Straw Bale Shooting Backstop In Front Of Interstate

ENDO presents, real men of genius…

*Real men of genius*

Today we salute you, Mr. Straw bale backstop shooter

*Mr. Straw bale backstop shooter*

With your Glock 31 chambered in .357 SIG you throw caution to the wind.   Conventional gun safety rules be damned, you know exactly where your rounds are ending up.

*Stopped by the fibers*

You think the police helicopters are out to catch a rogue speeder.  Little do you know, you’ve shot six people in the last 5 minutes.

*Negligent behavior near the interstate*

Your showmanship comes from studying Colby on Top Shot.  Your knowledge of ballistics, from watching Saturday morning cartoons and Sons of Guns.

*nevvaaaaa been done befo’*

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser Mr. Bale-o-truth, because in federal prison only tears and tap water will wet your whistle.

*Mr. Straw bale backstop shooter*

Hat tip: Ryo O. for the vid


33 responses to “Straw Bale Shooting Backstop In Front Of Interstate”

  1. Lol, awesome post. I remember those Budweiser commercials, twas solid awesomeness.

    Didn’t realize what the big deal was at first. Then I watched it a second time and saw the cars in the background.

    We seriously need to chlorinate the gene-pool.

    1. I guess straw bales weren’t available… I hear they’ll stop nearly anything.

      1. I gotta pay more attention, I meant to type “cotton bales.”

        1. Glad to see you’ve finally come to your senses and realized that cotton is, in fact, more bullet resistant than pretty much any other product on the market.

          It really helps to know that I’m just that good at debating. Which is fortunate ’cause I’m pursuing a law degree.

  2. Well, at least he wasn’t doing cup and saucer.

  3. Mike, if you’re going to do these, you have to get a band to record the song.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha it crossed my mind, trust me!

      1. Mike. This needs to become a regular thing.

  4. Yeah, I caught those cars the first time around. The “Real Men of Genius” was a superb theme!

  5. Still laughing. Well done!

  6. This made my day.

  7. OH! WTF!

  8. “New .357 Sig cartridge?…what, was this made in 1994?”

    1. Yep. Been hearing this a lot lately. Apparently almost 20 years old is “new”.

      1. As compaired to 9mm and .45? Hell yeah it is

  9. Oh dear lord!!
    How do we survive as a species??
    With people like this in the gene pool??

    1. Your Haiku needs a little work. Lemme see if I can fix it.

      For the love of Christ!
      How did we survive so long?!
      Guys like this don’t help!

  10. While in this case it probably isn’t that bad (unless bullets will ricochet off of dirt), I can understand the concern. If the target was higher, cars would definitely be in trouble. In this case, the gun is pointed down enough I think people would be safe.

    1. Well, “probably” would be good enough for me if I were driving past and some dumbass with his first handgun were firing in the direction of the highway. It’s not “that bad” if you’re comparing it to blindfolding him, spinning him around, giving him the pistol and letting him plug away with no idea where he’s aiming. But if you compare it to something safe, like going to a range, or firing at a straw bale out in a rural area away from any cars, people, buildings, etc., then yeah, it is that bad.

      We’ve seen some examples of negligent discharges on here, I can easily picture this numbnuts doing so and putting a round up at the highway level. You have to take a basic firearms safety course before getting a hunting license; I think there are plenty of videos on YouTube that make me think you should have to do the same before purchasing a gun.

      1. “It’s not “that bad” if you’re comparing it to blindfolding him, spinning him around, giving him the pistol and letting him plug away with no idea where he’s aiming.”

        On an unrelated note, I have an AWESOME idea for a new variant of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” for my 8-year-old cousin’s Birthday party.

    2. We have rocks in our dirt. Some of them even sit on top of the dirt!

    3. overkill556x45 Avatar

      I was shooting my 357 mag and .45colt over the weekend on a similarly sloped range with a bluff about 300 yards back. I could hear ricochets from both guns smashing into the trees at the bottom of the bluff, and half of them were not even jacketed bullets. Hardcast lead apparently bounces a long way too. Shooting toward the ground won’t always save you. As dry as we’ve been this year, it’s probably worse.

    4. Ryo Ohki Avatar

      I’ve shot 9mm, 357,45acp,40cal .308 .223, 12gauge…… at targets on the ground and I can say that anything at an angle usually cuts a 15ft divot and then begins to rise up again.

  11. you really should pay someone to make a song out of this

  12. Theblackknight Avatar

    This guy would pass as a perfectly good RO at some places.

  13. Lol! “nevaaa been done befo’”

  14. heyjamesguesswhat Avatar

    My in-laws neighbors do stuff like this. Using a plywood backstop, they think it’s ok to shoot directly towards my in-laws property. The bullets have to pass through the plywood and then some woods though, so its safe, right? Jerks.

  15. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    This guys writeup on his own video is even more priceless. Yes, The problem is that he needs to speak up more. (That’s the problem)

    “My first handgun! Nice kick to it, eh? Pretty loud little baby cannon. It sure chews through those phone books! Using a tmj 125 grain round.

    And yes, I know I need to speak up.”

  16. I’m not gonna lie, I might have to go on some epic “Tolkeinish” quest to regain use of my rear end. Seriously, I might have permanently lost it in the hysterical laughing fit that ensued shortly after read this post……

  17. Cokeman’s cousin has been found!

    1. Ryo Ohki Avatar

      LOL, I would paypal this guy $5 if he would say “All right you little F.g.ts,” on camera.

  18. i like how he says “new .357 sig cartridge.” that round is what, sixteen, seventeen years old at this point? dude should stfu, and stop endangering strangers.

  19. The “Real Men Of Genius” bit was absolutely priceless. You should do them with every one of the “Training” videos that keep coming in :P