Hornady Stoops To A Zombie Low

All for publicity from bozos like me that run blogs, and DERPtastic store owners:

Oh well I guess it worked.  Now here’s where I make fun of Hornady…

Seriously Hornady?  You were known for your quality and dependability, and are used by pros and operators alike.  So you decide it’s a good idea to make and market some retardedly garish zombie ammo?  And then an obvious, seen it a million times commercial for that ammo?   You are not EXTREME SHOCK ammunition… have some dignity.

Are zombies even still cool?   I’m looking forward to the new season of The Walking Dead and all, but if you ask me zombies have run their course along with sparkly vampires.

-Here’s where I could link to the Hornady website.

Note: Brownells has some pathetic zombie ad crap out now too which is so bad i’m not even going to bother with it.

Hat tip: Drew, Scott, and Ben (who says his buddy is the dude in the commercial)

From Ben:

I tried to get him to follow the “keep your finger safe and off the trigger until you intend to fire” rule, but the ad’s director didn’t like it.

hahah Classic.


31 responses to “Hornady Stoops To A Zombie Low”

  1. WOW! The ammo’s so magic it doesn’t even produce any brass! He must have the same supplier as Freddie Wong.

    Well, if I even plan a murder, I’ll be sure to look these dudes up.

  2. bigghoss Avatar

    zombies will always be cool, however they aren’t real so we don’t need products to defeat them. and the disclaimer at the end, WTF?

    1. Bullshit, zombies are real. Just ask Bob Hope.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        I’d say it applies more to republicans. Listening to Rush and Glenn, believing what ever they hear, voting against their interest. Don’t get me wrong, democrats are complete idiots, most republicans are smart just highly misinformed and mislead.

        1. Now’a’days?


  3. Seriously? You’re going to get on the sandy vagina train with all the other assclowns acting like hornady has gone off the cliff? It’s a Fucking joke folks. A novelty.

    Every bought a fake dog turd? Fake throw-up? Remote control fart machine? Well congratu-fucking-lations! You have bought something waaaay stupider than some novelty ammo which at least gets you more trigger time.

    Seems like about a third of the people reading shooting blogs are just as self centered and douchebagy as the fuckin gun grabbers we all hate.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The fake dog turds, puke, and fart machines I’ve bought have not been by reputable companies that were previously considered higher class. If the next fake dog turd I buy is made by Heckler & Koch you’ll definitely see me make fun of them on the blog as well.

      1. The worst part about H&K rubber dog turds is that they’re actually just a bunch of older, obsolete American turds that the Germans slapped polymer and translucent plastic on before calling it a day.

        That shit (pun intended) isn’t even compatible with all my previous prank supplies! I have to buy a completely new set if I want it to work properly. What a rip-off!

        1. Poppy you don’t even own guns. :P

          @ ENDO-Mike, I have two HKs, and they’re great. :) Everyone should own a USP! :D

          1. I don’t need to own an XM8 or G36 to know that they’re prettied up versions of the AR-18.

            I have access to my parent’s guns, so that counts! Sort of. I get to take them to the range and everything, but I don’t own them per se.

      2. How much lethality/effectiveness does “class” add to a round? How much is Hornady’s QC or manufacturing processes negatively impacted by making some novelty ammo?

        If the answer to both isn’t “a lot” I’m not sure why it matters.

  4. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    Whoa. Calm down, Matt. Is it really worth all that? Silly novelties are fine. I just don’t see Cooper, Dakota or Nosler going full retard. It’s difficult to promote the shooting sports as serious at all when half it’s participants are wannabe mall ninjas playing make believe with zoom or nonsense.

  5. 07hemi4me Avatar

    That guy sure is not very disciplined… We all know only a well placed “Head Shot” will take out the un-dead.

    What a waste of ammo.

  6. Theblackknight Avatar

    I can’t stand the whole zombie readiness/ metro vampire craze.

  7. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Maybe their trying to warn us for something. Have you seen the CDCs page on dealing with a zombie outbreak?


    1. 07hemi4me Avatar

      I was thinking more inline with the occupying (insert city) protesters (scumbags).

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        I’m not even going to reply to this horseshit

  8. Why would anyone buy hornady’s ripoff “zombie” ammo when they could just buy Federal HST or Winchester Ranger?

    1. It’s a crock if only headshots can kill a zombie target ammo will just as good as a hollowpoint. That’s why I have my mags always full of hollowpoints and I have a ton of target ammo stockpiled.

  9. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I like XTPs and load them in most of my pistols, especially 357mag. If I were the marketing director, I don’t think I would have taken this route. However, it’s just a silly ad and I will continue to buy truckloads of 158gr XTPs.

  10. Must be getting close to Halloween or something.

    Also this guy is an amateur. Everybody knows you shoot zombies at 25 yards …before they get too close. Only amateurs stand there and scream at them while giving them time to run up and take a bite. Get a real zombie hunter next time Hornady.

  11. What bothers me is that someone will use it for self-defense and get labeled a nut job by a defense attorney defending a BG.

  12. Hornady Zombie Max. The last ammo….. you’ll ever use…..

  13. So what exactly is wrong with any other ammo for zombies? That’s what I’ve never understood. Are they saying the V-max stuff I already have is not an effective ammo choice?

  14. Hold on, the guy obviously dies at the end. Not the best ammo I’d say.

  15. Gotta agree with you here.

    I work in advertising as well (ad agency) and this is just totally off-brand for Hornady.

    The design on the ammo is horrendously tacky. Sure it will sell to people who are suckers for marketing (that campaign aint gonna pay for itself…the buyer is gonna field the cost).

    They could have done a zombie campaign but made it more refined and professional looking, not some Night of the Living Dead paint contest.

  16. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Marketing Puke: “Every gun blog talks about zombies. They discuss what the best zombie-killing guns would be.”

    VP of Marketing: “Hey there you go. We need a line of zombie killing ammo.”

    CEO: “Ehh, zombies don’t actually exist. That would be like making a line of ammo with silver bullets for killing werewolves.”

    VP of Marketing: “Well there’s our follow-on product to the zombie ammo! Thanks!”

    CFO: “Have you seen the price of silver? A box of ammo would cost a fortune!”

    CEO: “A high revenue product! It’s a go.”

  17. The guy in that screenshot reminds me of Morgan Spurlock.

  18. Duderino, that’s probably the exact conversation they had

    I wonder who does Hornady’s marketing/advertising….(gonna guess it’s in-house)

  19. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    Looks like Hornady jumped the shark on this one. I’ll vote with my dollars next time I go to Cabellas.

  20. primus444 Avatar

    Re: Zombie Max,

    Come on. Get a sense of humor. Are you a rock or something? I bet you don’t fly because you saw the movie “Airplane.” Do you really think this commercial has anything to do with the quality of their ammo?!!!