Hardcore Video Game Weapon Nerd

Seriously next level:

Best 13 minutes of time you’ll ever spend on here.  If girls were impressed by video game skill showboating, this guy would be the Asian Brad Pitt / George Cloony / Justin Beiber, all combined.   I’ve never seen such dedication to memorizing such useless game details.   He even has the handshakes in the cut scenes down.

The Game is called Ghost Squad.  At least it’s not guitar hero.

Are any of you guys this dedicated to gaming?


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  1. Good God, I bet fucking prostate cancer gets more chicks than this guy does.

    1. My fiancee just informed me that she would sleep with him. I love her.

      1. Dammit, where are these nerdy girls and how can I find them? I always assumed they were a myth perpetuated by male nerds as a way of maintaining morale.

        “Our live may suck now and no girl will give us the time of day. But somewhere, somehow, I’m sure there are girls that share our same interests AND would be willing to date us. They must exist, they just have to.”

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          I know were one is, engaged to me. However, I’m not as much of a gamer as she is. It gets kind of annoying sometimes (I get tired of hearing about what happened in her latest PC or PS3 RPG today). Best part is, unlike a lot of gamer girls, shes VERY attractive.

          1. If you don’t want her Ill take her off your hands. I could always use another.

            1. Ernest Young Avatar
              Ernest Young

              Yeah right.

          2. But how do I find them?!?!

            Is there some sort of mystical spring I must venture to, where all nerdy girls congregate for their weekly pillow fight?

            Or do they spontaneously appear as a result of an accomplishment? Like capturing all 151 original Pokemon without cheats or beating the last mission on COD4 on Veteran difficulty?

            Dammit I need answers not romantic anecdotes!

              1. I know they exist BUT WHERE?!?!

            1. Ernest Young Avatar
              Ernest Young

              You must have a Microsoft, Xbox 360, gamerscore of 300,000 points.

              1. Fuck! I only have a score of 12,000. I’d better get to work!

                “Dude, Poppy, you’ve been playing Xbox for three days straight. I think you need a break, or at least to eat or sleep or something.”

                “Shut up roomie! can’t you tell I’m trying to get laid here?!?!”

  2. No one is as dedicated or enthralled with firearms and military culture as Asians, who have been stripped of their right to self defense. When I lived in Vegas there “gun tourists” from Asia who would come over just to shoot guns.

    1. You should see Hawaii. There are massive Japanese exclusive gun ranges.

    2. Am I surprised the guy is Asian? No. Some of the smartest people I know are Asian, but they also have some of the most obscure quirky skills imaginable. Professional level playing card throwing? I know a guy. Speed of light ink pen spinning? I know a guy.

  3. This is just embarassing.

    1. This is just embarassing.

      It is, but this guy seems oblivious to that fact.

  4. This guy can take point for me any time he wants. No homo.

    I am close to as good on the time crisis games as he is with this one. I don’t go through all the dorky motions though, although I will on occasion duck when reloading and/or rack the slide (The guns on the time crisis games have actual reciprocating slides to simulate recoil so you can rack them).

    1. I rack the slides too, it’s stupid but so much fun.

    2. Another Ken Avatar
      Another Ken

      I’ve occasionally fallen out of my chair while dodging bullets while playing the FPS of the day. But only a couple times.

    3. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Yeah, time crisis is my favorite.

    4. I love when I find Time Crisis cabinets that haven’t been abused that much, so the slides still reciprocate and the guns are actually calibrated properly so they hit dead on. Hell, any lightgun game with a properly calibrated controller makes it so much better, because you can actually use the “iron sights” on top.

      On a cruise I once went on, the ship had an arcade with a properly calibrated TC3 cabinet. So much win using the sights, double tapping terrorists like a boss…

      And catching myself clearing the weapon after each level :V

  5. This goes beyond mere “video gaming”. This is performance art.

    1. AnonymousCoward Avatar

      Only thing I’ve seen like this was back in the heyday of Dance Dance Revolution, when people would make up “freestyle” routines — they still get all the points, but add full on dance moves, cooperative switching, etc. See for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdgvHnUrgYI.

  6. If he put as much time and energy into real firearms training he be the Asian Chris Costa. But what do I know, I still play “Black” on PS1 and alot of “Dance Party” on Wii.

  7. I’d be more impressed if he were playing Police: 911… that game used either infrared or a pressure pad to determine your body position and you *actually* had to move around in order to take cover/dodge bullets.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I’ve played that, it was quite fun.

    2. +1 Police 911. & MOCAP Boxing. Both are by Konami and both REALLY fun. Way cooler than DDR.

  8. This is like when people playing a driving game instinctively turn as they turn, but cranked up to 11.

  9. I can’t even beat the first level on my wii when i play this game, I’m obviously playing it wrong.

  10. Don’t be hatin… embrace the awesome! heh!