Giant Hand Cast Pellets For Rifled Artillery Competition

The mold:

The giant pellets:

In action:

I based the design on a JSB Exact Jumbo .177 cal pellet scaled up to 3″ diameter with slight modifications. I had a local machine shop make the mold to my specs, spent a couple hours with a file tweaking alignments and on the lathe polishing the core pin for easy release, then set about our first casting session. Here are some photos. Projectile weight about 7.3 lbs, cast out of 1:40 tin:lead.

Check out the full thread and more pictures – HERE

Hat tip: Anders R.


4 responses to “Giant Hand Cast Pellets For Rifled Artillery Competition”

  1. So, does the ATF have a dog in the hunt or would they like the headlines of harassing a grandfather who had a pellet gun?

  2. What-do-I-know Avatar

    One shot is equivalent to about 225 rds of .45 acp… that guy must be in the scrap business to find enough lead to send through that squirrel gun.

  3. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    My mouth was open. Oh my God that looks beautiful.

  4. i have the weirdest boner right now.