/1958 Age;55
      Address: 6932 Orange Grove Rd. Hillsborough, N.C. 27278-7476
      Phone: 919-967-1993

      1. I live 2 hours away from this P.O.S let me know what needs to be done!!!!

      2. This information is not correct. First off the John Laforrest SHEPHERD , whose daughter lives at this address was a career military officer who died a few years ago. This identity was stolen. The family of the really john shepherd has been made miserable and afraid by all the hate mail and phone calls because people like you posted this address. The man in this video IS NOT JOHN LAFORREST SHEPHERD SR or JR. I was married to John Shepherd Jr for 20 years and knew his father and I can assure you this is not either one of them.

        1. How the “FUCK” were you married to that thing??

      3. that is not his info…..His name is John Elmo Sheppard Jr.

      4. Sashalynn Anonmiss Avatar
        Sashalynn Anonmiss

        That’s not the real Jonny Bea. I’ve spoken to his family we are on the case and getting close.

    3. The only thing you losers know how to do is flap your gums it was no problem for me to steal valor I did it this year just like in previous years with no challenge from your kind it looks like once again your Stolen Valor is just that all talk no walk

    4. don’t sing it bring it you pussy

  2. I think he is an ass that deserves whatever beating he gets.

  3. Hizenburg Avatar

    What I can’t believe is someone would do something like that for “fun.” The reason we “give” stuff to veterans is because of all they had to give up for us, and our freedoms. The time spent away from home, the time spent training and conditioning. I have bought cigars for veterans while I was in a cigar shop not to long ago, I don’t make much but whatever I can do to help a veteran or say thanks in the smallest way I try to. People like this guy make me mad. If he pulls down his video I have it copied and can re-post it.

  4. that fat fuck has to figure out how to wear a uniform right, and not look like a PT reject first. I would have watched the video, but bandwidth out here sucks.

  5. I’m disgusted beyond comprihention that someone would take advantage of peoples pride that they have in their military in order to “Stick IT” to them. I didn’t serve to be honored I served because it is an honor. Semper Fidelis

    1. You should have bothered to read that wikipedia link before posting it and looking like an ass. It was declared to be unconstitutional.

    1. Curse you, double-post.

  6. the law “Stolen Valor Act” passed by Bush in 2006 makes this a crime, in certain cases it can be a felony, with mandatory jail time included. I hope he drops the soap.

    1. the law “Stolen Valor Act” passed by Bush in 2006 makes this a crime

      And has been ruled, on more than one occasion, to be unconstitutional. Until the Supreme Court makes their determination, this fat fuck is protected by the First Amendment.

      1. Disregard last statement. Now that I’ve had time to actually watch the video (low bandwidth and lack of time prevented it this morning), and reviewed the facts, the Stolen Valor Act is not applicable here anyway.

      2. gemstone4561 Avatar

        @Josh, there is a difference between “free speech” and “impersonation” These deemed unconstitutional are due to the fact that the said persons “claimed” to have, or free speech. What is however illegal and has always been, is wearing the full uniform if it has the “us army” or whatever patch on the uniform. That is no longer “speech” but impersonation. Not the same. This dude in the video is currently “claiming” to do this, but he has yet to show anyone he is in uniform, so he just is a jerk for claiming to do these things, but if he really is out there wearing a proper uniform, he needs to be arrested for impersonation.

        1. 18 USC § 702
          “Whoever, in any place within the jurisdiction of the United States or in the Canal Zone, without authority, wears the uniform or a distinctive part thereof or anything similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of any of the armed forces of the United States, Public Health Service or any auxiliary of such, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

          § 704. Military medals or decorations of the same title:
          (b) False Claims About Receipt of Military Decorations or Medals.— Whoever falsely represents himself or herself, verbally or in writing, to have been awarded any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the Armed Forces of the United States, any of the service medals or badges awarded to the members of such forces, the ribbon, button, or rosette of any such badge, decoration, or medal, or any colorable imitation of such item shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than six months, or both.Jon

  7. His a tool, not much else to say

    1. What’s worse is that he’s a fat guy envious of others getting free food.

  8. His smugness makes me sick. What goes around comes around….he’ll get what’s coming to him.

    1. …he’ll get what’s coming to him.

      It looks like what’s coming to him is cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, if he doesn’t already have it. When the diabetes causes his foot to have to be amputated, he’ll probably just claim he lost it to an IED or landmine.

