Long Gun Open Carry Event In California

I’ll ruin the suspense for you… no one dies:

Mark Dice covers the long gun open carry event at Pacific Beach on Saturday October 22, 2011. Second Amendment supporters gathered on the boardwalk openly displaying their rifles, shotguns, and handguns to educate the public about the Second Amendment and to highlight California Governor Jerry Brown’s unconstitutional actions restricting the right to bear arms.

I was keeping an eye out for an ENDO Apparel California Flag shirt, but never saw any.   As you can probably guess I sell a lot of those to California.

I can’t say I’ve ever really felt “safer” when I saw someone carrying.
 Probably because I don’t feel like my life is ever hanging in the balance, but it sure is nice to have good guys with guns handy though since we all know how hit or miss police response time can be.

Any of you guys ever participated in one of these public events?


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  1. I would never open carry at an event where I could not have a loaded weapon, with an exception for gun-shows. With that said, I’ve open carried. But I don’t approve of doing it unless you are with someone else who is carrying, either open or concealed.

    I have yet to attend an event. I would if I knew there were going to be at least 200 people or more. Then I could justify buying a Firepower rig from Andrews custom leather.

  2. My only complaint is that it would be nice to have some neutral coverage of these types of events, rather than the obligatory ‘Hey I’m anti-gun so I’m gonna spin it this way!’ ‘Oh yeah? I’m pro-gun so I’m gonna spin it THIS way!’ The reporter was WAAAY too leading with his questions and commentary. I’m glad that even in Cali the people haven’t totally given up yet.

    1. I also think its really REALLY RUUUULLLLY fucked up that the cop wouldn’t give a statement to the tuber. ‘Oh, youre not major media? Youre with the pro gunners? No thanks youre not important enough to talk to.’

  3. the mentality of the people that are against guns is nothing short of CRAZY. In the office where I work, one of the managers is so anti-gun that he wants to post signs everyone that guns arent allowed on the premises and this was after we had to do a ammunition photo shoot for a client. There are people that when they see you carrying a gun they get freaked out, literally. Its crazy. Also, I know a few So Cal LEOs and they are almost NWO militant about people not carrying guns, they think we are crazy over here in Arizona because we can conceal carry… those So Cal LEOs dont think anyone needs or should be able to carry a gun because they need to let the police handle any situation. That is crazy too but I have had them actually say that to me.

    I have been pulled over 3 times by police, all three times I was carrying, in each instance I was NEVER asked to hand over my gun. They just wanted to be aware if I was carrying one, one cop told me “If you dont draw, I wont draw” and he laughed. Gotta love AZ!

    1. The crazy reaction is certainly astounding. It’s akin to stereotypical scene of the housewife jumping up on the counter and losing her shit because a mouse ran by. One thing that always gets these people who think the police are supposed to be our 24/7 body guards is to let them in on the fact that the Supreme Court themselves said they aren’t liable for our safety. So who does that leave them to count on in times of crisis? Themselves, oh noes!

  4. “since we all know how hit or miss police response time can be.”

    I’m not worried about their response times being hit or miss, I’m worried about their poor shooting.

    1. +1

  5. I’ve done open carry walks and I can say that the local media seems to be about as interested in it as they are the klan rallies. They show up, take some shots and tell people that the event happened. They stay pretty neutral. At the last march, the chief of police came and marched in support. It’s good to live in fly-over country.


    I open they ban rifle open carry now too just so the right people in this state that are fighting the good fight can spend a bunch of my donated money to unfuck everything these pasty meatbags have gone and jacked up.

  7. Uh, you might want to wear a hat and sunglasses as the ATF, local police, sheriff’s dept., and other crazy-ass government agencies are probably video-taping it from a hidden spot-like a van, or pen cam, or hidden in a building.
    They will take your photo and match it up with drivers license and find out who you are and start making a “file’ on you.
    All because one supports gun rights.

    1. Paranoid much?

    2. They will take your photo and match it up with drivers license and find out who you are and start making a “file’ on you.

      Eh… if you haven’t already had a file started on you, you’re not trying hard enough.

  8. OMG the hipster cat is hilarious.

  9. GREERHOG Avatar

    You have a right to pick your nose too, doesn’t mean you should walk around and do it in public view. I am a proud firearm owner and hunter, but honestly some of this shit just gets too obnoxious for me IMO. I know where my guns are when and IF I need them and that wouldnt be on a boardwalk or at Applebees.