Tray Plus In The Building – Shit Just Got Real

Finna’ see what it’s kickin like.  15 in the clip, one in the head.. 16 shots to a hater:

Despite the teacup grip his shooting wasn’t THAT bad.  As he says “No beam on the .40 just yet”.

Some words of wisdom for the aspiring rapper at 3:40 :

“We just protect our self.  Kids don’t think you motherf***in supa man jus cause you got a gun”

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any video of his “bad bitch at the house… that AR-15 ohhh man”.

Until next time… stay up Tray Plus.  From ya boy Mikey, Everyday No Mothaf**kin days off.

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  1. I see these idiots at the local range here. they have poor muzzle and trigger discipline. Constantly saying shit like “oh yeah dawg! HEAD SHOT! – Yeah. yeah yeah yeah..ge4t some dog. Word up! Yo check that shot out I was all.. ‘boom’ and like right between the eyes”

    All i can say is.. “Do it again… Make that shot again. Yeah.. though so. You just hit an innocent bystander in the house nextdoor. Ok one more time.. Make that shot. Yeah.. Hes wounded but he isnt down. Ok one more time. Yeah I know.. ‘its getting real in the whole foods parking lot’ i get it… make the shot again… Nope thats the shoulder. Never mind.”

    LMAo… Let my dogs at em cuz!

  2. LOL hes tea-cupping. OBviously not working out.

    I love when hes all “yeah he on a stretcha’ na”

    Dude… and so is the little old lady who had nothing to do with your corner banging banging dope deal.

    1. I’m not a pro, but I think a .40 at 20ft and you missed 4 times (if you only count the grazing and complete misses) you suck. Heres 30 rounds 9mm XDCompact at 12yrds.

      Not sure what happend with that stray, but that target is much smaller than his, and its still a wounding shot. Regardless… Its a miss in my eyes. I have pics from when I shot my buddys .40 USP Compact. Same shit. Key holed 7 out of 10. I very much dislike people who think that just hitting the paper is acceptable. Especially people who claim “they be slaying fools and puttin’ peoples on stretchas” Only people they are putting on stretchas is dem neybahs.

      Sorry All this sounds…. Meh Im not sorry.

  3. Hey everybody starts somewhere. I’d rather see him at a range with hearing protection than practicing in an alley. Maybe some of that responsible gun culture will filter in by osmosis, and when he’s tired of missing, there are people there to help.

    Everyone should arm themselves, whether they talk walk and look like me or not.

  4. Don’t be a hater, Jwhite. Handicapped people have the right to self defence too.

  5. I fell dummer for having lissened to them speek.

  6. The guys language makes me want to scream. Why would anyone want to follow this clown or listen to anything he says?

  7. bigghoss Avatar

    I only counted 11 holes in the target. he kept bragging about not missing but he missed 5 times. and he’s slow as all crap. however I will award extra points for holding it with two hands and at least trying to do it right. unfortunately he lost points for referring to a revolver ans a “shell keeper”. I’ll still have to say he failed…at life.

    1. I dont think I made it that far into the video. LOL

    2. I only counted 11 holes in the target.

      Obviously the other rounds went through some of the holes from previous rounds.

      1. Obviously they did *rolls*. A gentleman with such a “good look on the target so he dont miss” could never miss such a target. Let it blass.. let it blass.

  8. My word! I don’t think I’ve seen a negro that excited since my last outing to a Popeyes Chicken Establishment! Bravo good sir on your fine firearms selection, and huzzah for learning how to fire it whilst holding it upright! Do give your dentist a generous tip on your next visit… poor fellow’s certainly earned it by now.

    1. I wonder if you’d be able to understand him a little better without all that crap in his mouth, or would he still sound like he had a mouth full of marbles?

    2. My associate from the Bronx expressed to me his extreme interest in witnessing this individual attempt to perform similar feats to these in the greater New York City area and predicted the final outcome would be quite different… I think he mentioned something about shoving that piece up his ass sideways.

  9. ok this just makes my blood boil. Which do you guys hate the most the tacticool mall ninja types or the wannabe gangster types?

  10. The following is NOT I repeat NOT a racist comment…..

    Can someone please show me ONE video of a black person handling a firearm in any way shape or form that isn’t “gangsta”?

    1. Challenge Accepted:

      I proudly present the nerdiest black man with a gun

      1. I only watched the first little bit of that video… I think it’s Nutnfancy in blackface.

        1. Best. Comment. Ever.

      2. He makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X.

    2. accepted….my battle buddy Joshua from deployment…

  11. And…….. unbookmark.

    Why would you post that?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    2. Why would you post that?

      It’s meant to get you into the holiday spirit. You’re supposed to watch this and be thankful you weren’t born borderline retarded (at least) like this guy appears to be.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Unless he checks back, he won’t get our replies anyway because he used the email address a&

        1. Weak

  12. Anybody in South Florida should go check out Big Al’s Gun, Pawn, Haircare, and Tire Center. You can see shit like that all day on the range.

    The only gun range I’ve ever been to where some little wanna be “banger” tried to start a fist fight with me… ON THE GUN RANGE!

    One of the many reasons I never stepped foot in that place more than once.