Tactical Baby Strollers

They exist, and they are beautiful:




Apparently people are using them for 3-Gun matches!  Also works to protect your kid from harm on the days you don’t have a match.


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  1. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    I have a friend at work that spends more time hunting than with his kids, Problem solved!

  2. I thought everybody knew about these! I guess I’ve been seeing these at matches for so long, I figured they were nothing new. It’s a very efficient way to get around to rifle/3 gun matches.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I thought they were a nifty idea and a clever hack (in the true sense of the word) when I first saw them.

      Leave all that humpin’ ammo from stage to stage for the high-drag, low-speed operators in Trooper. Man invented the wheel for a durn good reason, let’s use it!

    2. NotWagner Avatar

      No kidding. Nearly everyone I shoot with has a converted Craigslist jog stroller. Hilarious the first time you see it. Some of the others have the all-terrain Radio Flyer wagons too.

  3. Heh. We have one of these for our sporting shotguns. They’re a huge hit at the range and are super convenient for when you need to keep your ammo, drinks, shotguns, phones, and every other accessory on hand. Sadly, our model doesn’t fit babies terribly comfortably.

  4. You should see the ones the cowboy dress-up folks make. Little chuckwagons and suchlike.

    1. even saw a hearse… http://www.chronicleoftheoldwest.com/pics/gun_cart-2.jpg
      gotta admit; it’s pretty neat

  5. Hmm please submit your man card for destruction. Carry ya Kit, or don’t bring the kit.

  6. I think… the police will just start widely shooting in your direction.

    1. Well if they’re shooting wide at least I don’t have to worry about getting hit!

  7. Theblackknight Avatar

    These are all the rage with interservice and Div matches. I just put my shooters stool on my skateboard

  8. Very handy for 3 gun. Made mine from a craigslist baby jogger and a pair of ATV gun mounts. Attached a lunchbox-sized cooler to the front for water and snacks. My wife got no end of giggles out of the tactical baby stroller and I think she’s still showing off the pic to her friends :)

  9. Double Stack AR mag Pouches fit baby bottles quite well. Beats carrying around a stupid Diaper bag.

  10. smegmaking Avatar

    check out the rtard with his guns pointing up towards people’s heads

  11. Not new at all. Is the non-shooting public this out of touch?

    Re: gun barrels pointing up comment;
    Some ranges I’ve shot at require carts that mount weapons muzzle up.

  12. Americans are so fucking stupid. Take those guns, shove them up your ass and pull the trigger.

    1. Shoot Often Avatar
      Shoot Often

      Sorry, Ace, but our weapons are one of the reasons we as a nation haven’t been invaded. For example, the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto – “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

      The people become subjects, slaves and victims when only the government and criminals have guns!

      “God may have made man but Samuel Colt made them equal.” So, please don’t call us when you’re invaded, attacked, or simply held hostage/killed in your own home because you could not protect your self.

      Better yet, just bend over, we’ll shove our guns up YOUR ass and solve ALL your problems.

      1. “It has been declared this attribution is “unsubstantiated and almost certainly bogus, even though it has been repeated thousands of times in various Internet postings. There is no record of the commander in chief of Japan’s wartime fleet ever saying it.”, according to Brooks Jackson in “Misquoting Yamamoto” at Factcheck.org (11 May 2009).”

        Source: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Isoroku_Yamamoto#Misattributed

        1. Parkerized Avatar

          And non-the-less true. Long live the Second Amendment and the first.

      2. Well said Shoot Often!

    2. Dr. Larry Lindsey Avatar
      Dr. Larry Lindsey

      How about we shove our guns up your ass and pull the trigger?

    3. You first you arrogant piece of s***

  13. FakeBritishGuy Avatar

    The over compensation factor here is palpable…

  14. what’s this for again? For those times when you want to carry multiple long weapons and then remember they’re too heavy and you’re a lazy bastard? To protect your toddler? How so? by the time you get one of those weapons unstrapped and up to a position where you can start firing, you’ll have been shot already. or your kid will. Or you both will. Seems like a useless waste of money to me.

    1. Shikoku Avatar

      Roddy, lol. This are for shooting competitors to carry their gear from one event in a match to another. What most of the people that bash this on the thread don’t get is that a majority of the major shooters do this. It makes the transition from one event to another smooth and lets you relax between events.

      It was never intended for children. Never heard of anyone putting their kids in this stroller once it was modified. But oh so funny that you even considered the concept lol. Please, if you own any guns, get rid of them before you kill your mother, wife, kid because you have such little common sense as to believe people would do this. Its not your stupidity that got in your way on this, just your pride in it.

    2. It’s for people who carry a lot of stuff in competitions you dumbass

    3. Parkerized Avatar

      Non-shooters need not apply or comment. Back to your darning cupcake.

  15. We just finished building a truly functional 3 gun stroller, or battle buggy. From what we can see, blows a lot of the others out of the water because it’s truly useful and more accessible. What do you all think?


  16. where do you get the gun holders to mount to the strollers from? would like to build out one of these.

    1. Amazon sells them. Kolpin makes them. They are called ATV or UTV gun mounts, but clamp to any round tubing. Around $25 per set, possibly less on Ebay.

      1. Parkerized Avatar

        Thank you

  17. Sgt. Hammer Avatar
    Sgt. Hammer

    Hello Everybody, Wish I could have run across this Blog long time ago. I was a Weapons Platoon Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps-Early 1970’s and have Bullet Damage to my lower Spine (Not from Combat), So when I walk on my two canes It is really hard getting all of my weapons and gear to the Range without the help my Converted Jogger Stroller, believe me , it’s the ONLY way I can go. Guess I’m suffering from a Mid-Life Crisis because I’m Changing Over to Black Powder Muzzleloaders and Loving It. There is just Something Peaceful in the Wood Grain Furniture and Loading One Round at a time and NOT having to Police up a bunch of Brass before going Home. Before My “Jogger Gun Cart” by the time I got everything up to my Shooters Bench, I was in So much Pain I could stay for more than a half dozen rounds down range before leaving. I believe in two things that are most important on this site, The Second Amendment and Our Freedom of Speech. Every American Shooter Here has the Right to His or Her Opinion and pass onto the rest of us Some form of Knowledge that we can Learn from and Pass on to Others for Generations to come Without the threating gestures. I Like it Here ! I was once told by General “Chuck” Yeager, “KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY AND ALWAYS AIM FOR THE TEN RING” Now I know he wasn’t the Original creator of that Saying, But you know what ? I don’t remember ANY body else in my Life Time as Memorable as He was to me, telling me that. GOD Bless You All in this 2020 New Year and SEMPER FI !