  9. My thoughts are – I’ve never opted for any of those freebies on Veteran’s Day, mainly because it seems like you’d have to wait in line for a ridiculously long period of time for a free meal. I know that some of the places go on the honor system, and others require some “proof” of service, like a picture in uniform, or a copy of a DD214. In this guy’s case, I doubt that he’s ever taken a picture wearing a uniform and not looked like a guy who couldn’t pass a PT test to save his life. I’d be ok with requiring more identification for these freebies. Even if people haven’t kept their military paperwork organized (I’ve got a three-ring binder with paperwork for awards, promotions, schools, etc.), nearly every veteran should have a VA Healthcare System ID card in their wallet. You could fake the paperwork and DD214 if you really wanted (and knew what you were doing), but the VA card would be a good source of ID (although there have been cases of people fraudulently claiming to be veterans and obtaining healthcare from the VA – but that’s a much more serious crime than defrauding Outback of a blooming onion).

  10. Although SCOTUS has ruled the Stolen Valour Act unconstitutional (thus declaring that pretending to be a member of the Armed Forces is protected by the First Amendment), someone wearing the uniform in order to obtain some sort of discount or freebie is therefore committing FRAUD, or THEFT BY DECEPTION. So, I hope that someone finds this man that obviously has a gym allergy, especially in uniform, trying to get a discount or freebie. This is why people should ask to see an ID card. Soldiers (and I say “Soldiers” to include all branches) are required by regulation to have their ID card on them at all times. No excuse. Let’s find this guy and bring him to justice, one way or another.

    1. Last I heard it was not ruled unconstitutional on the federal level. I remember I was working at HRC when the Denver case came up and we went with it because the guy submitted a DD214 and we nailed him for fraud which carries a more severe penalty.

      Then again, I left when Awards went to Knox so I’ve been out for two years about.

      1. @Jesse:

        Although SCOTUS has ruled the Stolen Valour Act unconstitutional…

        The only thing the Supreme Court has done so far is to agree to hear arguments on the issue, and that only happened a month ago. If you have knowledge of their future decision, I have some questions about lottery numbers I’d like you to answer. :) And this is the United States of America – there’s no “u” in “valor” here!

        This is why people should ask to see an ID card. Soldiers (and I say “Soldiers” to include all branches) are required by regulation to have their ID card on them at all times. No excuse.

        I believe he’s representing himself as a veteran, not an active-duty member of the military.


        Last I heard it was not ruled unconstitutional on the federal level.

        The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the act unconstitutional. It doesn’t get any more federal than that except for the U.S. Supreme Court. What the Supreme Court would have to do is overrule the court of appeals and effectively reinstate that portion of the law.

        All that being said, let’s clarify something though – the Stolen Valor Act was enacted to strengthen the already existing laws that made it illegal to manufacture or sell unauthorized military awards. The Stolen Valor Act specifically made it illegal to falsely represent, verbally or in writing, having been awarded military awards, medals, ribbons, badges, etc. The fact that the Stolen Valor Act has, so far, been ruled unconstitutional (and absent a contrary ruling by the Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit ruling stands) means only that it is not illegal for you to make verbal or written claims that you have these awards. Once you start wearing the awards with the intent to deceive, it’s illegal. Interestingly enough, the same 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (although not necessarily the same judges – they normally only hear cases as a 3 person panel) upheld the conviction of a Vietnam veteran who falsely claimed being wounded in action (he really shot himself in the thigh 20 years after serving in Vietnam) for unauthorized wearing of medals. In their decision, the court commented, “In our view, Congress intended to criminalize the unauthorized wearing of medals only when the wearer intends to deceive…Accordingly, we hold that a person violates 18 U.S.C. § 704 only if he or she has an intent to deceive.”

        So, lardass here is still in violation of 18 USC §704 despite the Stolen Valor Act portion that was added being ruled unconstitutional. Beyond that he’s defrauding Outback, WWE, et al. by obtaining goods and services by falsely representing himself as a veteran. That’s probably not much of a case though since you can argue that it’s the responsibility of those companies to verify veteran status if that’s their criteria for freebies or discounts. This guy walking around in uniform claiming to be a decorated combat vet is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. He looks like he ate a whole fire team. What I want to know is, why do they even make military uniforms that would fit this guy? I don’t think you’re going to find one for him at AAFES. Is there a specialty company that makes uniforms in size quadruple-extra fat?

