Tactical Bodyguard Services – License Proof

The joke is on you guys that doubted Mike Saloom had an actual bodyguard license:

This is in reference to the DERP shenanigans that we discussed in the original Tactical Bodyguard Services post a couple of days ago.

I’m marking Nov 2 on my e-calendar as a sad day in internet history, when we lost their company facebook page and all the LOLs that went with it.

Hat tip: Josh for the license


8 responses to “Tactical Bodyguard Services – License Proof”

  1. There is a typo on the license reading “bodygaurd”. I read it as bodygourd, which made me chuckle for no good reason.

  2. Anybody who didn’t get that the typo was intentional either completely missed the first discussion about these guys or is extremely slow…

    1. Stupid Blackberry; piece of shit sucks sucks for looking at the internet – I couldn’t even see that I had somehow hit the semicolon instead of a “J.” I can’t wait to get rid of this piece of crap.

      1. Dillankid Avatar

        I thought you did it on purpose like some 1337 n00b kid or something – i looked like a lowercase j with the semicolon :-p

        1. If only I were that clever. Looks like I must’ve hit the the alt button instead of shift. “;” and “J” share the same key.

  3. Funny… he didn’t complete the required 609 minutes. Add it up it’s only 599. Derp!!!!

    There’s yer problem!! LOL

    1. Very good. That’s why, last night, right after posting this in the original thread I made the comment that I had keyed one of the numbers wrong, and first thing this morning, I sent Mike the corrected one. Drillbit Taylor is 110 minutes long. I didn’t add anything wrong. Just must’ve misread my chicken scratched numbers the first time. Go derp yourself.

  4. I hear this particular cert has extra credit for having watched the “caribbean firearm retention training” video