Cop Busted – 120 MPH Down Turnpike To Get To 2nd Job

I for one, blame the recession.  :P

A Miami police officer is accused of driving 120 mph on a turnpike because he was late for his off-duty job working security at a school.

Full story – HERE

How embarrassing getting busted like that… that’s what you get for having no respect for the law you are paid to enforce.  Good for that lady cop, shes got brass balls.

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  1. Im guessing shes gonna take a load of shit for this within the force, which is a shame because it is truly awesome there are police out there willing to enforce the law on their own people and not let stuff like this slide.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      There was probably some bad blood between them – I’ve never met a cop that would arrest another…”professional” courtesy I guess. They may take it to the chief for a reprimand or whatever, but nothing like this. Besides…she was being a douche and showing no respect whatsoever for his badge.

      Here in Ohio, IIRC, it’s illegal for an officer to pull over another emergency vehicle in any situation.

      1. Dillankid Avatar

        *Not to say the guy isn’t a moron – it’s stupid to drive at those speeds even when you have to, doing so because you’re late for work deserves the arrest he got.

      2. rogue_rager Avatar

        Remember “Emergency Vehicle” is only covered one, if BOTH Lights and Sirens are in use. Two if actually running code or dispatched in an Emergency Situation. POST regulations in FL and all the lower 48, cover this in Law. Plus how many Police cruisers have been stolen and used in the past? Usually after the officer was killed before even getting a chance to call it in. Not all departments have “dead man alarms”.

    2. Ryo Ohki Avatar

      I guess the mentality is different from precinct to precinct but from talking to a friend who’s a cop if she had pulled him over doing 60 in a 55 it would maker her look like a hard ass, but doing 120.
      That guy is endangering public safety with extreme prejudice. No one is going to take his side and he’ll definitely get suspended at the least.

    3. So he gets a free pass because of a badge? Then I should get several passes for each year I pay taxes for him to have a badge.

      1. Dillankid Avatar

        I should word my posts better…but no, he shouldn’t get a free pass. Nor would he from the cops I know, but he would probably lose his job instead of just getting a ticket or reckless op.

        It would definitely get brought to the attention of a chief/sheriff – not sure whether they can even legally pull him over here though.

        1. Not you Dillankid, I meant that at Vhyrus. Now after re-reading your post, I mean it for you too. :P

          1. Dillankid Avatar


    4. Sadly she most likely will.
      I get the whole protect your own, but its that very logic that has hindered investigations into Los Angeles Police Department wrong doings and various criminal investigations of LA’s finest.

      That said.. She sounds like b*tch.

      1. LAPD being one of the many that is.

      2. I love how that would be acceptable behavior for any man, in fact you would probably call him a bad-ass. But for a woman to be tough and stick to her guns, she is called a bitch – disgusting.

  2. As a former LEO I applaud this officer’s actions. These guys who think they are above the law need to learn that there are consequences.

    This made my day.

    1. Why is it the guy is able to drive a police vehicle to his second job? Using gas paid for by the tax payers to get this guy to his second job should be fraud.

      1. Why does he get to wear a police uniform and carry police equipment while he does it? I never got to wear my BDU’s and carry my M-4 to play security guard when I was in the Army.

  3. I just want a goddamn litre o’ cola!

  4. Glad to see this kind of action because the whole, “protect their own,” thing plays a good part in fanning the flames of, “us versus them.” Disown those who disgrace the rest of you.

    I recall seeing a video of a squad car parked the wrong way on the street and another cop pulled over to ticket them – good work.

  5. I hope the crap that lady catches for doing her job is more than offset by other people telling her she did the right thing. I just wish she has tased the guy. If I got busted doing 120mph and then was dumb enough to make the cop repeat herself, right or wrong, I would expect to get tased and so should you.

  6. From what I have seen about the officer running at 120 he was using a police vehicle to get to a moonlighting job. Also this was not his first run in with the other police agency. She might be in the right here

  7. I would hope this lady doesn’t get too much shit for this. I mean, the guy was obviously driving like a maniac, but besides that, she’s a state trooper and he’s a local cop; it’s not like they’re coworkers.

    1. Oh yeah, not to mention the douche accelerated and continued to change lanes and didn’t pull over for 12 miles…

  8. “Tonight on ‘Cops’: Cops.”

  9. Larrrrrrry Avatar

    Ya he got exactly what he diserved, cops should be held to an equal, if not HIGHER standard , we should have a zero tolerance for cops breaking the law, if they are expected to carry a gun openly, they should have the moral standard to obey simple laws….this whole “looking out for your own’ crap needs to stop…

  10. Good for the FLorida Highway Patrol! @dilliankid Where was the “respect for the badge” when the FHP was running the lights and siren in pursuit of the miami officer? what did you want? once the LEO found out the speeder was another LEO, should she just pat him on the back and say oops go about using your taxpayer funded vehicle and gas and go to your moonlighting job and endangering people on the florida highways…? the FHP did nothing wrong here.