        1. Didn’t realize that the 9th Circuit overruled it. Sounds like your legal background is a bit more than mine :) If one circuit makes a finding, does it apply to only their jurisdiction?

          As I said, let’s just hope he tries something stupid like producing a DD214 so we can nail him for something more than defrauding just outback!

          1. If one circuit makes a finding, does it apply to only their jurisdiction?

            Well, yes, and no. It serves as a binding precedent for all lower courts in the Ninth Circuit, but only a persuasive precedent for other circuits. A panel in, say, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals is not obligated to rule based on the decision of the Ninth, but is expected to review the facts of the previous case and take the prior ruling into account when making their decision. They can certainly rule contrary to the previous ruling in a different court, but if the facts and circumstances of the case before them is substantially similar to those of the previous case, I think they would more likely than not come to the same conclusion.

            Like I said earlier though, the Stolen Valor Act portion doesn’t apply here because he’s gone beyond its scope by, if he’s telling the truth (questionable, to say the least), wearing unauthorized military medals and awards in an attempt to deceive and defraud. If he has in fact done this, there are quantifiable monetary damages to those establishments he defrauded.

            As I understand it (let me put that qualifier in there), the unconstitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act applies only to verbal and written statements claiming to have been awarded military decorations – actually wearing them in an attempt to deceive or defraud is still an illegal act.

        2. gemstone4561 Avatar

          Nice research!!

  11. Plus, buying and selling a Medal Of Honor is a felony. And I KNOW a Silver Star recipient, and he NEVER talks about it, much less brags about it. This guy does not have a clue. Any bets on who he voted for?

  12. Looks like someone beat me to the Stolen Valor act spiel. I used to work for the Awards and Decorations Branch before they moved to Knox. If anyone finds out who this guy is, give a shout out and I’ll forward the vitals to the only person I know that still works there.

    Also, this dude was creepy.

  13. Mike, have his personal info but don’t want to post it if you don’t want it.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Awesome I see it’s all over google like you said too! Hopefully someone does something about it, thanks RWC.

      1. I sent the link to my friend still at Army Awards Branch. As I said, they have/had (not sure, been gone for like two years now) someone doing stolen valor. I’m sure they’ve heard about it by now so we’ll see what happens with this.

  14. @ RWC
    You should post his personal info, if he is so brazen to go out in public and fraudulently claim to be a drunk free loading veteran then he shouldn’t be given the courtesy of anominity which he thinks he.has from being on the internet. We need to call out people like this directly, expose the rats.

    1. MROD,

      I am going to leave out his home address and phone number, but here ya go…

      Name: John LaForrest Shepard
      D.O.B.: 04/25/1958 Age;53
      Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hillsborough, N.C. 27278-7476
      Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
      User name: johnnyb34435 (U-Tube)
      SSN: 577-88-XXXX

      1. And actually, the phone number and address is all over the ‘net.

      2. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        His phone is 919-967-1993
        I think we should all call him and give him a little piece of our mind. Knowing someone has your phone number means they know who you are and were you live. It means they COULD personally hunt you down. Just the knowledge of that is frightening (at least to me it would be).

        We need to let him understand that he is NOT off scot-free, that people DO know who and were he is, that he’s gone WAY, the fuck, too far.

        -Mike, feel free to delete this post if you feel it is wrong or if you believe it may lead someone to do something wrong-

        1. It may lead you to call the wrong person…

        2. His phone is 919-967-1993

          That number shows up as a number for a business, Watson Automotive, address 6932 Orange Grove Rd, Hillsborough, NC.


          I’m not sure why the address shows up as that, but, according to the Orange County, NC assessor, the address 6933 is owned by a Dave Watson.

          You think maybe it’s a bad idea to re-post addresses and phone numbers that some other idiot posted without at least making some effort to verify them? I don’t think anyone reading this would be pleased if they started getting harassing phone calls because some moron initially posted their phone number on the internet because they were too stupid to figure out who they were really looking for. I can’t even imagine how many times this incorrect information has been re-posted on blogs and discussion forums by now. It is figuratively, and maybe literally, criminal.

