Sniper No Sniping – Dora The Explorer Parody

Dora The Explorer is so annoying:

This is tolerable though because its got guns in it.


11 responses to “Sniper No Sniping – Dora The Explorer Parody”

  1. Why are we trying to teach Spanish to 4 year olds and COD fan-tards? Dudes can barely speak English as is, the last thing they need is to be confused by introducing them to a second language. Shouldn’t the show be titled “Dorothy the Explorer” and focus on expanding the limited ENGLISH vocabulary of their retarded/young audience?

    Or is this all part of some liberal agenda to make our children Mexicans?

  2. Judge Dread Avatar
    Judge Dread

    I watched with increasing desperation about whether or not that chick would get naked. Needless to say I’m not happy.

    1. Agreed, you disappoint me Rule 34.

      Although if Dora porn is your thing, I know of a few websites you might like. IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT>

  3. Laughed my ass off when boots got “head shotted”.

  4. That was painful to watch.

  5. Might have to get the shirt

  6. I laughed so hard there were tears. Anyone who has spend hours of their life watching these shows with their kids will appreciate how much we really wanted it to go down this way.
    I only wish my boys were old enough to see this version.
    Thanks for the mid day pick me up.

  7. meh

  8. Why do so many girls shoot shotguns with the “armpit” grip?

    1. The same reason most girls chick-lean: either improper teaching, or lack of physical ability to hold the weapon properly.

  9. she’s a little chunky, but if she likes shotguns then i’d do her.