Heizer Defense Doubletap Pocket Pistol

As Sons Of DERP would say… “Neva been dun befo’”:

Pretty badass looking little pistol.  The video on the other hand looks like it was done using a combination of Microsoft Movie, Solidworks version 1.0, and PowerPoint .  Don’t even get me started on that 1990s Simpsons Radioactive Man style company logo of theirs.

I won’t bore you with pistol’s details. You can read them on their website – HERE

I’ll want 2 in Titanium please.  No seriously… send me two Heizer.  I do a lot of sitting, typing, BBQing and beer drinking… i’ll let you know how they hold up under those rough conditions.


27 responses to “Heizer Defense Doubletap Pocket Pistol”

  1. What I find the most amazing is that there are people who invest money into the development of such crap. Wow, did you say 2 round tactical reload? Well woop didly doo.

    1. what’s a tactical reload anyway? hahaha..

      1. Reloading before you’re out of ammo.

        Also does anyone know if this thing fires both rounds at the same time? Given the name and what it looks like is happening in the video it seems as if that would be the case.

        /Unsure if awesome, or just hilarious

  2. I totally lost my boner when they called it a tactical pocket pistol. Come on guys its getting out of hand. Also, 1911 ergonomics? WHAT IS 1911 ABOUT THAT GUN?!

    Bonus: Patent Pending Progressive Porting. Say that three times fast.

    The gun itself actually looks badass, as long as it fires sequentially like it claims in the movie and not both at once like it appears to in the animation. Firing both shots at one target when you only have 2 shots is herpaderpa retarded, not to mention how bad it would kick in a gun that small. The spare ammo is a nice touch. The price is a little steep for me though. For 500 I could get any number of great carry guns that hold 3 to 5 times the amount that gun holds for not a whole lot more size or weight.

  3. $500 for a damn derringer? And that is just the base model. WTH!

  4. for $500 I could buy two P3AT’s and have 12 rounds on board…but watch, people will buys these…

  5. Am I the only one who actually likes this?

    Even if I could carry (Can’t, cause of lolcanada) I wouldn’t use it, but I think it’s cool. Not very practical, but who cares? It’s like having a Desert Eagle or something…it’s just for the cool factor.

    Lighten up, guys. Nobody’s forcing you to buy this. They’re just using Tactical as a buzzword. It’s one of the things that sell guns in the modern day, just like integrated rails, AR-style controls, ambidextrous features on a right handed gun, etc.

    1. What makes a gun ‘right handed’, other than lack of ambi controls. As a left handed shooter I won’t buy a gun that doesn’t at least have an ambi safety and probably wont touch it unless it has dual slide stops as well.

      As far this particular gun goes, if they made it to shoot 1 shot per pull and dropped the price on it I’d be all over it. Just because ignorant people respond to certain marketing buzzwords doesn’t mean you MUST use those words to describe your product, especially if it cheapens your image to your knowledgeable customers. You know, the ones that write reviews or post youtube vids or, I don’t know, blog posts about your product…

      1. @ Vhyrus
        Ejection port, mostly. As a left hand shooter, I can imagine you’ve probably taken hot brass to the face by accident before.

        @ Sid
        Fair enough

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          Were can you find any gun that has dual slide catches?

          1. HK P2000

    2. As far as this gun ‘not being practical’, this gun is insanely practical for deep concealment, provided it follows the changes outlined above. A 2 shot 9 or 45 thats the size of a cell phone would be a killer carry gun if you need to conceal and cant spare the room. Its probably the trigger mechanism thats driving the price up. If they somehow simplified it that would make it affordable.

    3. Cameron,

      It is the price. Nothing more. It has a practical purpose. But a 2 shot .45ACP gun is not a $500 entry level gun. And it is $800 for the ported titanium model.

  6. LOL canada. Greetings from calgary

  7. Uhhh…It’s a Derringer. That innovative technology has been around for well over 100 years.

    On the plus side, the fact that it is a “Tactical pocket pistol” means that it will fit perfectly into the tactical pocket of my tactical pants. And I can carry it tactically while I’m wearing my tactical sunglasses and boots to the coffee shop where I drink out of my tactical coffee cup. And when I go to the range to practice my tactics it will perfectly compliment my tactical .22 rifle.

    In the words of one of the banditos from The 3 Amigos “You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    1. That quote is Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride.

      -100 internets.

      1. I’m glad I didn’t have to be the one to correct this.

      2. Many apologies. You are correct and I am shamed.

  8. cavalier Avatar

    I kind of like it. The biggest problem with a traditional derringer is being single-action. A double-action model, especially in a round you already use, would be nice for back-up or deep concealment. The cost is high, but that’s going to happen for something new and from a small company. If a major manufacturer picked it up, maybe even had it built overseas, it would lower the cost.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      They already make double action derringers, there’s nothing NEW about it.

  9. It’s almost bedtime and this video is making me sleepy. +1 for shitty soundless powerpoint videos.

  10. such a thing has already been done before, and done better: High Standard .22 mag double action derringer. how i wish they were still in production.

  11. Ported 1 inch barrels? Why? You have to reload before the follow up shot

  12. You guys have got to be kidding? YOu really think any gun would fire both cartridges with one trigger pull? Come on… use what little brains you have. It’s a two-shot, double-action derringer… that’s “two separate shots” slick! Maybe handgun training would help you.

  13. Five hundred bucks?! That’s just retarted. I own a Sig P238, and it wasn’t but a bill more than that!

  14. I know that you can’t compare a 380 to a 45, but I will. I would rather be carrying my lil 380 anyday!

  15. Finnlander Avatar

    I need another red squirrel blaster. Before shell out the $$$ have any .45ACP owners of the DoubleTap tried CCI shot shells in it ? My little Tarus dents the primer but only oncet out of five will it fire. Other ammo no problem. These suckers love to chew into my cabin.