          1. 6933 is owned by a Dave Watson

            Not that it makes any difference, but it’s actually a Steven Watson. My mind was elsewhere… In any case, it’s not the guy in the video.

      3. According to the POW Network (where they verify false claims of veteran status), he IS NOT John LaForrest Shepard.


        According to their website (they show his name as “John Elmore Shepard”), he had previously posted that his name was “John Sheppard Jr.,” (note the two p’s) and that he lived at 6010 Deep Green Drive, Shelby, NC. However, that property is currently listed to someone else, per the Cleveland County, NC assessor’s information. Interestingly though, there is a property (land only it seems) at 6008 Deep Green Drive, Shelby, NC that is in the name “John Elmo Sheppard Jr.” And that’s not to say this is actually that guy either, it could be someone he doesn’t like who he decided to post as. However, this obit:


        for the sister of one John E. Sheppard Jr. bears a striking resemblance to the fat fuck in this video. A Google search for “John Sheppard” and “Shelby, NC” yielded a Classmates.com listing for “John E. Sheppard,” class of 1985, Crest High School, Shelby, NC. That would make him about 44, which I’d say he looks a lot closer to than age 53 that you posted.


        Now, thanks to people (yourself included) that have been posting what is certainly erroneous information, poor John LaForrest Shepard has probably had to change his phone number because of harassing phone calls. I hope the phone company and authorities are working together to track the blocked phone calls of every dipshit that has called him thanks to people posting incorrect information on the internet.

        This is why I do my own research instead of blindly trusting and reposting other people’s bullshit.

        1. Thanks, Josh. That was an incredibly insightful (and mildly terrifying) bit of research you did that, pending verification, should make people think twice about the awesome power they have at their fingertips if they know what to do and where to look. Personally, I appreciate the effort you put into uncovering this man for who he is.

          1. Thanks, Josh. That was an incredibly insightful (and mildly terrifying) bit of research…

            Thank you. Luckily, it’s one of the things that I do pretty well, which is convenient since when I have a puzzle to solve or a question I want answered I have trouble resting until I’ve figured it out!

        2. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          Might I suggest another website for you next time you want to look someone up.


          1. http://www.spokeo.com

            That doesn’t seem to help us any here. I assume that the dumbfuck who originally thought he found who this guy was and posted his information used something like this, or just looked up the name on a whitepages-type site. Except that dipshit didn’t even spell the name right. On his blog, this guy claims his last name is “Sheppard,” with two p’s, and that he lives in North Carolina. Typing that name into Spokeo yields 51 results in North Carolina alone.

            I’m inclined to stick to doing it my way…

        3. And this obituary: http://www.gaffneyledger.com/common/Obituaries/Archive%20Obits%202004/03-22-2004/03-22-2004.html?print=1

          “John E. Sheppard Sr.
          Retired truck driver for Overnite Transportation
          SHELBY – John Elmo Sheppard Sr., 77, died Friday, March 19, 2004, at his residence.
          Mr. Sheppard was born March 15, 1927, in Abingdon, Va., and lived in Gaithersburg, Md., prior to moving to Shelby. He was a U.S. Navy veteran and a retired truck driver for Overnite.
          Surviving are his wife, Betty Shoemaker Sheppard of the home; two daughters, Betty Shelton and Wanda Kay Sheppard, both of Shelby; two sons, John Sheppard Jr. and Steven Sheppard, both of Shelby; two brothers, George Sheppard of Mollusk, Va., and Larry Sheppard of Avon Park, Fla.; a sister, Margaret Sheppard of Alexandria, Va.; two grandchildren; and two step-grandchildren.
          Memorial services were held Sunday at 3 p.m. at Davidson Memorial Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev. Daniel Shoemaker.
          In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to John Sheppard Fund, c/o Betty Sheppard, 6005 Maple Valley Dr., Shelby, N.C. 28150.
          Arrangements by Crowe’s Mortuary, Rutherfordton.”

          actually lists an address of his mother “IF” this is a correct reference, which I don’t know. “IF” this is even a correct reference to the guy, it’s claimed that his father was a veteran of the Navy. “IF” that is true, and this is a correct reference, then his acts are even more despicable. But there’s no way for me to know..

      4. That is not him. Claims that he has been putting out information on himself and then Utubes that nothing has been done to him by the “sheep.”

        He has been giving out a false “trail.”

