Couples That Gunplay Together Stay Together

Catchy song, awesome video:

What looks to me like a rubber gripped Beretta 92 copies with frame safeties (Taurus 92 maybe?).

People that ridicule the stopping power of 9mm are going to love that the guy gets shot in the back and brushes it off.  Others that make fun of .223 will rejoice when the girl gets shot in the ass and just shakes her head.

Not to self: The microwave is a perfect spot to keep an MP5

The guy in the video is actually the guy that sings the song, his name is Mayer Hawthorne. Never heard of him before today… but he’s on my radar now. I don’t just listen to rap… this is perfect music to operate to.

Before you ask, I have no idea who that supermodel/actress in the video is.

Hat tip: Daniel


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  1. This is quite awesome.

    I think though, he was probably using the M855 ammo. It has a reputation of poor performance on skinny people.

  2. That is some straight up Mr. & Mrs. Smith shit right there.

    If you look closely you’ll see the guns at 3:36 and 3:39 aren’t the same. The ones at 3:36 have slide safeties while the ones at 3:39 (and in most of the video) are almost certainly Taurus since they have frame safeties. I believe the ones at 3:36 are plastic prop Berettas.

    I think these people need some serious range time, although if I could shake off a gunshot wound like these two I might take it easy on the training myself.

  3. If Gabrielle Anwar dies of anorexia, this woman can easily take her place as Fiona on Burn Notice. All she has to do in the audition is pronounce “Miami” as “Moo-yaa-Mee” and she can seal the deal.

  4. Before you ask, I have no idea who that supermodel/actress in the video is.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Nice. Thanks Josh.

    2. and more information is available here:

  5. It’s a shame to have that many guns and never practice with them enough to be able to hit a target at 20 yards with a magazine dump.

  6. Josh: Nice find!

    Aaron: funniest shit i’ve heard/probably will hear all day.

    Thanks guys

  7. Very Cool! I actually like the song. Good find.

  8. nothing like a little adrenaline to make for some hot after-gunfight, make up whoopie.

  9. They seemed very angry with each other when rounds landed on target. I am assuming instead of foreplay before morning sex it is gunplay before morning sex. I bet the contractor that has to fix it all loves getting their call ;)

    I wanna see the post-sex video.

  10. overkill556x45 Avatar

    That was probably the best music video I’ve seen since the dirty 90s on MTV. The metaphorical violence of a nasty breakup acted out as a gunfight that actually syncs up with the lyrics really puts this head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen lately.

    I second the idea of this lady replacing Gabrielle Anwar on Burn Notice.

  11. I want a girl whose ass you can bounce a .223 round off of. Fuck a quarter…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ^ shirt coming soon. hahah jk :P

    2. Try or plenty of “girls” whom you can bounce 223 rounds off their “ass.”

  12. Well of course the .223 round just bounces off her, she’s wearing bullet proof vest. That is how soft armor works, right?

    1. …she’s wearing bullet proof vest.

      I didn’t realize her vest covered her ass as well. That’s a hell of a vest. Must make wearing it under the pants awfully awkward.

      1. Sorry, I guess my attempt at sarcasm didn’t translate well into text.

    2. Perhaps her has ass implants and the bullet got trapped in the silicon ….

      1. I have something that can get trapped in her silicone…..

        wait what?

        1. I have something that can get trapped in her silicone…

          Yeah, we know what you’ve got, but you’re spelling it wrong; it’s V-I-R-U-S.

          1. See how I wriggled that a little?

          2. Ha-ha, that was funny reply!

  13. Is it me, or is there a Tommy James “Crystal Blue Persuasion” vibe running through that song?

    1. YES! the “so long, you did me wrong” especially.

  14. Those glasses she puts on are a nice touch.

  15. Johnny Come Lately Avatar
    Johnny Come Lately

    Hey, that house is the Richmond farm from Jericho!

    Yeah, I watched that show way too much when I was workin’ at the hospital.