Call Of Duty MW3 – $400 Million In 24 Hours

Shattering its own day-one sales records, Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI), announced that its highly-anticipated Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 has become the biggest entertainment launch ever with an estimated sell-through of more than $400 million and more than 6.5 million units in North America and the United Kingdom alone in the first 24 hours of its release, according to Charttrack and retail customer sell-through information.

Full press release – HERE

Wow… that’s a lot of money.  I wonder how much development cost them?  Something tells me it was probably all paid for that day.

If pwning n00bs online is what’s lacking in your life, you can pick of a copy of MW3 at Amazon – HERE


10 responses to “Call Of Duty MW3 – $400 Million In 24 Hours”

  1. Anybody got a source for the cost for the game? I’m trying to do a valuation for the company.

    And yes, this is a shameless post for my own benefit. If you have to reject it, I understand :(

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Need sauce

  2. MW3 has been advertised non-stop… Apparently advertising pays.

  3. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    This is still gonna be a rental for me. The more people jump ship from Battlefield 3 to MW3, the better. Idiots and boys who love to act like rappers the whole lot of the online community, and I can’t justify 60USD to see how the plot ends.

  4. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    MW3 is great. battlefield is where you wasted your money.

    1. Er, no.

      1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
        Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

        I want a multiplayer experience. Not an arcade game.

  5. If you haven’t bought MW3 yet, don’t! It’s an incredibly lazy rehash of MW2, with very few “improvements” and more failures. This game is essentially an interactive connection speed test. Doesn’t really matter how good you are, if your connection doesn’t get you host, you will be shot and killed before you can react and the killcam will not match up with what you saw.

    Battlefield 3 is the much better purchase, if only for the dedicated servers. Even on consoles!

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      Hence the fact MW3 will be a rental for me. Or I’ll find it in the used games section. Battlefield will be worth the money.

      Besides, already know how the plot ended thanks to the wiki. It’s like someone tried to write a Tom Clancy book without knowing the ending. Or being shafted by corporate by realizing multiplayer is where it’s at.

  6. $400 million in 24 hours? Yeah, internet piracy is REALLY killing the video game industry. And with the epic fail of SOPA, it’s just a matter of time until we see Activision’s staff out in the winter streets in dickensian attire, begging for change to treat the myriad of 19th century respiratory illnesses they’ve contracted from being so broke.