  15. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    He is prolly just saying this shit to get a internet rouse. I bet he dont have the nut suck to go where other vets will be and pretend to be one. his ass would get nailed so fast. NICE INVOLUNTARY SNORT AT 5:24. he was struggling to get air.

  16. There is a special place in hell for people like this. May he occupy that space as soon as possible.

    1. It’s called the ButtF*** Room.

      1. No, that room is just the warm up area. The special place involves Rosie O’Donnel and oral sex (I gagged just typing that).

  17. its not that this fuck is using the uniform for freebies its that he openly admits his spits on the military that makes me want to shove a grenade up his ass and pull the pin….

  18. I am definitely not a rabid supporter of the military, but this guy is a disgrace to humanity and specifically America. One of these days he’s going to get found out and then people are gonna beat the lard right out of him. I am sure it wouldn’t take but 3 minutes of conversation from anyone who made it past boot camp to out this guy. Protesting is one thing, and he has every right to protest anything and everything our military does, but this is waaaay below protest. This is basically the opposite of protest, it is leveraging the current system for personal gain.

  19. So, even if he hasn’t violated any laws, maybe someone in the area can go around handing out pictures of his stupid ass to local bars/restaurants?

  20. Theblackknight Avatar

    Seen it. I looked at his place on google maps too. Pretty secluded. I bet he doe weird shit in his basement.

  21. To be fair, I wouldn’t expect anything more than this from someone who actually attends a WWE event on purpose.

    1. haha. this made me imagine the shock and confusion of someone accidentally arriving at a WWE event.

  22. the guy looks like my thumb.

  23. I’d like to see him say any of this in front of veterans.

    I watched some of his other videos and really want to cause him physical harm.

  24. I doubt he’s done any of what he claims. Most likely he enjoys the attention while trolling from a basement. His type never actually do or even vocalize in public anything that might lead to any sort of conflict.

  25. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    am I the only one that heard the involuntary snort at 5.24. cause i rewinded it about 5 times to laugh at it.

  26. Soldier currently in Afghanistan Avatar
    Soldier currently in Afghanistan

    I hope this guy gets what he deserves

    John E. Sheppard
    22* New Bethel Church Rd
    Lawndale, NC 2809*

  27. Bearfoot Avatar

    Fun fact, the WWE often gives out free tickets to make it look like there’s more people paying to get in anyway.

  28. Terry Avatar

    Couldn’t even suffer through it. But here is a direct link to the video since the embed doesn’t work.

  29. Terry Avatar

    This is why I was against the posting of some of the other peoples’ contact information. That weapon should be solely reserved for taint sweat like this guy.

  30. Terry Avatar

    Spencer wade: I think you were the only one who could stand to sit through the video for 5+ min

  31. I know this is an older thread, but my business is at the address that was posted all over the internet, and I thought I would share some of the hell that we have went through. People would come in my store and ask my 80 year old grandma “where the fat YouTube fuck is” and “where is he bitch, I know you are hiding him”. It nearly broke her heart that people would be so cruel. I had to stay all night for several weeks with my AR and my Benelli by my side because of threats I was getting. The lady across the street from me really suffered. It was her phone number that got posted all over(including this page). She is a self employeed single mother of three, one of her kids being blind and autistic. She relies on her land line since there is no cell service out here. Her father was a decorated service member named John Laforest Shepard who passed away several years ago. Her life was pure hell for 3 months because of inconsiderate people posting wrong info online.

    1. Bearfoot Avatar

      That is, to put it bluntly, just as inexcusable as what this man did.

      I’m sorry that this man’s negativity and horrible actions bled over to you and the lady across the street.

      what else is there to say?

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Holy, that’s terrible :/

  32. As much as we dislike this man, I think it’s best to just let him go. He’s fully within his constitutional rights to be a liar. Personally, I could care less if he poses as one of us. He just makes himself look like a fool, and not to mention that he’s only doing it for attention. The only factor I personally dislike is his smuggness. Also, what exactly is he ‘sticking to us’? I never did understand that.
    -US Army Vet 07-09

    1. Bearfoot Avatar

      However he is not within his rights to defraud others as he did..

    2. But he’s not within his constitutional rights when he poses as a veteran to commit fraud and for profit…

  33. junglist Avatar

    in the video he is also admitting to theft by fraud , he is not too smart . just spread the word to companies to get it sent up the chain so they can let their stores know to call the cops on his ass whenever he comes in . this video is all the proof you will need .

