Props Used In The Walking Dead

A look behind the scenes:

Ah so that is the guy that supplies the actors with Glocks that have slide release to safety conversions. LOL

Season 2 premieres Sunday October 16th.  Should be pretty good!

There are some webisodes up.  I watched a couple of them and they were well done, but kind of useless.

Hat tip: Nick S.


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  1. Has anyone ever wondered why they don’t ever use “assault weapons?” In that show? I’ve only seen the first half of season 1, but you’d expect to see some AR-15s and Kalashnikov considering the show takes place in the south.

    1. sdfghjkvfsdhgb, Avatar

      Every time I’ve seen the show I’ve wondered why they don’t loot weapons and equipment from dead military personal. The only time they took something of a dead army guy was when he was trapped in the tank, and that worked out really well in the end.

      on a related note, did you guys see the episode where they travel to the CDC, and there are dead army guys scattered around everywhere, pay close attention to the fixed heavy MGs, there is one that has no business belonging to the US military in the US.

      1. Cameron Avatar

        Yeah, about that. Seeing as most of those guns are M2 props mocked up to look like it, why is it they spent the time to put int a Ruskie HMG instead of just the M2?

        1. Because Hollywood is stupid.

          This is the same industry that regularly shows Russian soldiers/terrorists wielding Norinco Type 56s and US Marines wielding fully-automatic M16s. They either make do with what they’ve got or simply do not care.

          1. Cameron Avatar

            Well, to be fair, most people can’t tell the difference between an AK-47 and a Type 56. And most people think assault rifle automatically means full-auto, so that’s excusable.

            Butchering an M2 into a DSKh to use as a US Military prop is inexcusable.

            1. How can someone NOT notice the difference between Mandarin and Cyrillic characters on the side of a weapon’s receiver? I’m pretty sure they at least caught a sideways glance at the fire-selector.

              1. Cameron Avatar

                All the times I’ve seen Type 56s stand in for an AK-47, they’ve gone by the screen so fast, or were never in a close-up, meaning that, besides looking for the hooded front sight or the spike bayonet still installed, I personally couldn’t tell the difference.

  2. Patrick Bateman Avatar
    Patrick Bateman

    Not only does he check the ‘safety’ on his Glock, but just before that he does a chamber check and the camera is in just the right position to show there aren’t any bullets in the pistol.

  3. anonymous Avatar

    just a note for people; its writers that are usually to blame… not prop masters.. this guy was also not the prop master during season 1 so maybe things will get more accurate

    1. Exactly. It probably came down to the director wanted that scene, the prop master had no guns with safeties that could be used in place of the Glock and the director was like “screw it”. Besides, how much of the regular audience actually KNOWS that Glocks don’t have safeties?

      1. Cameron Avatar

        Could be worse. Could be The Matrix, where the police going to arrest Trinity draw Glocks and cock back the hammers on them.

        (At least according to the sound effects they do)