Stickup Gauntlet – Practical Pistol Disarming Drill

Finally!  A practical pistol disarming drill on YouTube:

The ante should be upped with either simunition, paintball, or airsoft… preferably one that hurts the most.  That way they would learn quickly what a dumbass stunt this type of thing is.  From the YouTube description, it is apparently called called “Kapap”.

This looks like something from the movie Equillibrium where that guy “disarming” would attack one of them in the circle, and they would all end up shooting each other.

Anyone practice this type of thing? Better yet, have you used it successfully on an attacker?


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  1. This would be better with tasers.

  2. Both of the Dojos I trained at did pistol and knife disarming. But the caveat of pistol disarming is that you’re assuming the attacker doesn’t realize a gun is a ranged weapon. This doesn’t look like what we learned. Emphasis was placed on first getting yourself out of the bullet path, and grabbing the gun so it couldn’t cycle the next round. After that you really wanted to get control of the supposedly loaded weapon rather than throw it on the ground (usually breaking the assailant’s trigger finger in the process), so you could then shoot the attacker with their own weapon.

    I assume that the circle is so that you get repetition and practice with a sense of urgency, but I’m still not too keen on the “I threw it on the Ground” method.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I was walking through the city streets, and 10 men surrounded me with pistols. Give me your money kid they said. Maaaannn, I’m not gonna let you rob me… grabbed there guns I threw them on the ground. You must think I’m a joke. I ain’t gonna just give you my money. Maaaaaannn try this garbage on another young guy. (Reference:

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        (Then they picked up their gun) …and they shot me, I fell to the ground, the criminals didn’t let up, shooting me, over and over…

        The moral of this story is; you can attempt to disarm 8 people at once and expect to survive, maaaaan.


  3. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    Oopsies looks like EndoMike thru me on the ground man

    1. I think you just got tazed in the butthole

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Vhyrus would kill to be tazed in the butthole by Ryan Reynolds.

        1. I forgot about that. I don’t think he wanted his butthole tazed… If I recall correctly, he wanted it pounded by Ryan Reynolds’s meat hammer!

  4. The way he seems to just be pulling it out of their hands while he’s still in the line of fire seems kind of dangerous. Looks like if someone had their finger in the trigger guards they’d have blown him away while he throws it to the ground.

  5. overkill556x45 Avatar

    THIS is the time to use airsoft pistols instead of rubber ducks. Every urban ninja who thinks he can take someone’s gun away cleanly should attempt it when the other party can actually hit them with a plastic pellet of wake-up call.

  6. Mr. Normal Avatar
    Mr. Normal

    Kapap must refer to the last sound the practitioner hears in this life – kaPAP!!

  7. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    Is it even possible to grab a gun and keep it from cycling? maybe a square glock but a 1911 with its round slide.

    1. Yes, you can keep it from cycling. None of it’s very fun. Web between your thumb and first finger jammed into the hammer/firing pin interface (plan on bleeding). Or pushing the front of the Glock to the rear will take it out of battery. I’ve practiced both, if the guy knows you are coming, you’ll loose every time unless you can get off the X. If he’s distracted you’ve got a fighting chance, assuming he’s standing entirely to close.

  8. Uhhh… My translation’s a bit rusty but I THINK he actually says the purpose of the drill is to get it started in muscle memory for each of them and he’ll show them how to do the next action in a seperate drill after he’s happy they all got it down pat. He uses a couple “loaner” words, at least one german I think, along with “GO!” but my then my teacher was a Ukranian who normally spoke Russian until moving a bit further south. BTW – as a tactical instructor for more than 20 years (still am) this kind of training has evolved alot and often so there are A LOT of opinions and methods. There’s nothing particularly wrong in disarming someone this way- no offfense folks, had an old fart stick a nice little Kimber 45 right under the front bottom of my vest. Saw it coming, Kimber actually bounced off the wall behind me as I body slammed the moron into the wall behind him. It’s all and always situational. We’re both still here…

  9. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    ok tough guy

  10. Tierlieb Avatar

    Modern Kapap is a Krav Maga variation (I assume some licensing thing). I assume as with Krav Maga, it can be taught and trained well or badly.

    The circle is a classic basic training form from Krav and makes sense didactically: The trainee gets to do a lot of repetitions, which fits nicely with the concept of repeated, basic movements. The lock used to disarm is also done okay’ish.

    Problems are not moving out of the line of fire, (preferably to 3 or 9), the pussified execution of the disarm (amplified by moving through the circle too fast) and probably the other trainees making it too easy.

    Basic problem:
    And of course the basic idea is stupid. No one who knows to use a gun will let an opponent get so close. And if they happen to be so close, you use one hand for defense because you won’t miss anyway. But: There is no point to practice defending against a knowledgeable opponent, because, well, you’d be out of luck. Usually that information the preface to every Krav gun disarm lesson, don’t know if it was given here. And don’t ask me why there is so much time wasted on that anyway. Probably because it feels cool. Maybe it is actively used as a morale booster, not as a practical exercise.

  11. Fuck Paint ball or Air Soft, do this with simunitions. All the hurt and almost none of the death.

    1. “…almost none of the death.”

      That is the funniest damn thing I have read on the internet today.

      1. I try

  12. Looks like a Krav instructor.

    Krav was developed for the Israeli army. Quick, and dirty training. The mentality is that if tey are trying to kill you, your better off fighting to the death than letting them get away scott free. In war the chances of being taken as a prisoner of war by hamas or militia is unlikely. Its not like they follow the Geneva convention. Better off fighting for your life because your going to be in a world of pain otherwise. As for Krav as a style. Its easy to learn, its simple, its dirty, and focuses on the fight and not “the art of combat” like tae kwon do or karate does. If your attacker can walk away on their own two legs you havent finished the fight. I recommend Krav to anyone looking to lear martial arts for self defense and bar fights. If your into the rituals and art, hook up with a tae kwon do studio somewhere. You’ll enjoy the belts and stripes. If you want to get tossed around and learn to fight like an asshole (aka winner) learn something like Krav, or Kung Fu, or aikido. All three have advantages and disadvantages.

  13. this is nonsense, it is very harmful and not funny

  14. So, the technique being taught is, just rip the gun out of your enemy’s hand? Or is he twisting it out of their hands?