  34. I found this on him. John LaForrest Shepard D.O.B.: 04/25/1958 Age;55 Address: 6932 Orange Grove Rd. Hillsborough, N.C. 27278-7476 Phone: 919-967-1993. Better hide now fat boy.

    1. SICKOFITALL Avatar

      Um, look up about 10 posts and throw away that address

    2. 1> stop it now, what you’re doing could be considered illegal. Vigialantism and threats are not cool. Even if he diserves them.

      2> this post is YEARS old.

      3> did you even read the posts here about how lives were fucked up by people fingering the wrong person?

      Stop it. Just stop it.

  35. is this him here? https://www.facebook.com/james.sheppard.758?fref=ts
    the one photo on that profile looks alot like the guy in this video.

  36. cherie Deasee Avatar
    cherie Deasee

    My only son is in the military. What upsets me is this person is trying to get freebies for pretending to be in the military. John Laforrest Sheppard are you not man enough to be excepted in the USMilitary. Thank god they don’t take fat pieces of shit to serve our country. You shameful bastard you should get the hell out of this country now. You will be getting what’s coming to you. Don’t mess around with our military family.

  37. anyone need his social security number

  38. this is his real info, and in this video i prove how it is really him

    John Elmo Sheppard Jr

    223 New Bethel Church Rd
    Lawndale, NC 28090-9452

    former address:

    Maple Valley Dr
    Shelby, NC 28152

    Associated Names –
    John Sheppard
    John Elmo Sheppard
    John Paye Sheppard
    john bea

    land (i guess he owns some land)

    s view of his land – https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Aw98xRUrrLA/UoMFBWwxQOI/AAAAAAAAKAI/Za7MOyXiHMk/w842-h532-no/Sheppard.png

    Parcel No.: 3895 Calculated Acres: 0.8452537561
    since 7-30-2004
    prior owner: Habitat for Humanity

    online platforms

    youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/johnnyb34434/videos
    youtube back up – https://www.youtube.com/user/johnnyb34435
    an other youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbI0b8s9mSfLLtEQSeIWgtw/feed
    facebook – https://www.facebook.com/johnny.bea.7
    pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/johnnyb3443/followers/
    google plus 1 – https://plus.google.com/113684350659171612369/about
    google plus 2 –
    google plus 3 – https://plus.google.com/u/0/104788542692392746195/about
    twitter – https://twitter.com/johnnyb3443
    myspace – https://myspace.com/johnnyb3443
    email – [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    voter reg



    family info

    mother betty Sheppard: https://www.facebook.com/betty.sheppard.338
    His Conservative Pastor Uncle Daniel Shoemaker: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.shoemaker.167
    brother steven sheppard; https://www.facebook.com/steven.sheppard.940
    sister: Betty Shelton: https://www.facebook.com/vipersasp brother-in-law jeffery jack shelton: https://www.facebook.com/jeffery.shelton.54
    nephew cody shelton: https://www.facebook.com/cody.shelton.14

    Deceased Father:
    John Elmo Sheppard
    b. march 15 1927 / d. march 19 2004
    LAWNDALE NC 28090

    Deceased Sister-
    Wanda Frances Kay Sheppard age 41 went to be with the Lord on Wednesday May 18, 2011, at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, Born Aug. 18, 1969, in Charlotte.



    google earth addess


    local news

    The Shelby Star
    [email protected]
    (704) 669-3333

    Cherryville Eagle
    (704) 435-6752

    The Cleveland Observer
    (704) 484-1047

    CFMedia Inc
    (704) 484-1047

    Shelby City Police Department
    (704) 484-6845

    tv news from nc

    ABC NEWS 11
    (800) 672-9883

    WBTV Chan 3
    [email protected]



  39. FatFukismine Avatar

    Just so happens I’m located in Charlotte I’ll be paying this lazy eye gaped tooth fat motherfucker a brief visit. Nighty night you fat piece of shit!

    1. Bearfoot Avatar

      Congratulations, not only is this entire thing several years old. But you just stated your intention to commit a felony. I understand and agree that this guy is scum.. but vigilante justice in this case has already hurt innocent people.

  40. I wonder if one of his trailer-park neighbors beat his ass Yet?? That I’d like to know..