.700 WTF Ammunition – Ron Swanson Approved

The custom round beside a revolver to show the scale:

The rifle made to shoot it, along with some ammo:

I posted a pic of the round in chat and the first response was “WTF” so it stuck. the case is made but fire forming 50 bmg brass to the chamber and then trimming to 3″ long. then press it into a neck sizer and seat a .700 cal 1132gr cast paper patch boolit.  According to my numbers this gun with its 16.25″ barrel will push that 1132gr boolit to over 2000fps and up to around 2300fps. The gun is made by me from scratch and weighs in at 15lbs. its a single shot with a shell holder bolt. the optic is an Aimpoint comp M4 and handles the recoil like a champ. the grip is a magpull grip made for an AR and the recoil pad is a limb saver.

See more pictures on the Cast Boolits website – HERE

I know the name of the site is “cast boolits” but I find that word (boolit) so obnoxious.

Make a Glock in .700 WTF, then we can talk.


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  1. What the hell can you hunt with that? Obeast people? (joke implied).

  2. I think if you were trophy hunting for T-Rex this little number would do nicely…. provided you don’t miss. If you did, I would hope that pistol grip and sight were quickly detachable, so as to minimize the discomfort received from the T-Rex shoving the whole thing up your ass.

    In all seriousness though I would love to see a demonstration of it. If they can get it semi auto or even lever action it could prove rather useful against some of the larger land mammals.

    1. im not so sure about that. something that big is bound to murder anything it gets even remotely close to. of course “miss” is a relative term, but i think it would have to be a really big miss.

      what i want to know is if you can drill a hole through the center of one of those slugs and make it whistle as it goes sailing by, kinda like the old wwii stuka dive bombers. you wont need it in semi if you could do that, i guarantee one shot over my head would keep me in a fox hole for the next week. . .

      also: BOOOOOOOOOOLIT!!!!!!!

  3. “Enuff Dakka.”

    1. Der iz no zuc ting as enff Dakka.

  4. Impressive, yet not quite a heavy hitter as the 20 mike mike: http://www.anzioironworks.com/MAG-FED-20MM-RIFLE.htm

  5. what kind of energy does 1132gr at 2000fps make?

    1. All of it.

    2. About 10,056 ft-lbf

      And I used this calculator:

      I trust it more than I do someone’s online calculator!

  6. The boolit word irritates me so bad that I get a headache after reading it for a while. Currently looking for a script that will parse the entire page and change the word boolit to bullet. That said, it makes about 10k foot/lbs at the muzzle. OR about 2k LESS than the .50 bmg round. On paper at least, bigger isn’t always better.

    1. Oh, I used this calculator:

      It got the numbers right for .50 bmg so I’m trusting it on this calc.

    2. Brice: If you REALLY want to do that…look up Upside-Downternet. Basically the best way to do it (and add other words that bother you) would be to set up a Linux system with the Squid proxy software running on it.

      Or you may be able to find a Firefox plugin! :)


  7. overkill556x45 Avatar

    Mike, I’d pass on the Glock variant. You can’t use cast bullets and the factory barrel probably won’t fully support the chamber. I will wait for the M&P .700WTF.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I see what you did there hahah :P

  8. I say machine some solid brass slugs for that sucka…..

  9. Where did that ridiculous word (boolit) come from, anyway? Some sort of accent parody? In any case, anyone using it ought to be punched in the throat.

    1. Precisely. I first saw it on 4chan’s /k/ (weapons) board, where people made fun of others using the term “bullet” to refer to the full round by writing BOOLIT.

  10. sweet gun, i liked the vid

  11. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Wouldn’t that thing be an NFA DD? I thought anything that fired a bullet over 12.7mm (‘cept slug guns) was a destructive device.

    1. From 18 USC §921(a)(4)(C)
      “The term ‘destructive device’ shall not include any device which…(blah blah blah)… or any other device which the Attorney General finds is not likely to be used as a weapon, is an antique, or is a rifle which the owner intends to use solely for sporting, recreational or cultural purposes.(my emphasis)

      I would think it would require some sort of official inspection and ruling on it, but I’m sure the argument can easily be made that this is intended for sporting and recreational use – you could actually use this to hunt something (as opposed to some sort of homemade artillery piece or something ridiculous like that).

  12. I want to see the infomercial for this:

    “Does your Nitro Express seem like more fizzle than sizzle? Do you feel undergunned with your .600 Overkill? Does your .577 T-Rex leave you feeling inadequate and impotent? Try stepping up to the .700 WTF! When you absolutely have to stop a charging elephant while shooting through another elephant… nothing else will do.”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah awesome

    2. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      how else do you expect to get a 2 mile, triple head-shot.

  13. I just remembered reading about another wildcat that is insane. the .950 jdj. more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.950_JDJ

      1. that’s a good list, but the .950 is not on there. for that you need a list that goes up to 24 mm :-)

    1. lol, i remembered where i first read about the .950 jdj. you may be familiar with the site: https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2009/12/04/the-mcbros-95-caliber-rifle/


  15. Hey, just the round to hunt hogzilla with!!

  16. This gun goes to 11.

  17. Hrach Hayrapetyan Avatar
    Hrach Hayrapetyan

    Great ! I like such experiments !
    It would be even better if you make a video of this gun shooting !!!

  18. Blaise M Uriarte Avatar
    Blaise M Uriarte

    I need one!!