Smoking – You Might As Well Shoot Yourself

I don’t smoke, and I’m not going to preach to those of you that do… but I present these:

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Really good creativity in some of the ads and pictures.   I like the break open double barrel shotgun, and the lighter as the end of a gun barrel!  The revolver with cigarettes in it is kind of over used as you can see.

If you have any more I can add, leave me a link in the comments.

It seems like everyone I know that smokes, knows its bad for them but really have no intention on ever quitting.

For those of you that smoke, do you find anti-smoking ads at all effective?  Or could you really care less?

Hat tip: Melissa (girlfriend)


22 responses to “Smoking – You Might As Well Shoot Yourself”

  1. It’s a very cool ad campaign, very visually striking. Although I can’t use a cigarette to defend myself, unless I convince my mugger to take up smoking and then wait 25-60 years.

    Buts it’s always fun to say “x kills more people than firearms do,” pisses off the liberals, which pleases me to no end.

    1. What like swimming pools? lol

      1. Or Penises (STDs).


    2. I once (fairly recently) had a female roommate from Spain. Being European, the concept of private gun ownership (particularly in the quantity I have) was confusing and slightly frightening to her. I was talking to her one day about it and I asked her “So you’ve never been mugged or had your life threatened when you lived in Spain?” She looked at me, took a long drag off her cigarette, and said (and I quote with accent):

      “Wounce, I waz wiv my gorlfriend, end sum guy, he run op to me ond he try to greb my porse, but I greb hees arm end I born heem wiv my cigarette…..”

      I kinda made a face like this ಠ_ಠ

      Needless to say, the self defense conversation never came up again.

      1. I guess I stand corrected.

  2. Awesome, nothing like using firearm images as symbols of evil and death.


    1. In all fairness, guns are designed and built primarily as lethal weapons. I think many gun owners (myself included on occasion) sometimes forget that.

      1. Yes, but weapon owners aren’t owning weapons to go out and commit crime. The bullshit about the poster is that they say “crime” (via gun) kills less than smoking. It’s obviously anti-weapon (gun) and smoking. Just another step towards fascism.

        1. Well, most of these posters do seem t be British. Y’know, the same country that pulls shit like this:


        2. And smokers arent trying to shorten their life or anyone elses.

          They say crime, not guns, so theyre including beatings, stabbings, vehicular homicide, etc. The handgun is a universal symbol of lethality, and the most effective recognized symbol for conveying death. Its not anti gun anymore than an anti drunk driving campaign depicting a bottle of jack daniels is anti whiskey.

          Gun are lethal by design. Trying to say or infer otherwise is foolish and misleading. That doesn’t make them evil but it does make them dangerous, just like cigarettes.

    2. …nothing like using firearm images as symbols of evil and death.

      I can’t imagine a better, more universal symbol for a quick way to kill, can you?

      1. Chuck Norris

  3. Dillankid Avatar

    The lighter that looks like a 1911 is pretty clever…

  4. A Critic Avatar

    Anti-smoking ads make me want a cigarette.

    Cigarette ads have never had that effect.

    I think I need to go bum a smoke even though I quit.

  5. Anti-smoking ads which appear anti-gun?

    No thanks…

  6. All I can think of with pics 6,8,9 & 11 is a de-motivational poster with the words “Your doing it wrong.”

  7. Jp france Avatar
    Jp france

    I wish smokers have muzzle discipline!

  8. I just can’t figure out who now a days , who can afford to smoke. In my area, name brand cigarettes cost $7.00, although some gas stations sell “manure” cigarettes for something like $3.50 a pack. I heard that in New York City with a tax hike they cost $11.00 a pack!

    1. At that point it’d probably just be cheaper to shoot yourself in the face.

    2. I just can’t figure out who now a days , who can afford to smoke.

      People seem to make it work, particularly when they’re using their low-income wages to purchase cigarettes, and paying for food with food stamps.

  9. treestump Avatar

    I gave up cigs years ago, but I smoke hookah and pipes quite frequently. Couple of reasons.
    Tastes good!, nice mellow nicotine buzz, and it makes hippies cry. What can be better?